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Hey everyone!

This site is still in the works. It was just recently relaunched after a 7 year hiatus and is completely updated by just me, Melora; I'm also the coordinator (and an editor) for the translation project, as well as the only one running the social media sites. So please be paitent with me but never stop checking back for all the content to come! I have so many plans for this place.


The pubications section is currently the main focus. Here's an index of the areas you might like the most:


Publication's Section:
help wanted
all the zelda doujinshi we have
. . . doujinshi by language
. . . doujinshi by artist
. . . all the zelda doujinshi we don't have
all the zelda comics I know of (well, I have more web-comics to add)
all the zelda 4koma I know of
all the zelda books and novels I know of
all the zelda manga I know of
. . . manga by language
. . . manga by artist
. . . manga by game
miscellaneous zelda publications
a list of every manga, comic, and doujinshi artist I know of






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