Melora United States My heart belongs to this site!
The Missing Link United States Crazed Zelda Fanboy
Ren United States   Best Site Ever
Cavalier United States   Happy is he who still loves something he loved in the nursery; He has not been broken in two by time; he is not two men, but one, and he has saved not only his soul but his life. -Chesterton
Malu CLBS A real Zelda fan site re-opening after all these years has to be epic, and it being on the same year Zelda turns 25 makes it even better!
Ra-ooo United States   Aloha from Hawaii! Congratulations on getting the site back up, after so long! It looks absolutely gorgeous, and I've barely looked around so far! Congratulations again and again, and thank you for all your incredible hard work to make this happen.
Rinael Germany   The page is finally on.. Yay! I'm so excited~ I haven't been around the first time but I'd like to stick around now ;)
Zelda86k United States   I'm proud to be a part of this website's community, which Melora and many others worked so hard on. Thanks, guys!
Earthcrystal Malaysia   Congratulations. Like Princess Zelda who had awakened from her deep sleep, History Of Hyrule has returned with a big bang. I love everything about this new site.
Erin Australia   Life = made. Zelda for life. I'm so happy to have found this site! It looks absolutely beautiful, and I look forward to having a look around :)
Danielle Britton United States Awesome job! I'm so happy to see this up again.
Mudora United States Been with the Legend of Zelda since ALTTP. Been in love with it ever since. :)
SuperStellz Scotland   Amazing!
Donovan United States   Whoa! I never heard of this site till I saw it on Zelda Dungeon! It's awesome
Archaic Sage England I'm so glad to see that you're back online Melora, History of Hyrule is easily one of the best sites ever :D. Love the layout :).
Ash Marie Canada   I used to read all my Zelda stuff off of your site and I was heartbroken when the site went on hiatus. You can't imagine how happy I was to hear you're back! The site and layout are beautiful and everything is really well done! I love this site
Saif Canada   Zelda is Awesome
Cimikat United States   Omg, I kinda totally remember this site from back in the day, and so many of the manga and fancomics hosted now. Love seeing it all in one place, bookmarking!
SerendipitousWay Canada   I can't say how awesome it is to see this site back online after so long!
Jujulica United States United States Thank you so much for reopening History of Hyrule! You've outdone yourself, Melora, you awesome person, you!
Sop Nicaragua Legend of Zelda Fan!
Emily United States   History of Hyrule Lives again! WOW! I haven't been to this site since middleschool/early highschool. It was one of my favorite websites to visit about zelda. I'm not sure if this website posted this but there was a notice of it shutting down at (SEARCH FOR THE REST IN EMAIL)
FalconZero United States   History of Hyrule, forever and ever! =]
Zettobi Australia Hello! This site looks stunning, Melora, you've done a superb job at getting this site up and running again!
Iceddragon2298 Norway   I absolutely love the Manga-scans on this site.