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Why I Started History of Hyrule in 2002:

Copied from my old site. Please forgive my younger self! I merely reposted this because the past is fairly amusing.


"There are really 2 reasons I decided to make this fan page


#1 was because I had an old strategy guide with some really nice illustrations in it. I lost the book when I was young and when I went looking for the pictures on the web I couldn't find a single one. I finally found someone selling the book on ebay, so when I bought it I decided it would be nice to share. The ironic thing is, as soon as I decided to work on the page, Nintendo posted the same guide on their Zelda site. Grrr, that's life, oh well, I already had all the pictures scanned so here it is :)


#2 was because of the new Cel-da game coming out. I hate the way this game looks. I hate the whole idea of this game. I wont go into it, but it gives me an ulcer just thinking about it (corporate marketing over what would have really made the fans happy...) The Spaceworld preview looked amazing, and since I believe the Zelda series is more of an epic than a cartoon, it was perfect to me. I think the Zelda series is on a major decline...heck, I think almost all video games are on a decline, but that's another story. So why the page? I read a lot of the letters on IGN Insiders Hyrule newsletter. Many people were saying that Zelda never had story behind it and that it was always cartoonish, so why worry if the new one was cartoonish? I don't believe that at all! This page is an attempt to show people that there was a lot behind the land of Hyrule. It's the Zelda I grew up with. So you'll find all the official stories and artwork I could get my grubby little hands on."


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