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Right now this is just a place holder while I build the site. It will look slightly different than this. If you came by this page and I have not directed you here- please- keep it a secret. The site isn't quite open yet, though it's getting close, and if word gets out that this stuff is up before I'm done, I'm going to seriously depressed. *sad face*


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They need a div for the covers and for the scrollable information field. Perhaps an overlay for the hole. Probably their own css for the text and another special scrollbar? Can I use one from the pub_reader? Use at least the text css from the pub_readers bottom div. Each of these should be it's own .inc so I don't have to repeat the information for each volume on each page.


Make a special header image for each section between the cards; make sure it has a link to jump to top. It could have an .inc below the section title image that has the #top link and the #hashtag links for the other sections in this section... yes.




News and Updates:

This section was last updated on April 29, 2011... and I accidentally saved over this when I was finished, so I'm doing it all again. Awesome... argh. It was updated with this test link, and this test link.


The Translation Project:

Brief information. Maybe a link to a broader explanation and who is working on what (can make a public forum thread for this.) Also a link to the editor's test thread and maybe a foreign language test thread as well.



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Contributors and Contributions:

If you would like to contribute something to this site, please contact me. If you would like to know who the people are that have made all this content possible, please check out the contributor's page. And, if you have enjoyed the content found here, then please consider helping us all out by donating to one of these charities. Each one was selected by, and is very dear to, at least one of the main contributors.



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