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I'm not going to ask for your cash. But I thought I could propose something that's a bit more "win-win" instead:



Since running a site does cost money, (since our time costs money,) having History of Hyrule does mean I, and the other main contrubtors, may have less to donate to the charities we care about. If you like this site, if you frequent this site: Instead of me asking you for money, to help keep it going, could you spare something for one of these charities? Make up for me not being able to support them as much as I'd like because I'm doing this site for you. It would mean the world to me, (to us,) it would be a tax write off for you, and it would be going to an amazing cause that is in more need of help than I am.



If you email me and let me know the amount you've donated to one of these causes, I will start a tally so we can see how much the site's visitors have done! Lets try to reach $500 for 2012! Surely we can achive that!






Red Cross Japan

White Wolf Sanctuary

Ferret Legalization California.




I also favour finding a charity based on a person's interests through (if you're Canadian). I don't want to promote the charity I work for and not give attention to other charities, so yeah. Also, Canada Helps assists charities large and small.









If you are one of the site's main contribtors, please keep me updated on which charites you'd like me to have listed for you.



A note about advertising: I will not ever want to make money off a site I do because of a love for a fandom. If I ever can't afford this site, and I need to place ads on it, I would donate anything that went past covering the basic hosting costs



2012 Donation Honors

(Let me know the name you would like me to list the donation under. You can do it in honor of someone or something else, like your pet. If no preference is given, I will list the donation amount anonymously)

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