These are set up on a forum, so please feel free to leave comments on the artists work that you see here. I do expect all responses to be either nice, constructive, or mature.

Artists A - K: Artists L - Z:
Achan Lina Inverse
Anastasia Linkie-Poo
Andrea Demori Link Sage
Ann 06/16/04 Lionhart
Annie Louisa Roy 06/16/04
Anthari MacX
Art1st4786 Madlinx
Ashen Light Majora 06/16/04
Asutosa Malu CLBS
Becca Médinoc
Bethany Medolie 06/16/04
Celine Megan
Chelle MegaworM
Chibi Rinku 06/16/04 Melora 06/16/04
Colette Merko 06/16/04
Crazy Freak Metal Orgy
Cyen 06/16/04 Michelle 06/16/04
Dale Davis Michelle Heran
Dash Fox Michi
Dan Heron 06/16/04 Monique 06/16/04
Dawn Monoke9
Dawwe Mwaku 06/16/04
Doofy Natasha Romeo
Doug Saquic Naru
Dragonairic Nashira
DragonGirl6420 Nausicaa 06/16/04
Drake Navi
Elchikaah Haly Necromancer 06/16/04
Emma591 Nem
Eric Nippon
Evvie Niram
Fallen Angel Pat McMichael
Firesaber 06/16/04 Paul Rajansh 06/16/04
Framus Pero Linkii
Gabora Rimi
Ganondorf's GF 06/16/04 Sailor z 360
Haven9270 06/16/04 Salia
H'ey 06/16/04 Sampsonknight
Hylian Blood Sapphyre
Hylian Jean Sariachan
Hyrule's Hope 06/16/04 Seimei
Imazeldagirl 06/16/04 Serbitar
Ingie Shadow
Inu-Kun Shinigami Sayuri
Jey Kama Sig
Jo SnowSilver
Joyce Sofia
Juliet Singleton 06/16/04 Sphynx
Justin Spooky51
Kagemusha Tai Rivas Plaza 06/16/04
Kakashi's Lover TaSui
Kaos 06/16/04 Tawny
Katie Thayet
Kchan Theora 06/16/04
Kei Timestones
Keylesslock Wally Garcia
Kid Chaos WaveWonder 06/16/04

Wyna Hiros 06/16/04

Kimya Xander 06/16/04
Kirlia S. 06/16/04 xMarinx
Kitana Yami Zelda 06/16/04



Zelda86k 06/16/04

ZeldaFanatic 06/16/04
Zelda Freak, The

Zelda Girl



Fan Art Submissions: Info update: Aug. 28, 2003: I have set up a forum that will allow me to post art work more easily and allows people to discuss the work submitted there. I love fan art, I love getting fan art, and I will accept art from anyone willing to post it. If you would like me to post your art work please e-mail it to me along with the name you would like me to post it under, the email address you would like me to use, and if you have a website I will post the url. Titles for any of the pieces would also be nice, otherwise I normally just make something up. It is also better if the art is saved as a .jpg, .gif, or .png files. Some other filetypes don't make it to me safely. Here is an example of why I need that information from you up front:

This is how it works on the forum:

< Every Artist gets a header with their name and an example of their art work. You don't have to use your real name, just tell me what you'd like me to use.

Artists Name: Melora

< Same as above: name or nick name


< Email address to contact you at


< Website if you have one

1. Princess Zelda

< Work is displayed with titles by links

2. etc....

< Doesn't matter how many you have

About the Fan Art Forums: People are allowed to comment on your work, and can discuss your work; constructive criticism is allowed and appreciated, but I will not tolerate someone's feelings getting hurt. I do expect all responses to be either nice, constructive, or mature. (If you really don't want anyone to comment about your work, please tell me and I'll set it up so comments aren't allowed on your pieces. No problem) If your work is posted there and someone said something that looks offensive or hurtful, I will remove the comment and possibly ban them from the boards. If you have work posted there, and someone said something that bothers you, please contact me immediately -I want to help. For everyone leaving comments, please remember that fan art is just for fun, and it should stay that way. For the artists: Please take to heart that art is something you do because you enjoy it and that comments and can help us improve as artists. Some people are only trying to help because they see potential in you, criticism isn't always bad ;)

Need help with drawing? Here are some poses for you to work from. If you want a better explanation, read this: my idea.

Need more help? Want some tutorials or resources made by other Zelda fans? Find help in the forums ::here::

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