I had an idea the other day for this section. I know a lot of people who really want to improve their art. I also know how hard it is getting an honest critique with fan art, so I thought it would be a cool idea to actually have a fan art section that helped fan artists.

When I took figure drawing classes I learned how helpful it was to work from a real pose. If you are able to see the way a person is positioned it helps you learn how to create your own poses and also helps teach you proportions and how the human body moves. If you are able to see a figure from many different angles it also helps your understanding. The best reference books in our library for figure drawing were these pose photo books. They consisted of a set of pictures that were taken in a 360 degree rotation of the figure. In other words, very much like the bullet photography in the Matrix. So I did that with Super Smash Brothers Melee. You can't rotate the camera 360, but you can do a half turn. I paused the game and took screens from many different angles and poses. So if you need a picture of Link from the side, or the side looking down on him, or from the back, or kneeling from the back, you have reference it. Here are some really quick sketches I did to illustrate this idea:

From these screen shots -click on them, they inlarge- I made these drawings - in like 5 seconds, sorry they're so sloppy, I just needed an example.

See, it's the same pose but from the side front and back. It's really helpful, and besides, Link is really cute so I wanted to have a lot of pictures of him :) So do you like the idea? I hope it will be helpful. Oh, click the 'fan art' logo at the top to go back to the fan art page. or click here: back

Here's a slightly better example, hopefully it will tempt you into making some use of these shots -which are found in this part of the gallery section: