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Thanks for the banner idea Kasuto!
Please link to me here at History of Hyrule!

If you like my site and you have a site please link to me here at! I have a lot of content I want people to fall in love with and nothing would mean more to me! All the buttons I've made are on this page.

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About the Links Section: I want to have a ton of links so you can find what you are looking for, or maybe even something you had no idea about. This is my way of passing on the wonderful things I have found. Think of it as another gallery. If you think I should add your site, email me here. If you have a small banner, that would be perfect, otherwise I will try to make one when I have some free time

Affiliation: This is a weird topic with me. Most sites have a list of requirements for Affiliation. So what is mine? I thought about this for a while. So here's what I came up with and what I think is fair: Hits don't matter, or content, but I will reserve affiliation for the people who have helped me out immensely, to show my respect for their help. And of course affiliation requires that they link back to me too ;) I will however add a link to whom ever asks, or to any decent site I find. We all need a chance to be found. I'm considered a small site so I know how hard it can be.

Ad Unit/Banner Guidelines: Use these helpful guidelines when making banners for your site. These are helpful for all webmasters because standard sizes help keep sites uniform. If your banners are odd sizes then they may not fit into someone elses layout. The ones in red are the ones I would recommend you have for a site.

  • Rectangles and Pop-Ups 300 x 250
  • Medium Rectangle 250 x 250
  • Square Pop-Up 240 x 400
  • Vertical Rectangle 336 x 280
  • Large Rectangle 180 x 150
  • RectangleBanners and Buttons 468 x 60 (large)
  • Full Banner 234 x 60
  • Half Banner 88 x 31 (small)
  • Micro Bar 120 x 90
  • Button 1 120 x 60
  • Button 2 120 x 240
  • Vertical Banner 125 x 125 Square Button
  • Art Banner 200 x 40
  • Fan listing Banner 50 x 50

If you've sent me a link: This is normally what I do. When I get a new link I will put it up on the main page. Every time I work on my site I have to change my main page anyway, but my link's section is a little more complicated. Since I don't always have as much time as I'd like to update my site it's too hard on me to continuously change my links section. By putting new link's on the main page they will still be getting noticed, and hopefully a lot of hits, while making things easier on me. I'm also very forgetful and unorganized and I have found that this method works best for me. So if it's been a week or two and your link is still not on the link's page, please forgive me and know I am busy with either something in life or something related to the site. I know how important link's are so I don't intend to neglect you in the least. Hopefully you will find time on the main page a fair compromise to the link's section.

P.S. about sourcing: I hate sourcing images off of other people's sites. I think it's just wrong to do with most images (because it uses the other persons bandwidth, which can cost money) and even though doing it with banners and buttons seems acceptable; if the location of the image changes or the size of it -it can really cause problems. For this reason not only do I recommend that you do not source from this site, but I will not source banners from others sites. If you have the right mouse button disabled on your site to prevent theft then I will have to take a screen shot with print screen to get your button, and if you only offer a sourced button I will put it on my site anyway.