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Game Company Sites:
nintendo usa and nintendo japan get info and check out their store
sega usa and sega japan they no longer a maker of systems they make great games
look at playstation's site with links to their divisions or go to sony, the company that owns play station

xbox usa and xbox japan or go to microsoft's site to get more info on the company that owns xbox

capcom has links to all it's branches around the world, choose your country from there

namco has links to it's US site, UK site and Japanese site, choose from there


this mega company has a few divisions, go to the US site or the european and japanese site


this maker of rpg's also has a publications division in japan. go to the US or JP site

game arts

mostly a japnese company their games often get brought over by companies like working designs


they make real life fun, or well, farming sims fun. check out their english site

electronic arts

I don't like sports games, but they are popular. ea makes a few other games as well now anyway


who hasn't played a blizzard game, war craft, star craft, diablo. if you haven't are you really a gammer?

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