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Raven says, "You know you think I'm sexy, go on kiss the screen, I won't tell any one."

The History of Hyrule presents "The Oracle of Ages" Manga in English!

The Oracle of Ages is now being translated! There are 9 chapters done already, click on this mad sexy picture of Raven, one of the characters appearing in the manga, to go directly to chapter 1! Just in case you didn't know, Annie from Zelda no Densetsu is doing the translating work, and I'm doing the editing work. I hope you like it :D

The History of Hyrule presents Zelda Manga! There's some great looking manga out there and I'm lucky enough to have some, should I share? Of course! On this page you will find all of the Zelda manga and doujinshi I have, and even some I don't, along with information that will hopefully make it easier for you guys to obtain some of these cool things -or at least allow you to see what is worth having.

Unfortunately I do not know Japanese, but if any one knows where I can find a text translation of these, or if you know Japanese would you contact me because I want to have them all translated so people can read them. Speaking of that, all of the manga on this page is presented in the Japanese format. Please look here for terms, definitions, and other things you might need, or like, to know -like how to read English in Japanese style.

Contents of the Manga Section:

Want to find more Zelda Manga or Doujinshi on the web? Well here are some good links to start with. If you know of some other sites with doujinshi or manga please let me know so I can add them.

Fan Drawn Zelda Comics/Manga on the Web:

Places to Find Other Manga:

4 Koma Theater Ocarina of Time
Want Zelda manga of your very own? Here are my tips to obtaining it cheeply. Find a book store that will import books from Japan; here are some:

Use the ISBN numbers and information I've collected and email or call them with the contact information they have provided on their sites. If the book you are looking for is out of print or does not have an ISBN you will not be able to get it through these stores. Your best bet then is going through an auction site like ebay. That might get a little expensive, but it's also how I've had to get most of my stuff. Oh, please don't bid against osha_dog on ebay.. or I will be sad...

If you have some Zelda Manga that I don't: PLEASE send me info on it so I can get it and share it or you can scan it and send it in to me! You can find all the doujinshi I own on the doujinshi page above. I would love scans or even zerox copies, anything! I know you must know how frustrating it is loving something and not being able to find anything out about it. That's why i made this page, so help others and send me some info! `_^

PLEASE DO THIS FOR ME: Tokyo Pop, a major publisher of manga in America, is taking a survey to see what manga series we would like to have translated and published by them: survey. This isn't like some on-line petition, it's the actual publisher asking for your ideas. Go there and tell them you'd like to see The Legend of Zelda manga by Akira Himegawa. There are three fields for you choices so I did this: #1 The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time by Akira Himegawa #2 The Legend of Zelda: The Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages by Akira Himegawa and #3 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask by Akira Himegawa. Of course there are other great manga's that exist, so even zelda in one of the fields would make me happy if you had something else you would like to vote for. If you would go there and vote, even if you don't care that much -do it for me, maybe then someone might realize that this manga exists and that there are people who want to own it. I would be so thankful if you did this and so would many other fans.

Also Animenation is now selling some of Akira Himegawa's Ocarina Series. Animenation is a great U.S. based store which I have ordered through many times. If you want the books, go through them, I belive they are selling them for $7 dollars each with U.S. shipping. Plus, if you buy from them you may encourage them to bring even more over. I think they also take special orders.

Another note: Some of these are still in print in Japan. I very honestly do not want to take sales away from any of the artist's or plagiarize their work. The intent of my site is only to show people what is out there since manga and doujinshi is so hard to find in America and can be extremely expensive! If I have work up by an artist that you know I can contact to ask their permission, of if some of this is your work, please contact me if you would like me to remove it from my site or at least change what I have currently displayed. I very honestly mean this. I do not want to offend any artist, especially one's I respect. If it is an older doujinshi that is out of print I would hope that it would not be a problem having me post it here though. Thank you, -Melora