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Our wonderful friend and translator, Anastasia, has kindly sent in a TON of translations for some of the great 4 Koma out there. Since it takes a long time to edit the text on the pages -turning them from Japanese to English, I am posting the text for them until I can get around to actually adding it to the images. (These translations still have the notes and stuff in them because they are what was directly sent to me. Also, please ignore any spelling mistakes) When I have them edited, I'll display them here as links so you'll have a directory of the panels in English. But remember, the untranslated 4 Koma is still worth looking at ^_^ -Even the pictures alone will crack you up. Be sure to give Anastasia a big thank you

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Title: Zelda no Densetsu - Kaze no Takuto

Author: Anthology

Publisher: Futabasha

Product Code: ISBN4-575-93858-0

Year of Manufacture: 2002-2003

Length: around pages


The Legend of Zelda 4 Koma Manga Gekijou # 1

Author: Anthology

Publisher: Enix

Product Code: ISBN4-900527-94-7

Year of Manufacture: 1992

Length: 120 pages

Translated Panels for this 4 Koma:

None of these translations can be used without Anastasia's permission, she spent the time doing them, it's her hard work. None of the edited pages can be used with out my permission. No exceptions, sorry.


The Legend of Zelda 4 Koma Manga Gekijou # 5

Author: Anthology

Publisher: Enix

Product Code: ISBN4-87025-757-2

Year of Manufacture: 1994

Length: 128 pages

Translated Text for this 4 Koma:

None of these translations can be used without Anastasia's permission, she spent the time doing them, it's her hard work. No exceptions, sorry.

Page 4: By: Narita Miho click here for page
Totakeke Totakeke 2

Link: Ah! It's Kiki...... (Kiki is called "Saru Kikki" in japanese, Saru means monkey)

2. Link: Kiki!!

Link: Would you like to eat some bananas with me?

3. Kiki: Hmph!! Thanks!

SFX: KURU (it comes from "kuru kuru" which is a sound for spining, since only one "kuru" was used he only turned around)


Kiki: Li-n-k

Link: Huh?

4. Kiki: Eat coconuts!! Take that and that~~~!!

Above Kiki: WAHAHAHA



Link: Y- You're Totakeke!? I was tricked!

1. Totakeke: Heh heh, I'm going to fool Link and take his bananas today too...

2. Totakeke: But since he's already seen my face... I'm going to disguise myself a bit...

Box: Kiki and Totakeke's Different Appearance

Arrow: Here it's differentTotakeke Kiki

3.Totakeke: Li~~nk, would you give me some bananas-kiki.

Arrow: Bandaid

Link: Hey! Kiki, you can eat as many as you--...

4. Link: Is that what you thought I would say!? You stupid monkey!!

SFX: GYUMU~ (squish)

Link: What about you is Kiki!!

Totakeke: How could you tell!?

Page 5: click here for page
Kune Kune Monkey ("kune kune" means "bending loosely back and forth; making something; meandering; wriggling body ")
1. Totakeke: Dammit! That bastard Link stomped all over me...


Totakeke: That was a such a big mistake I had to retreat. I swear I'll trick him into giving me those bananas~~!!

2. Marin: Li~nk, I want to play the game~

Marin: Please?

Link: I guess I have no choice......

3. Totakeke: Heh, so that's it! Link's weakness is flattery, huh...

Totakeke: Alright!

4. Totakeke: Li~~~nky


Totakeke: Won't you buy me some bananas~~

Link: Who the hell are you?

Kiki's Grief

1. Box: Kiki came to play at Eagle's Tower.

Kiki: Ooo!! That looks fun!!


Kiki: I want to be sucked up-kiki


Kiki: Help yourself

SFX: DOKI DOKI (I don't think I need to explain this, but it's the sound of the heart beating.)

Kirby: ?


SFX: GOO----

Monster: Nooo!

4. Box: He was shocked just a bit......

Page 6: click here for page
Degugiini Papahl
1. Box: Graveyard


Link: Waaaaa!!

2. Link: Huh? What with you scaring me like that? (This is a guess.)

Link: Y- you're different from the other ghosts...

Ghost: !!

3. Ghost: Different?

SFX: JI--- (the sound of staring)

4. Ghost: How am I different??

Link: You're huge!

1. Papahl: I got lost in the mountains.

Pahpal: This is delicious~~

Papahl: --- However, he came and saved me...

2. Papahl: However another time I was...

Papahl: I'm leaving it up to you.

Link: Uh...okay

Papahl: lost at sea.

3. Box: Several Days Later

Papahl: I'm really far from the island.

Flag: Papahl

Papahl: Hey, that's Link over there!! He'll come and save me...

4. Link: Farewell~

SFX: HIRA HIRA (flutter)

Papahl: *gasp*

Pahpal: Ahh!


Papahl: Is he seeing me off!?

Page 7: click here for page
Uin Uin Nyorururu
1. Link: Um Marin... you really have the ability to attract people with your charm.

Marin: Do... do I?

2. Link: Marin, you're like a...

Marin: Huh!?

3. Marin: Like what? A star? Or maybe a flower?

4.Link: a deathball......


Link: I'm attracted~

Box: Deathball


1. Box: Oshin

Box: An enduring rock-type lift.

2. Link: Wow, he reallty does endure!

Rock: Heh, Link, huh...?

3. Rock: I won't take you down so easily!!

Rock: HA HA HA

Rock: Are you suffering now!?

4. Link: Is this really endurance?


Rock: What is that!? What's riding on me--!? This feeling is~~!!

Page 8: By: Kirie Reiko click here for page
Straight Talk This Way is Faster
1. Marin: waht are you doing, Link?

Link: I'm collecting the shells that are scattered around the island.

2. Marin: They say that if you hold the shell to your ear you can hear the ocean!

Link: Really?

3. Link: Like this?

4. Link: OUCH ow ow ow ow

Box: There was a hermit crab inside.

1. Link: The way to the desert is blocked...

Walrus: ZZZ...

2. Link: Alright, here I go!

Bunny: Link! Link! First you need to go to the village to hear the info!

3. Bear: To wake the walrus, you must get Marin-chan to sing her song for him.

Link: Is that so? Thanks.

4. Link: Alright, here I go!

Bunny: Link! Link!!

Page 9: click here for page
Marin's Question Finally It's Princess Zelda
1. Marin: Hey Link, can I ask you something?

Link: What is it Marin?

2. Marin: Why are your ears pointy?

Link: Uh....

3. Link: Um..uh...well...

Link: It's so that I can hear your song better.

4. Link: What am I going to do? She's singing and following me around...

1. Zelda: Oh, how awful!! Link is caught in a huge storm!

Butler: Princess!

2. Zelda: Ah! The ship tipped over!

SFX: HARA HARA (a state of being nervous and excited)

3. Zelda: ......


4. Zelda: He was saved by a cute girl.

Butler: Pr- Princess...

Page 10: click here for page
Together with BowWow (1) Together with BowWow (2)
1. Link: Now that we've finally become freinds, let's go play.

BowWow: Pant pant

2. Kiki: Ah! What's with the BowWow!?

Kiki: UKII

Kiki: I challenge you!!



4. Kiki: I'll remember this ukikii!


BowWow: Pant pant

Box: They really do fight like dogs and monkeys... (In japanese the english expression "like cats and dogs" is "like dogs and monkeys".)

1. Box: BowWow sees the Egg of the Wind Fish.

BowWow: Pant pant

Link: This is the Wind Fish...

2. BowWow: GAU

Link: Ah, the promise I made...

3. Link: It's impossible, you know...

4. Box: 8 Hours Later

Owl: ......

Link: Come on!! Let's go home!!

Link: Madam MeowMeow is waiting for us!

Page 11: click here for page
Waiting Papahl Waiting BowWow
1. Papahl: Well, as promised I'm lost here in the mountains.

Papahl: I'm soo hungry.

2. Papahl: But anyway, I've been patiently waiting for Link to come save me.

Pahpal: Until then, I must endure!

3. SFX: GU~~~

4. Papahl: I'm sure Link will come for me.

Papahl: Until then, I must endure!

Box: Papahl, you need to get off your lazy butt and do something yourself! (Literally it said "to put in your own effort")


2. SFX: BIKUU (from "bikkuri" which is "to be surprised, frightened, or amazed")

3. Bug: Eeeek!

4. Box: He was just sleeping...


Page 12: Niiyama Takashi click here for page
The Name's Secret Turf War
1. Tarin: Oh! You're finally awake Link!

Marin: Thank goodness!

Link: Huh? Where am I...?

Link: A cute girl...

2. Marin: I was soo worried Link!

Link: Thanks...

Link: Huh? How do you know my name...?

3. Marin: See, it's on your shield...

Shield: Link


Link: Ah!

4. Link: Thank god this dirt was here...


Shield: Link Zelda

(**That repersents two people sharing an umbrella. This is equivelent to the heart with an arrow through it. There is a chapter in Ranma about the umbralla in volume 31, I don't know if it has come out here yet or not. The chapter is called "The Legend of Sharing an Umbrella" or something close to that.)

1. Tarin: Link, you should write your name on anything that belongs to you.

Link: Right! (everything written on Link says "Link")

2. Tarin: Ahh!! Even my chest!

Link: Check inside it while you're at it...

Link: This pot too...

3. Tarin: I'm not gonna lose! I'll write too!

Tarin: This table is mine!

Link: Then this chair is mine...

SFX: KAKI KAKI ("write write" from the verb "kaki" which means "to write")

Chair: Link

4. Tarin: All this is mine!

Tree: Tari

Link: You think I'll give up!?


On the Cucco: Li

Cucco: KOKE (cluck)

Marin: They're so childish...

Page 13: click here for page
An Avid Reader? Bad Timing
1. Box: Village Library

Marin: Link seems to be reading a difficult book...

Link: Hmmm hmmm...

2. Link: I'm off!

Marin: Hmm

Marin: I'm surprised he's such a studious person...

3. Marin: What kind of book was he reading...?

Marin: Ahh


4. Book: Link

Marin: What a horrible thing to do... And belongs to the public...

1. Marin: Oh, it's Link!

Marin: Now's my chance!

2. Marin: Guess who!


Link: Waa!?

3. Link: Uh... Ma- Ma- Marin!

Marin: Wow, you figured it out so fast!

Marin: He's soo adorable when he's confused!

4. Link: Could we do this later!?


Marin: Oh Link, you want to move slowly... Ahh...


Page 14: Yukimiya Chino click here for page
All of a Sudden Secret Potion
1. Link: Whoa! What's with all these frogs!?

Box: Richard's Villa


2. Richard: I, Richard am really a prince, but due to some circumstances I've been forced to live here.

Richard: FU... (sigh...)

3. Link: What sort of... circumstances?

Link: Is is that you can't make any friends because you live with frogs?

4. Link: To just have frogs as your friends, it's pretty sad. (Link literally says that it's "dark / gloomy" to have frogs as friends.)

Richard: Ku... (This is a sound a person makes when trying to fight back tears or to hold in laughter. I can't think of an english equivilent.)

Richard: We just met, and then he says all that...

1. Tracy: I'm Crazy Tracy.

Tracy: I'll sell you potion.

2. Link: Umm... what kind is it...?

Tracy: Huh...?

3. SFX: NIYA... (grin...)

4. Tracy: Will you buy it?


Link: W- w- what kind of potion is it~~?

Page 15: click here for page
Something I Knew Saidekka
1. Fairy: I'm a fairy! I'll recover your life energy!

Link: Thanks.

2. Link: Mm

Words: Genki Genki (It usually means "healthy" or "cheerful". WW Link is described as being "genki")


3. Fairy: I'm a fairy!


SFX: HERO HERO (limpness)

Link: Th- Thanks...

4. Link: Ungh!



Box: To recieve a sudden recovery is a bit intense...

1. Tracy: Hey there big guy, you want to buy my secret?

Link: Sure, I'll take it.

2. Link: I wonder if today it'll be 28 or 42 rupees...

Link: Doesn't matter, I've got money.

Link: How much is it?

Tracy: Excuse me but...

3. Tracy: it'll be 50,000 rupees.

4. Text: On the island of Koholint, all the grass was cut,


Creature: Ballerina

Text: and with the shovel, it was also full of holes.

Page 16: click here for page
Hey! One Word
1. Marin: Lu la lu~~ Lu la la~~

Marin: La la la lu~~ la~~

2. Marin: I guess I really like singing!

Marin: Link, what do you like?


Link: Pink bras!

4. Link: Here... you can take this back..........

Link: Boo hoo hoo

Mermaid: Th- Thanks...

1. Tarin: Phew, after I ate a mushroom I had a dream that I became a racoon.

Link's bag: Powder

2. Tarin: But...somehow I have this "lovey" feeling...

3. Link: ............

4. -

Page 17: -Nothing click here for page
Page 18: (This is not scanned)
1. Me with Marin and Tarin

Kirie Reiko

2. Tarin: Waht are you doing Marin? It looks fun.

Marin: Today I'm going on a picnic with Link.

3. Marin: So, it's my duty to make the riceballs and side dish.

Marin: I've already prepared the canteen with tea!

4. Tarin: It must've been a lot of trouble to prepare all that yourself.

Tarin: Well then, I'll carry something for you!

5. Link: .........

Marin: You just want to follow....

Marin: .........

Page 19: (This is not scanned)
Me with Marin and Tarin (2) Me with Marin and Tarin (3)
1. Marin: Listen here, Tarin! LINK AND I are going on a picnic!

Link: Calm down Marin.

2. Link: It'll be more fun with more people!

Marin: But Link...

3. Link: I was alone throughout my whole adventure

Link: because I never had the chance to make any friends.

4. Link: ... so let's go!

Box: Eagle Tower

Marin: To where!

1. Marin: GRRRR! Didn't you promise me that today you'd forget about the dungeon!!

Note above Marin: Stamping feet

Link: Oh, sorry.

2. Marin: Come on, let's eat!

3. Marin: Link, have this rice-



4. Marin: Why did you "kaitengiri" it? (Kaitengiri is Link's attack that I explained in the LA ch.1)

Marin: My handmade riceball....


Link: Oh, sorry! I'm just used to doing... it...

Page 20: (This is not scanned)
Me with Marin and Tarin (4) Me with Marin and Tarin (5)
1. Marin: Well, I'm full.

Marin: Let's play something.

Link: I know!

2. Link: I'll cut the grass.

Tarin: I'll go get some honey.

Marin: And I'll sing a song!





Box: Alas! Everyone has scattered.

1. Link: Hey Marin, before when you said you wanted to come to my hometown...

Marin: !

2. Link: I've been avoiding you, so I...

Tarin: Waah!

Marin: Yes Link!?

3. Tarin: Waaaaaaah!

4. Owl: Hey! You're supposed to be gathering the Siren's Instrments!

Link: It's the Wind Fish's curse.....


The Legend of Zelda 4 Koma Manga Gekijou # 6

Author: Anthology

Publisher: Enix

Product Code: ISBN4-87025-768-8

Year of Manufacture: 1994

Length: 122 pages

Translated Text for this 4 Koma:

None of these translations can be used without Anastasia's permission, she spent the time doing them, it's her hard work. No exceptions, sorry.

Page 23: (This is not scanned)
1st strip: untranslated Ballad of the Wind Fish
1. Link: Marin's song is really pretty, but it's kinda lonesome without lyrics.

2. Link: Hey Marin, let me make some lyrics for the Ballad of the Wind Fish!

Marin: Huh?

3. Link:

Romanji: Sa-ka-na~~~ Sa-ka-na~~~ E-RA ga a~~ru~~

Lit. Trans: Fish~~~ Fish~~~ You have~~ gills~~

Fits music: Oh great fish~~~ Oh great fish~~~ You have gi~~ills~~

4. Link:

Romanji: Sa-ka-na~~~ HE-SO wa~~ nai no~~

Lit. Trans: Fish~~~ You don't~~ have a navel~~

Fits music: Oh great fish~~~ You don't have~~ a navel~~

Marin: ......

Marin: I don't like this song...... / This song sucks......


The Legend of Zelda 4 Koma Manga Gekijou # 7

Author: Anthology

Publisher: Enix

Product Code: ISBN4-87025-806-4

Year of Manufacture: 1995

Length: 124 pages

Translated Text for this 4 Koma:

None of these translations can be used without Anastasia's permission, she spent the time doing them, it's her hard work. No exceptions, sorry.

Page 22: Makino Hiroyuki Page 41:
Beautiful Name (1st strip) Storage Place (2nd strip)
(This is not scanned)

1. Tarin: Hmmm... so you say this boy washed up on the beach?

Marin: Yeah... I've never seen his face around here before. I wonder where he's from...

2. Marin: He must have have some kind of ID somehwere... (I'm not sure about this line, something about idenification and having it)

Tarin: Oh? There's something written on the back of this shield!

3.(On the shield is written RI-N-KU (Link) but Tarin reads it as RI-SO-KU (interest (on a loan)) The katakana for N and SO look very simmilar and be mixed up easily. The same for SHI and TSU.)

Tarin: Risoku...?

4. Tarin: Poor little guy...

Tarin: *sigh*

Marin: Oh my

Marin: Already running from his debts, and at such a young age...

Link: no~~...

(This is not scanned)

1. Link: Miss Mermaid, I found your pink bra!

Mermaid: Really!? (I don't know if you know this but in th japanese version of the game Link gives the mermaid her pink bra instead of a necklace. I checked out the game text after I got this book to make sure and itwas there.)

2. Mermaid: So, where is it now?

Link: Hold on just a sec.

3. Link: HERE

SFX: BA (I think this is something like "TA DA")

4. SFX: PUN PUN ("state of being furious or angry" I guess you could use "GRRRRR")

Link: It was just a little joke~~~

SFX: HIRI HIRI (the sound of "hurt")

Page 64: Magami Guriko (This is not scanned)
The Time Required is 300 Min. 2nd strip: untranslated
1. Link: YAY!! I found it, the book of Mudora!!

Link: With this I'll be able to read the writting on that stone slab!!!

2. Link: Umm... let's see

3. Link: Th-

Link: -is

Link: sto-

Link: -ne

4. Box: It took 5 hours to decode...

Link: huff huff huff

Fairy: Fight! Link!!! / You can do it, Link!!!


The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 4 Koma Gag Battle Boukenhen

Author: Anthology

Publisher: Koubunsha

Product Code: ISBN4-334-80467-5

Year of Manufacture: 1999

Length: 130 pages

Translated Text for this 4 Koma:

None of these translations can be used without Anastasia's permission, she spent the time doing them, it's her hard work. No exceptions, sorry.

Page 18: Tonami Minato Page 26: Zenigata Taimu
Oh No! Happy Birthday
2nd strip click here for page

1.Box: Chamber of Sages

SFX: PAAAA.. (sound of light)

2. Link: ...Saria...

3. SFX: BATA~~N!! (thud)

Link: Waa!?

Rauru: Wha- What's this!?

4. Link: If she leaves Kokiri Forest she'll die~~~!!

Link: Uwaah~~ Saria~~

Rauru: Whaat!?

(This is not scanned)

1. Link: Huh? There's something coming out.

SFX: PYOKORI. (quickly bouncing)

2. SFX: ZUBO (not sure...)

Deku Sprout: Waah Waaah

Box: The Deku Tree's child was born!!

3. Link: ............!?

SFX: so~~~~ (a slight shifting noise)

Deku Sprout: .........

4. Deku Sprout: Mama......


Page 43: (This is not scanned)
Only Natural Let's Try This Out!
1. Parasitic Armored Arachnid Gohma

Link: Woah!!

SFX: dosu~~n (baam)

2. Link: You think I'm gonna lose to you!! Well then here's my title(?)!! (I wish they had used a kanji for KOU, it could mean "sentance" among other things. Anyway, he's talking about those words that appeared out of nowhere with Gohma's name.)

The Hero of Time


Saria: Ah!!

3.Saria: In that case me too!!

The Goddess of the Kokiri Tribe


Mido: Ooh!

4. Mido: Alright Me too...!?

Mido: The hell is this!?

Clumsy (for now I'll leave it as clumsy it says HETARE, I looked in the dictionary for this word HETA = unskilled and HETAKUSO = extreme clumsiness, were the closest I found. Anyway, it's not a word he wanted.)


1. Mido: Hm? Oh, it's just Link...

Link: Yo! How have ya been?

2. Link: MI-DO~~

Mido: Wha...?

Saria: Oh, so this is where you've been Note between panels: <- 3D stick up <- 3D stick down + push same button

3. Link: MI-DO~~

Mido: Wha!

Mido: Wha!?

Saria: MI-DO~~

4. Mido: Waaaaaaah!!

SFX: DA (short for "Dash")

(I think this one had something to do with DO RE MI FA SO LA TI DO and playing MI and DO)

Page 43: Tokita Monta (This is not scanned)
New Uses
1. Saria: Link... so, your really leaving...

Link: Saria

2. Saria: It's alright!! I always knew you would leave the forest.

Mido: Dammit! Link you bastard... (you may want to tone that down)

3. SFX: GUA (not sure about this sound)

4. Saria: Here, you can have this...

Link: Saria... did something fly out just now...?

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