April 2, 2004: Anastasia, the same girl who translates the Link's Awakening manga, has decided to do something really awesome. She's scanned, translated, and edited this really cute Wind Waker 4 koma for all of us here at History of Hyrule. Because I'm using a previously made layout for a page viewer, I had to squish some of the pictures. To remedy this, I'm providing a .zip with the original files in it. So you can download that if you want the best quality, or take a quick peek at the chapters by clicking the header or the cover image below.

download chapter 1: The Beginning, Outset Island


Title: Zelda no Densetsu - Kaze no Takuto

Author: Anthology

Publisher: Futabasha

Product Code: ISBN4-575-93858-0

Year of Manufacture: 2002-2003

Length: around pages

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