Prohibition of Hunting

June 25, 2003: This doujinshi isn't for kids. I left out about two pages, and deleted a few scenes. Don't worry too much though ;) I'm not going to put anything up that wouldn't be considered safe for TV or PG-13ish, but even with it edited, if you don't like mature situations, perhaps you shouldn't look at it. I'm very glad to have it though, this was sent to me by L. Roy! She's sent me a ton of doujinshi and I really can't thank her enough! There's a lot of stuff on this site that wouldn't be here if she wasn't kind enough to take the time to scan things for all of us. Be sure to check out her site, It's called Independent Zelda and it's a really wonderful zelda comic and news site! There's even an oekaki board and forum if you feel like drawing or chatting. And please, if you don't think you'll like this, please don't look.

Prohibition of Hunting review by L. Roy:

This doujinshi is not really for kids or those offended by implied male-on-male sex. It's based off Ocarina of Time and while there are some joke comics mixed in for variety, there are a few pages in here that are not pornographic but might upset some readers. The basic premise of the story features poor Link being hounded first by Ganondorf and then by Dark Link. The artwork is very nice and the artist(s) put particular emphasis on the eyes of their characters. It should also be noted that this doujinshi features more English than most comics of this kind.


Title: Prohibition of Hunting-----------------------------------------------------------------------



Product Code: Doujinshi = None

Year of Manufacture:

Length: around 32 pages