The Legend of Zelda: Love Navigation 2

February 10, 2003: Ah! I Love it! This is the best one I own. Hehehehe, it's so cute! ! Dark Link and especially Nabooru fans should check out this doujinshi, well, if you don't mind that they're both going after Link. Look at him blush! It might make some of you youngsters out there blush too you know. The first part is all pretty funny, and the part that I call naughty (although not quite naughty enough at all!). Link, as cute as he is, shouldn't stumble into the Gerudo Camp. They're all girls, and how can a girl resist him?! Then, oh my! Hints of Yaoi (boy's love) -run Link run! (Bah! Too bad for that hammer!) Then Link, you little perv, why are you giving those floating boots to Malon?! Shame on you! But don't worry for all you fans of the serious -The second half is a quite sad and sweet looking story that centers around Nabaroo and Link. Thank you Circle Koumeitou, this is a great work! Even though this book only hints at things, and really shows nothing, it REALLY hints. So anyone who is shy or doesn't like sexual tension, maybe you should skip this one. But the art work is so wonderful, and it's so cute, it really would be a shame if you did.


Title: Love Navigation 2 The Legend of Zelda

Author: Circle Koumeitou

Publisher: Kawachi Izumi

Product Code: Doujinshi = None

Year of Manufacture: 1999

Length: 52 pages