The Legend of Zelda

Dec 6, 2003: This doujinshi comes to us thanks to L. Roy of Independent Zelda! She's already scanned and sent in a bunch of other doujinshi, and now we have her to thank for this whopper as well. It's around 70 pages long, and can be a bit graphic. There's violence, blood, and more mature scenes -in other words, my kind of doujinshi. So click on the cover picture below to check it out!

The Legend of Zelda review by L. Roy:

The first in a series of seven doujinshi. This is a continuous, dramatic series but has humour in it. The storyline isn't always clear if you don't know Japanese, but the artwork is dramatic enough when it counts. Focusing on the artwork there are a few scenes of nudity and violence in this particular doujinshi that may be offensive or disturbing to some. In comparison to other doujinshi the art style could be considered as "messy", but this should not be taken in the negative sense. The styleappears to suit what is going on and it is apparent that the artist has anexcellent sense of proportion and perspective. The storyline here might not be as clear as it is later in the series but it is apparent that this is supposed to take place in the same universe as Ocarina of Time, as many of the same characters and races from that game feature here as well.


Title: The Legend of Zelda ??-------------------------------------------------------------------

Author: Yamahiko Nagao ?

Publisher: Coppo Otome ?

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Year of Manufacture: TBA

Length: around 70 pages