A Red Rose in Hyrule

Feb 08, 2003: Thank you so much L. Roy! She was so wonderful and sent in this great doujinshi by the same artist who did "Boys and Girls." I know it must have been a lot of work for her so I hope you all like it as much as I do. She is also making a Legend of Zelda comic that is really, really cute. It's being worked on at her website is here; Independent Zelda, please check it out. This doujinshi seems to be number seven in a series. Perhaps the last one. She's promised if she finds the first six that she will scan them and send them in, so if you know where she can get them, send her an e-mail, please! (And me too, I'd like copies ^_^) This doujinshi is slightly more mature in nature. Although I wouldn't consider it an 'adult' doujinshi, it is slightly more mature than, lets say, the Akira Himegawa manga. There were a few things that I had to paint over, which would be considered nothing in Japan, but some people might consider too much for state side kids. I tried to do a good job so it wouldn't detract from the manga. So, if you're shy or just don't like Zelda kissing Ganon, that kind of thing, you might want to avoid this one.

A Red Rose in Hyrule review by L. Roy:

This is generally considered the last in the series by this artist. Because this doujinshi is number seven then it is assumed the series contains seven books. This book contains some very dramatic imagery and some of it contains nudity and violence. There are some situations that are not pornographic but may disturb some viewers so discretion is advised. The ending is touching, even if you don't read Japanese.


The Legend of Zelda: #7 A Red Rose In Hyrule

Author: Yamahiko Nagao ?

Publisher: Coppo Otome ?

Product Code: Doujinshi = None

Year of Manufacture: 2002

Length: around 66 pages