Secret Sheik

April 16, 2003: I got this not long ago and then found out how lucky I was to have it. Not only is the artwork very cool, but there were only about 80 made. How on earth did I end up with a copy!? When I found that out I decided I had to post it right away. Mostly a joke doujinshi it features mainly Sheik and Link. Princess Zelda has a few drawings that are really cute, but yeah, there are some really awesome ones of Sheik, like the one above. The original printing ink was really a dark turquoise, or greenish tint, but I changed it to grey scale because it makes the file size slightly smaller and looks a little better than if I had left it in color. (Compression reasons and such) Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, there are quite a few pages that are just text, more than enough drawings though.


Title: The Legend of Zelda: Secret Sheik

Author: ? Deta

Publisher: ? Nigasu Na--!

Product Code: Doujinshi = None

Year of Manufacture: 1999

Length: around 26 pages

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