Vol. 2: The Tower White

April 17, 2004: I totally forgot that Louisa sent this to me. Arghhh... At least I finally figured out that I had it. This is volume 2 in what appears to be a seven part series. The style is cool, it's more intense than most zelda doujinshi, and I really suggest this series to anyone who wants to see a darker side of Hyrule.

The Legend of Zelda review by L. Roy:

This is the second in a series of seven doujinshi, featuring one colour panel insert as well as continuing a story most likely started in the first comic, Legend of Zelda. There is not as much nudity and violence in this comic compared to the rest of the series, but those two elements are still present so approach with caution if that disturbs you. The storyline is difficult to define here but many characters from Ocarina of Time appear here including the Kokiri and Malon.


Title: The Legend of Zelda Vol. 2: The Tower White

Author: Yamahiko Nagao ?

Publisher: Coppo Otome ?

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Year of Manufacture: 2000?

Length: around 54 pages