Wake Up Your Mind's Jesus

December 2, 2002: It was quite a while ago that I saw a few small scans of this doujinshi on www.hyrule.com.ar. It was so beautiful, I would go to that site and just look at the pictures that I fell in love with. I was determined to find a copy of this doujinshi. It's been well over 8 months, with 2 missed chances, but I finally found a copy! I want to thank D-187 for helping me look for this, it was so wonderful of you to try to help me find it and now I'll share all of it with all of you! Thank you also Andrea from Hyrule.com.ar and Adele who originally sent it there. With out you this manga section would not exist. So here it is, the doujinshi that started my hunt for Zelda Manga, and in a way brought about this website.


The Legend of Zelda: Wake Up Your Mind's Jesus

Author: Hershey

Publisher: Drown in the Air

Product Code: Doujinshi = None

Year of Manufacture: 1999

Length: around 38 pages

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