Legend of Zelda and Link's Adventure

This is the section for things I have found but am not really sure what they belong to. This first Manga I think is for the original Legend of Zelda. Right now you can find all the scans of it at www.kasuto.net There is a volume 2 for this book that I have seen and it is for the Adventures of Link. I have a picture of the cover posted below but I don't have really information on it.


The Legend of Zelda - Find it at kasuto.net

Author: Yuu Mishouzaki


Product Code: ISBN4-88063-627-4

Year of Manufacture: 1989

Length: 210 pages

picture of back inside


The Adventure of Link

Author: Yu Misyozaki


Product Code: ISBN4-7966-0191-0

Year of Manufacture: 1991

Length: 200

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Legend of Zelda 2

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