Multimedia Sections:

Here I have gathered and made a lot of neat little goodies for you to enjoy. I'm making Avatars for Message Boards, feel free to use them at your favorite haunt. I'm also making Wall Papers for you to use on your computer. The only thing I ask: is that you don't abuse this site. In other words don't tell other people the things I've made are yours or distribute the stuff I make without linking to my site with credit. If I find out some one is abusing this page I'll shut it down and tell everyone who's fault it is. :p But hopefully that won't happen. So the stuff on this site is for your private use only.

Requests or ideas I will try to fulfill in the near future: Right now I am not taking any more requests. This may change in the future but at the moment I have not had time to work on any. You can still tell me if you would like to see anything, and I'll add it to the list below -I just wont be able to do it for a LONG while. -Sorry, manga and doujinshi have my priority.

Wallpapers requested:

  • Zelda and Naryu Paper
  • Raven, specifically, Raven on his horse
  • Queen Ambi and Ralph
  • Sheik playing the harp from page 18 of the OoT vol. 2 Manga
  • Malon
  • Cremia
  • Ganon, Link, and Zelda from OoT manga
  • Link and his friend fighting over the heart from LttP manga
  • Adult Ruto
  • Saria
  • More of Link from OoT manga
  • Nabooru
  • Anju
  • Sheik and Zelda together
  • Oni Link
  • Etc.. I'd like to make one of every character

Avatars requested:

  • Ralph
  • Roperii
  • Malon
  • Saria
  • Anju
  • Nabooru
  • I'm going to make one for basically every character...

Want to make a request? There are only two things I need you to consider first:

#1 is that I have to have a good image to work with. If the character is covered up by speedlines, or text bubbles it is very hard for me to get rid of those. It requires me to redraw the image and that is way too time consuming. It already takes me hours just to make one that I don't have to retouch.

#2 It may take me a while to make it, the wallpapers are very time consuming! I do I have to work and take care of all my pets besides updating things for this site. The only things I can make quickly are resized or papers with a different background color. But please don't think requesting something is too much to ask. I made this site so people can get what they want. I'm a fan too and, god, there are just some things I'd really love to have. So if I can make you just a little bit happier with a pretty wallpaper (or something else cute) just let me know. I'll be proud to be a real fan site! Want to see something, want a different form of media? Let me know damnit! And leave me some feedback, I want to know what you think ^_~ Lot's o' love, ~Melora