Avatars by Anastasia: Anastasia has done a lot of stuff for this site and back when I had a larger forum she started making a bunch of really cute avatars. The thing is, unless you're a member of the forum, I doubt you'd ever get to see them, so I asked her if I could post them here on my site as well :D You can find the info thread for them here. Also, please do not post these on your site! You'll need permission from Anastasia if you want to do anything but use one as your avatar on a forum.

Link's Awakening:

Wind Waker 4 Koma:

I hope you like these and that I can find the time to make more in the future. Right now I'm sorry to say that I can't take requests. You can probably request certain ones, or can find more (made by other people) on my message board though.