I created these for people to use on Message Boards and so on. I really hope you like them and they're completly free for you to use as long as you promise not to distrubite them yourselves. By that I mean don't post them on your website or tell someone else you made them. I want to continue making a ton of these cute little things. The first group are made from scans of my manga, which is drawn by Akira Himegawa, and colored with photoshop. Right now you can find the manga they are taken from, Oracle of Seasons, here. The rest are just from random images from various games and sources. I guess I could even put your name on them if you asked me. Enjoy! -Melora

Zelda Impa Boy Raven
Din Naryu Veran

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Four Swords:
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Owl LA:
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Fan Art:
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By Mandy! Thank you!
I hope you like these and that I can find the time to make more in the future. Right now I'm sorry to say that I can't take requests. You can probably request certain ones, or can find more (made by other people) on my message board though.