• Wow, he just keeps getting cuter. Well, it's kinda old news but I had to post these pictures somewhere on my site. It looks like the GameCube version of Soul Calibur 2 is getting our Hylian Hottie Link as one of the characters. Check him out:

    It seems that the Xbox version of the game is getting Spawn instead of Link because I'm sure there's no way Nintendo would want one of their main guys on the competetions system. And by the way, this isn't a rumor any more. You can got to Namco's site and see for your self if you like. Or IGN insider if you have an account.

    Here's some more stuff from Soul Calibur 2 for you to look at. I got all of this from Namco's Website. There is also a video from IGN, but it's 11mb so I'm going to see if I can re-edit it and take out all the shots that aren't of Link and aren't from the new game. That way it won't be too huge for my site and it won't be too big for those of you with slower modems. ...God he's cute!!!!!
  • Now that I mention it if you have an IGN Insdiers account they have a huge section on the new Wind Waker game. They translated the whole manual and have what looks like all the text from the game its self translated as well. Spoilers galore so I didn't read any of it, just glanced over it.


  • A Link to the Past: A Link to the Past, my favorite game ever, is being re-made for the Game Boy Advance! Preorder it at a videogame store or online for it's December 2rd release. It shoud be in stores by Dec 3rd though. If they don't mess with it, it should be worth it, trust me! They are adding a few new things, plus there is a multiplayer game called the Four Swords that will also be on the cart. The games are going to work togther some how. Perhaps unlocking things in each other.

    You can pre-order the new players guide from Nintendo or get the one from Prima. Also, go see Link to the Past's New Website "here" it's a very pretty site! Another plus is that Capcom, the company who did the zelda oracle series for Nintendo (among many other things) has made all new artwork for the game and I can't wait to see it. Much of it looks just like the old, the same poses etc.. but just re-drawn. Very interesting! When I get the guide I will post all of the pictures in the Gallery.

  • Kaze no Takuto: (or Cel-da as I like to call it) If you go to you should be able to see the new movie trailer for the ce-lda gamecube game. You can pre-order Cel-da, or 'The Legend of Zelda," now for it's 02/01/03 release date. In Japan, it's called Kaze no Takuto or Wand of Wind, and they are doing something special for this game too. If you pre-order it you get 2 nice bonuses; a perhaps touched up port Ocarina of Time and Ura Zelda, the Zelda for the DD drive that was never released. Lets pray it comes out over here, or better yet write Nintendo and ask them to bring it out in the U.S!

Why do I call it Cel-da? There are a few reasons. The first is because I want a derogatory term for this game. Why's that you ask? Because I'm a bitter, bitter person. For those of you who don't know, Nintendo was evil enough to give us a glimpse of a more realistic, dark, and beautiful Zelda game at Spaceworld, their promotional show in Japan. Then, for reasons only god (and the moron's at Nintendo) know why, they changed it to look like a Cel-Shaded cartoon, which is the second reason I call it this. Thus we gain the name: Cel-da, which is just a play on words; a mix between Cel and Zelda. Here's an example of what could have been and what it became:

I HATE you nintendo! Link was so cute and sexy! What did you do to my Hylean Hottie?!

Now, the new game may be good, for a game, I'm not saying it won't be - but I do not think it reflects on the dark theme the first 4 games kept. I love the first 4 games, and hate the idea of a kiddy Link so I'm pretty ticked. Here's some humor I like. He does after all look just as disproportioned as Hermie, the elf that wants to be a dentist. (It's a joke from that Christmas claymation/cartoon you're sure to see around the holidays about Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.)

Note on Ura Zelda: From what I remember this is not really a "new" game. It was an extension for Ocarina of Time. Basically it added more stuff to the original game. You needed the DD attachment to play it and it's what the infamous pictures of the "Ocarina of Time" unicorn fountain and blue fairy are from.

the dd attachment

Unicorn Fountain
Unicorn Fountain

I'm not big on news, so this is kinda a minor section, but some stuff that I thought was cool is coming out. I needed a place for it and I got tired of having it on the front page so it's in it's own section now called what else but "news"!