About the Wind Waker

Hi, sorry, this is just something I needed to address: People have been writing me talking about how I shouldn't hate the Wind Waker, please let me say once again, I still don't like it and no one who has written has really understood why I don't like it, yet they assume they know my reasons.

To quote a note I just got: "wind waker has the best story and gameplay yet, so I think it unjust to dismiss it just because its not what you're used to." "Do not fear change, for that is the way of all life!"

I put up a warning about not writing me about this, I haven't minded people asking me about my reasons and I'm normally very nice but my life has been -really- stressful lately and I don't need the added stress of rude people, even it's under the guise of polite wording; -please don't tell me what to like or assume you know my reasons for things. I really don't appreciate it! I find it's very rude. I own around 200 videogames, and have played many times more than that, so it's not because it's "not what I'm used to," I've played several games with features just like it and it's the worst of the group, but I understand that's just my opinion. I don't mind that others like the Wind Waker, that's why I don't go around telling them what to think about it. I'm not going to sit here and list the many various reasons I don't like the game. It's not necessary, and is it really anyone's business to know why I don't like it anyway?

Quote: "but you are missing half the history of hyrule! I realize you hate the wind waker, but why cut out Ocarina"

Because, like I have also stated before, I simply don't have the time to have a site based on all the games. I spend seemingly endless hours -everyday!- working on stuff just for the first four games and manga. Please, just appreciate that, don't ask more of me... I can't handle more. After all, when I made my site I said, "Okay, I'm going to have to limit myself because I know I'll never be able to add everything." I want to give people the most comprehensive media site for the first 4 games that I can, and even that's proving to be almost an impossible task for me to handle.

Please don't misunderstand me.. I am completely flattered that so many people like my site! I'm also really honored that you guys do want to see it improved and expanded... but I don't understand ~Why even come to this site if you're looking for something other than manga or zelda 1-4? I was thinking about adding all the art from all the games to the gallery, but because of the rude letters I get, I've really had to change my mind. Now I know that if I add art from the other games I'm going to get letters asking me to add story from them, and gameplay help from them, and countless other things from games I don't even like.

I mean, I haven't really liked anything after LttP so why should I spend hours and hours working on something I don't enjoy? I thought there was a need for a site about the first 4 zelda games, then I realized there was a need for a site about zelda manga, there's not a need for my site to be about anything OoT or up, there are plenty of places out there for that stuff. I have a sick ferret, I've spent almost $2000 dollars at the vet this month, the pipes above my apartment are dumping water into my living room, my toilet is broken, I have guests coming to stay, I have poison ivy, my bf is sick, my mom is freaking out because I live far away, I need a job, my landlord decided we weren't going to landscape after I spent days preparing the garden bed- removing all the rocks and gravel- pulling down vines- drafting up plans- and spent time finding the best nursery for the plants, I'm also hypoglycemic and now- when my blood sugar drops- I start to blackout so I know I need to go to the doctor, and oh, I need new tires for my car at $150 dollars each plus the spare. As you can see, I have a lot of things to worry about, I work on this site as stress relief, not to be stressed out.

I have a lot going on in my real life, for a little while, at least, a little while longer, be tolerant of me and my silly taste. I'm just some girl who loved the old games, this site is my obsessive little shrine to them because it makes me happy to share all the stuff I've been lucky enough to find, I'm not doing it for hits or popularity. Plenty of people don't like the first four games so maybe I could suggest, ~If you like the story of OoT, MM, OoS, OoA, WW, any of the other games, and find 'big' sites lacking, ~even though they're not as far as I can see~ do what I did and make a site about the stuff you love, send me a link, and I'd be more than happy to help you out.

Sorry for the rant, don't get me wrong, I've met some really awesome people through this place and I'm not mad at anyone ~at all, even the guy I quoted from~ I just need people to understand how I feel about these letters and that I need them to stop. They dishearten me a bit and I don't feel like working on anything after I get one. Take care, ~Melora