Old Guest Book Entries For Kinki Link's Love Shrine

Saturday 11/09/2002 10:59:46am
Name: Jessica
E-Mail: www.charmanderflame@msn.com

Comments: Well, actually, I was looking for one with him in different attack positions. If it's not too much trouble, could you make it for me?

BTW, I already have that green wallpaper, it's really cute!

Sunday 10/20/2002 10:33:52pm
Name: Melora
Homepage: http://here
E-Mail: meloras_crap@hotmail.com

Comments: Hello, hey about the Link wallpaper I have a few here: One of the oracle Link, on a green background too: http://www.angelfire.com/comics/melora

if you leave me a request in the guest book there for something I'll email you when I make it too!

Friday 10/18/2002 7:40:29pm
Name: Jessica
E-Mail: charmanderflame@msn.com
Comments: Hi!

Would it be possible for you to make me a Link Wallpaper? I just love the Oracle Link, so could you make me one of him slashing his sword? I also want it to have a black, or maybe green background. Thanx in advance!

Friday 09/20/2002 7:02:30pm
Name: KokiriKid
Homepage: http://*none*
E-Mail: erm, do I have to say?
Comments: I adore your site, just when I thought Link couldn't get cuter, he does! I hope you get a new scanner soon, I can't wait to see what the cutey does next!!! Heh, I have pictures of him over my bed. Hehehe.

Monday 09/09/2002 7:59:23pm
Name: Starlette
Homepage: http://heliochrome.net/link
Comments: Sooo cuuute! ^_^ I absolutely adore link! <3 I only wish I could read Japanese so I could understand the manga. ^^;;

Friday 08/23/2002 7:01:10pm
Name: Lynn the Hylian
Homepage: http://none
E-Mail: linkrules09@hotmail.com
Comments: This site is really good. I Love The Game Zelda, And everything about it!!



Thursday 08/22/2002 3:43:11pm
Name: Maneshi-San
Comments: Yay Nice site!

Only thing that I dont like are the bloody pop ups. Well done, though, and I can't wait for the scans n_n

Thursday 08/01/2002 11:40:32pm
Name: Alejandro Terán
Homepage: http://hyrulekingdom.cjb.net
E-Mail: alejandro_teran@hotmail.com
Comments: Congratulations for your site! It's really cool, keep up the good work!

Thursday 07/11/2002 3:53:17pm
Name: Jenny Walsh
E-Mail: valiant_heartus@yahoo.com
Comments: Lovely site n_ñ I simply love it. Keep it up! :D Thanks ^^

Sunday 07/07/2002 11:17:04pm
Name: kam
Homepage: http://ladollylatte.tripod.com
E-Mail: ladollylatte@aol.com
Comments: This is a really great site you have, not too many people would be willing to scan their manga collection for fear of breaking the book spine (I know I wouldn't) o.o Anyway, again, great site! ^_^

Saturday 07/06/2002 1:16:08am
Name: Joyce Lee
E-Mail: Link480@aol.com
Comments: ((^_^))Hi remember me? The Link to the past e- mail? If you do, hi again. I love your site, especially the mangas. I was born in Japan, and lived there for 4 years, and I never saw Manga comics for Zelda,but when i came here, I saw Link to the past. Lucky me. He he hE. :) Once again, I LOVE YOUR SITE!


Wednesday 07/03/2002 6:59:29pm
Name: Rocket Trekkie Evoli
E-Mail: shakgruluk@yahoo.com
Comments: Coll site; keep up the good work! I lived in Japan for two years and managed to pick up an Oracle of Ages manga, but unfortunately it was the only Zelda manga at the bookstore. I think I got the better of the two, though, because it's part 2 of 2 and Ralph's in it. ^_^ I like the wallpapers you have available; coloring in the pictures is a good idea. I wish I had a scanner too...

Thursday 06/27/2002 1:05:12am
Name: Brodius Mirestone
Homepage: http://n/a
E-Mail: linkthecourageous@tasmail.com
Comments: I've been a big fan of the Legend of Zelda for many, many years now, and now that can read all the excellent Manga... I seem to be an even more obsessed Zelda fan than ever before. Congrats on the great site!

Tuesday 06/25/2002 5:19:43pm
Name: Melora
Homepage: http://here
E-Mail: meloras_crap@hotmail.com
Comments: Sure, I'd love to make you a wall paper. It might be a while because I'm moving right now, but, well, I'll send you an email with more info. Take care, and I'm glad you liked the site!! -Melora

Tuesday 06/25/2002 3:33:55pm
Name: Sylvia
E-Mail: lonergirl520@yahoo.com
Comments: HI!!! ^^ Love your site it's so cute, I love the oracle series they're cute too ^^. I want to ask you a favor, could you please make a wallpaper of this guy that appears in Oracle of ages and Looks a lot like ocarina of time Link I think his name is Revan or is it Levan ^^. Can't wait to see more scans :) keep up the good work :)

Friday 06/21/2002 8:16:20am
Name: D-187
E-Mail: theDgurl_187@yahoo.com
Comments: Yohoo! Great site! This is Great Stuff! Can't wait 4 more! I want you to keep posting about Oracle Series! Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssseeee!!! You're doing an awesome job! I really Apreciate it!^-^ Ok, bye!

Monday 06/17/2002 0:00:07am
Name: Annie
Homepage: http://www.bsu.edu/web/agscherer
E-Mail: prettyhatemachinegun@thefragile.com
Comments: What else can I say? Fabulous! I wish you much luck on this cute little site! ;)