Old Guest Book Entries For Multimedia Zelda Site

Wednesday 02/05/2003 4:50:19pm
Name: Hyperbole
E-Mail: blue_mage3000@hotmail.com

Comments: This is an amazing site!!! I was just wondering if I could use your link and ganon picture from OoT for my site. Thanks a lot!

Friday 01/03/2003 8:15:25am
Name: dawwe
E-Mail: zelda_000@hotmail.com

Comments: i would really like to see a wallpaper of link when he gets the thelephatic message from zelda(in the remake of alttp/four swords)

Wednesday 10/30/2002 8:18:12pm
Name: MacX
Homepage: http://www.anycities.com/user/ceramichaven
E-Mail: x_treme_chill@yahoo.com

Comments: How about Malon, Saria, Anju, or Nabooru for wallpapers? Love the site by the way!

My site has Link Sprite Comic, so chack it out!

Sunday 10/06/2002 8:17:16pm
Name: Nadia
Homepage: http://.........................
E-Mail: liquidfire17@hotmail.com

Comments: Yeah man! Your sites kick arse! I love them!

Saturday 09/14/2002 2:59:19pm
Name: shike77
Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/ky3/shike77
E-Mail: summonerchild88@hotmail.com

Comments: Wow... I really like your backgrounds! You should do one for Sheik, that would be awesome! Sheik and Link are my two favorite characters, but that kinda sucked when Sheik showed who 'he' was. Oh well. I like Zelda, too, so it's no biggy.

keep it up!


Friday 07/12/2002 2:34:23pm
Name: RTE of Lynna
E-Mail: shakgruluk@yahoo.com

Comments: Yeah, Ralph avatars/wallpapers would be great! There's a maddening lack of Ralph fanstuff on the Net- oh well. There's a girl in the OoA manga who looks a lot like Malon; I think her name is Roperii. She'd make a cute avatar.

Monday 07/08/2002 7:08:50pm
Name: D-187
Homepage: http://none*snif*

Comments: Hiya! It's me again! I would just like to ask, can u make wallpapers from Queen Ambi & Ralph from Oracle of Ages? And I wish u keep going w/ the Oracle Series Manga on ur other pagi! There were some other characters I wanted to see on wallpaper but I forgot who they were. Plus, it will be too much to ask for :p

Bye! Luck on ur sites!^_~

Sunday 06/16/2002 1:09:24pm
Name: D-187
E-Mail: theDgurl_187@yahoo.com

Comments: Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful work you're doing! I totally appreciate it! Keep it up! I totally love this site! I'm looking forward for more!^-^ Wohoo!