Want List

Would you like to help me out? Do you have any of these things? These are some things I would REALLY like to have... drool...

Art Books: They're Nobuteru Yuuki books actually. They are Record of Lodoss War art/skecth books. All black and white sketches on the inside. Very pretty. I've found them a few times but they're $125 each.... I know that's about how much they cost when they came out, so I guess I'm just hopeing to find scans somewhere.

Doujinshi: I would like any Zelda Doujinshi or Manga you would like to sell. If you have some and are thinking of selling it just email me with a price and maybe a pic or two. I would also love to just have scans of any Doujinshi you might have as well and would even pay for them. Please let me know.

Sprites: That leads me to the fact that I would like, screenshots, sprites, and maps from all of the first 4 games. Gifs only. If you have some that I don't will email them to me or give me permission to use them from your site?

Box Art: I need good scans of all of the game boxes, carts, and contents of the boxes like booklets. Japanese, American, and maybe even from other countries like France and Germany. Release information from other countries would be nice as well!

Zelda Artwork: Have you noticed if I'm missing any art work from the games I have listed? I know I am because I know I have seen other stuff. I really would love to have these images and anythnig you've noticed isn't here. These are some of the things I am sure I am missing:

  • LttP: Zelda in her royal outfit, not a blue school uniform. I know the image is on the back of the Famicom box. I need a better copy of the one I have.
  • LA: Better images of all of these: Picture on beach and a promo shot of all the characters. Plus any others I may be missing. Also, where can I find illustrations of these. There is also another cover picture that is very much like the first promo shot of all the characters.
  • LttP (remake): Capcom artwork, not the old artwork. I saw these images on the Japanese website and they are not in any of the American guides I have found: Ball and chain trooper and Zelda standing -but in her blue dress, not the princess outfit. I also have seen these two pictures in scans of a Japanese guide: Link -this is a stance I do not have and want badly; and Link and Zelda in the sewers. I am trying to collect all the artwork from this remake, so information or scans would be very much appreciated!
  • LoZ: See the illustration of Hyrule behind Link? I want this so badly!
  • AoL: this orange drawing of link
  • Nintendo Power Art: There are a few things from Nintendo Power Magazine that I've never seen before, if there is something you have in one of your NP's that I don't have on this site, like this for example: Ganon 1, Would you please send me high-res scans of it?

Nintendo Power Issues: I want these because of The Days of Mana feature if you are willing to scan or sell any of these, please, please let me know!

  • Volume 62 - Super Street Fighter 2 cover
  • Volume 63 - Stunt Race FX cover
  • Volume 64 - Mortal Kombat II cover
  • Volume 54 - Secret of Mana dragon cover: strategy review of Secret of Mana with maps and some character art based on the clay models
  • There's also a issue with a poster of Secret of Mana (cover art and title screen), but I don't remember what issue it was.

Learning to do Computer Stuff: Do you know of good tutorials for any of these things:

  • Ripping from roms
  • CGI
  • Pearl
  • Making Fonts
  • A place with losts of info on CSS

Please!! e-mail me if you have any of this, and thank you! -Melora

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