07-29-04: Hi everyone! I've been very slowly trying to get things done. A lot of personal stuff is going on, but it's temporary I'm sure, and as soon as I can get back into the "Zelda mood" updates will be flowing. Email and Fan art are the most neglected things right now, -I added a few pieces to the gallery yesterday, but the server was acting up so I couldn't get much done (the fates are against me.)

I did manage to launch a few other projects though, and I hope it's okay for me to ask you to take a peek- I started a Fanlisting, it's called Sisters of the Heart and it's to promote a good relationship between the characters Zelda and Malon (or Zelda and Marin,) their fans, and people who are tired of seeing their fans fight! If you head to the site you can read more about it, and after that, if it sounds like something you agree with and want to join- That would be a great way of showing your support to the cause! I still have some work to do on it, but the basics are at least there.

I'm also starting another fanart theme! I'm really excited about this one, and if any of you out there enjoy creating and imagining things through artwork, I'd love it if you'd consider doing a piece! Read about it on the forums, right here.

07-22-04: There was a gallery update yesterday, today I fixed some of the links and added a few more (check below) Also, don't forget that a new chapter of the Ages manga was added!

07-21-04: There's been a gallery update! I only do these once in a blue moon because it's becoming harder and harder to find art that I don't have and because it's a real pain in the butt to do the html editing in the gallery. (Well, I try really hard to get all the images there are for the old games so I expect it to become harder to find more) And honestly, I have a lot of other people to thank for some of the rare images. The biggest thank you goes too Chris Olson this time. He sent me a bunch of Nintendo Power art a while back, things I never even knew existed! (I was thrilled to get them but it still took me forever to make this update, he must think I'm really lazy ;) and even if he doesn't, I do heh heh) They're pretty cool, and are mostly for The Adventure of Link (what a find!) There's also art for Link's Awakening thanks to Shin Zeruda Hime, Soul Calibur thanks to Mak, and more art from the Capcom remake of a Link to the Past (I had to buy the japanese players guide to get it.) There are also a few random images, like rough concept looking sketches from the guy who did a lot of the art in the Link to the Past players guide. It's a rough estimate, but I think there's around 850 images in the gallery now and only about 68 of these are for anything other than the first four games too. There are still things I'm looking for, check out the info on the bottom of the gallery page to find out what. (Helping me means you gain my eternal love, you know ;)

07-19-04: Nice update- First, Chapter 9 of the Oracle of Ages manga was uploaded yesterday! Click here to start reading. Second, thanks to a lot of you out there I have some great stuff to add (I've had it for a while so I'm glad I finally get to put it all on the site) Thanks to Larry Ficken there's now a great screen shot map of the Legend of Zelda overworld in the quest section and some Legend of Zelda overworld tiles in the galleries sprite section. Thanks to Irzul of Perfect-Zelda there's now a complete set of town maps in the quest section for the Adventure of Link. (Thank you so much! I really wanted those!) Nathankalk sent in some cute animated sprites that can be found in the sprite section. In the gallery screen shot section we have some new things: Special scenes from Link's Awakening thanks to TSOS and Freso. TSOS even colored some of the images, and there are some special screen shot scenes from The Oracle of Seasons and Ages thanks to TSOS as well! you guys are wonderful, I can't thank you enough. I'm just sorry if took me so long to get everything posted. I also made some new banners for the site, which can be found below. All the banners for this site can be found in the link's section though -Check back, there should be more updates throughout the day.

07-18-04: Chapter 9 of the Oracle of Ages manga is up! Click here to start reading. Also, sorry I haven't been around much, but it looks like I'll continue to be absent from things for a while longer yet. I have about 100 emails I need to answer, and it seems like it will still be some time before I can get to them -and when I do get to them, it will take me a few days to answer that many. I'm sorry, I know some of you have been waiting a long time, I just haven't been on the computer much; besides feeling a little burned out in general, there's a bunch of real life stuff going on that's kept me away. But I do hope you're all still able to enjoy what's here, at least until I can get the rest of the new stuff uploaded for you- and a very big sorry to everyone who's sent me things. Trust me, I have been working on getting them to the point where I can upload them just about when ever I have free time and use of the computer. Take care, and until later,


07-13-04: Hi everyone, I thought I should write a note here on the main page that I've been taking a tiny break from the site, for all of you who sent me mail, I'm sorry, it's been almost a month since I've been able to check it. So at least don't worry, I'm not ignoring you on purpose. As soon as I'm able to get the time to do updates there will be a huge fan art update, a doujinshi update, a link's update, a new non-competitive "contest" for a fan art theme, chapter 9 of the ages manga, a rare gallery update, a screenshot update, hopefully I'll finally get to make all the fan art and oekaki comments I've been wanting to make, and more- so as you can tell, I have a lot of things to do for the site, it just might take me a while to get to them. And, ah, I have something like 85 new emails, so it might take me a while to get to all of them. Please be patient with me and perhaps hold off on sending things until I make another update for real. I started the new Harvest Moon game and there are more family health problems, so my presence will still be scarce for a while.

06-23-04: It's summer time everyone! To celebrate I have a little surprise for you!

06-16-04: Besides the fact that I still have a ton great of stuff that I need to add (it's been piling up for months, thank you to everyone who has sent something in) and that I've been really lousy at keeping track of the people I want to talk too, I was at least able to make another fan art update! Around 75 new pictures were added for these new artists Cyen, Ganondorf's GF, Haven9270, Hyrule's Hope, Merko, Monique, Nausicaa, Necromancer, Paul Rajansh, Theora, Yami Zelda, and ZeldaFanatic. Plus, these guys you might already know Ann, Chibi Rinku, Dan Heron, Firesaber, H'ey, Imazeldagirl, Juliet Singleton, Kaos, Kirlia S., Louisa Roy, Majora, Medolie, Melora, Michelle, Mwaku, Tai Rivas Plaza, WaveWonder, Wyna Hiros, Xander, and Zelda86k! There's also 5 new wallpapers in the submitted wallpaper section. I have to thank Michi a LOT because she helped me with correcting many of the doujinshi titles (I really needed those, thank you!) and I got around to adding the new links! Check them out below! (Finally!) I even did a bit of work on the actual links sections, and I'll continue with that throughout the night. I also answered about 70 emails and a few PM's, so if I missed anything please let me know. Well, I'm going to continue working, but I wanted to say thanks to everyone who left comments in the fan art section, you all are great!

06-11-04: Sorry that this isn't a real update, I just had to let everyone know that I've been completely away from the computer for a few days due to some sort of weird summer sickness. (I don't know what it was, it wasn't like a cold, maybe the heat was just getting to me? Bah! It wasn't too bad, I just felt icky.) It seems like I will be able to get to some stuff now (crosses fingers ;) Sorry about that everyone!

05-30-04: (oops, I forgot to save part of this update for the update log, I don't know what it said before I announced who the new fan art was added for) Andrea Demori, Dawwe, Juliet A. Singleton, Kagemusha, Katie, Kirlia S., Majora, Médinoc, MegaworM, Pero Linkii, Seimei, WaveWonder, and work for these already familiar greats: Achan, Ashen Light, Becca, Celine, Chelle, Chibi Rinku, Dan Heron, Drake, Emma591, Eric, Firesaber, H'ey, Ingie, Jo, Kaos, Keylesslock, Kitty, Link Sage, Medolie, Michi, Mwaku, Naru, Navi, Nippon, SnowSilver, Timestones, xMarinx, Yuina, and remember *evil grin* I will add your Zelda Oekaki's after you've made at least four, if you ask me too, or after you've already had a fanart thread made. Just contact me if you want me to change something or take one down- And don't forget to check out the last update!

Since I've been busy and distracted, I know I may have forgotten some things I promised to do, emails, or content. If you think I missed something, don't be afraid to drop me a line and let me know. I'm only human, and I tend to be a scatterbrained one. Forgive me then write me at: melora@melorasworld.com I do know that I still have to get to the new links, I have about 70 emails left to go, and I found some wallpapers that I missed. All that will be coming shortly!

If you want to news, info, articles, or media for the upcoming zelda games: Like Minish Cap or my favorite Zelda:2005- be sure to visit either The Grand Adventures or The Legends of Zelda both are great sites, both stay very current. I'll post a few screen thumbnails and the character art for the upcoming game, the one I like to call "Zelda Reborn," but be sure to see the trailer, it's great and you can find it on more than a few sites. It's all really amazing looking, I hope it's the most awesome zelda game ever!

05-28-04: Oh my gosh! I was so busy I forgot History of Hyrule's second birthday! That's right! My site little turned 2 on the 22nd of May! I've been out of town and busy with family matters, but that's hardly any excuse! I want to thank all of you who come here, all of you who have helped me, for encouraging me and supporting me. It feels like I've had this place my whole life, but it's only been 2 years?! That hardly seems right! So here's to the future and all the years ahead of us! Maybe I'll actually get to working on HoH now that I'm sort of "back," I plan on it at least. Like: In celebration, I'm finally answering emails, I have 15 new and beautiful wallpapers added, around 100 fanart works should be coming up shortly, and of course- there's been the great news of an epic looking new zelda coming out in 2005 (featured in my header.) Don't forget the 4 swords comic Akira Himegawa is doing either! You can find out more about it in this thread on Annie's forum for Zelda no Densetsu, and if you look a little further below on this page, you'll find a banner that links to it. New links will be added soon too!

The 15 new wallpapers feature some awesome stuff. There's a beautiful one by ExMachina for Zelda2005, download it now. There's even more excellent ones (6 total!) by Anastasia featuring the official art scenes from Ocarina of Time (you'll love all of these) and some very cute art from a Link to the Past 4 koma! There's also new ones by TSOS, Megumi-5, and Mallory, check all of them out in the submitted section! I added a new piece of rare art via the wallpaper section. It's Link fighting a Geldmen, but it's from the Capcom remake of A Link to the Past. I had to buy a Japanese guide to get it, I spent hours retouching it from a 2 inch picture, I hope it was worth it ;) You can find it in my wallpaper section. Soon I hope to add all the other art I've collected to the gallery. I have enough to make a decent update, I just have to find time to edit it and do the html :)

Don't forget about this stuff! When I made the new header I didn't have time to add links to these things before I left on vacation. But the forums, oekaki, guestbook, and guest map are all still around. They will be back up top (soon I hope) but for now you can find them about mid-way down on this page.

Since I've been busy and distracted, I know I may have forgotten some things I promised to do, emails, or content. If you think I missed something, don't be afraid to drop me a line and let me know. I'm only human, and I tend to be a scatterbrained one. Forgive me then write me at: melora@melorasworld.com

If you want to news, info, articles, or media for the upcoming zelda games: Like Minish Cap or my favorite Zelda:2005- be sure to visit either The Grand Adventures or The Legends of Zelda both are great sites, both stay very current. I'll post a few screen thumbnails and the character art for the upcoming game, the one I like to call "Zelda Reborn," but be sure to see the trailer, it's great and you can find it on more than a few sites. It's all really amazing looking, I hope it's the most awesome zelda game ever!

If you want to news, info, articles, or media for the upcoming zelda games: Like Minish Cap or my favorite Zelda:2005- be sure to visit either The Grand Adventures or The Legends of Zelda both are great sites, both stay very current. I'll post a few screen thumbnails and the character art for the upcoming game, the one I like to call "Zelda Reborn," but be sure to see the trailer, it's great and you can find it on more than a few sites. It's all really amazing looking, I hope it's the most awesome zelda game ever!

05-11-04: Amazing, amazing news. First, do you like the new header? Well, I hope so -Because there's going to be a new zelda game (next year perhaps?) and the images are from it. I simply can not express how much joy I feel right now. It truly looks like it's everything I've ever hoped for in a zelda game. If you want to see the trailer, you can find it on The Grand Adventures, if you want to see screen shots, you can find them on The Legends of Zelda. You can find news on sites like IGN. This game looks like they took Link from SSBM, made him "dirtier" and sexier, gave him more ornate clothing, and mixed everything else up with the Lord of the Rings movies. There's forests, rain, fighting from horse back- I'll pray that this is the masterpiece I've been hoping for. I'll post a few screen thumbnails: and the character art for Link.

beautiful... Well, there's a thunderstorm out right now, I'l redo the guest map, forum, and oekaki links when it stops raining. -May you have sweet dreams of Hyrule tonight!

05-05-04: Good news! Chapter 8 of the Ages manga is finally up! Sorry it took so long, both Annie and I have been really busy with real life stuff. Speaking of that, I have a TON of email I need to answer, I'm going to try to do that now *blushes from the shame* Oh, and at zeldalegends.net you can find the old official Japanese Link to the Past guides that I scanned for Davogones. If you're interested, check them out.

04-19-04: I have a new wallpaper featuring an image of Link, from the aLttP/FS Capcom Artwork, that I've yet to see anywhere else. I spent a good deal of time retouching this from a tiny tiny scanned image that was in the japanese guide I just imported. It's in my wallpaper section now as are 2 new submitted papers.

Here's the HUGE fan art update! This puts History of Hyrule at over 1000 images by over 100 artists! It's taken me a few days to get it all posted, so it will be marked between the 17th and 19th. I know there are more great artists out there, so be sure to send your stuff in! Check out all the new stuff by these guys: Achan, Ann, Annie, Ashen Light, Celine, Chibi Rinku, Crazy Freak, Dan Heron, Doofy, Doug Saquic, DragonGirl6420, Drake, Elchikaah Haly, Emma591, Eric, Evvie, Framus, Hylian Blood, Jo, Joyce, Justin, Kaos, Kei, Keylesslock, Kid Chaos, Kitana, Kitty, Lina Inverse, Link Sage, Louisa Roy, Medolie, Metal Orgy, Michi, Mwaku, Navi, Nem, Nippon, Niram, Salia, Sariachan, Serbitar, SnowSilver, Spooky51, Timestones, Wyna Hiros, Yuina, and Zeruda!

I still have about 18 emails to answer and if I missed anything PLEASE let me know melora@melorasworld.com. As you can tell, I've had a lot to keep track of and I've had a bout of scatterbrain that doesn't help matters. Also be sure to check out the new link's Diamond in the Rough and Smile! They're both run by my friends, so give them lots of support!

04-17-04: Wow, a real update! Thanks to Louisa, of Indie Zelda, we have yet another great doujinshi. It's called The Tower White, be sure to give it a look. I've gotten all the fan art uploaded, so all I have to do edit links to it. (There's going to be something like 128 new pieces! Thanks everyone!) and everything else I promised to add with this update is going to have to wait at least another day- Sorry!! It's just that it's 3:18 in the morning here. I've been working on stuff for the site all day, I ran out of time tonight, and I don't want to make a mistake because I'm half asleep. I know I've kept you waiting, I just wanted to let you know that I'll finally be back in action so it should be up soon. (This time I promise!)

II: I have some new wallpapers up for you. One is just a fan art I did of Old Hyrule that I forgot to add to the wallpaper section, and the other 3 are at the bottom of the submitted page. I fixed and added some links too! Look below to find the new ones :D

04-02-04: I'm so sad.. the Hellboy movie.. was.. just so bad.. (Some of the characters did look great at least) Please.. please just read the comics (Which are great, the only American comics that I've fallen in love with to data) Even Blade 1 AND 2 were better movies... and I won't say what that's saying. Sigh, oh well. To get over this upset, I'll look towards Anastasia since she sent me something that's breaming with awesomeness. She actually sent it a little while ago and I'm finally getting around to posting it: Wind Waker 4 Koma that she scanned, edited, and translated herself for all the good people of the world. ;) Take a peek, she has chapter one done and you can find it here.

04-01-04: No April Fools jokes here, I've actually been able to get a bit of work done on the site. (Sorry, I've been so busy in real life!) First: I've added a really funny doujinshi called Ganon Drop. I love it! I've also split the page that had all the doujinshi I didn't have into two pages (Because before it was just too large for one page) and I've added a bunch of new images and information to it (as well as cleaned out the old stuff that didn't belong there any more.) Once again, if you have some images of doujinshi that can't be found on my site, please email them to me. I made quite a few more touch ups in the doujinshi section (mostly things people wont notice) and I'm also adding The Grand Adventures and Zelda Infinite to my Top Site's/Affiliates list today. Be sure to go check 'em out, they're great places!

03-21-04: I added a new doujinshi that I'll just call Saria and Link. It's really beautiful, find it here.

03-19-04: Not much to say, just a bit of news. Akira Himegawa is at it again. If you want to learn more check out this thread in Zelda no Densetsu's forum! Click the banner below to see the first chapter on the Japanese 4 Swords site.

03-16-04: I just added a doujinshi that I think is called Okapiro, it's really cute!

03-15-04: I added some 46 more works for: Crazy Freak, Kitty, Ashen Light, and new artists Sariachan, Chelle, and Salia! Hopefully there will be another update later today.

03-14-04: Another big fan art update for y'all today. I've added most of the Oekaki's to fan art threads, if you don't want your's posted, then let me know -no problem. If someone who doesn't have a fan art thread has done more than 4 Oekaki's, I'm also going ahead and adding them to the fan art section. I don't have to if you don't want me too, it's just I figured since it's already made public to the people who visit this site, why not give it a more permanent fan art home. There's new art for: Anastasia, Annie, Becca, Chibi Rinku, Crazy Freak, Doofy, Hylian Blood, Imazeldagirl, Justin, Kaos, Kikitora, Louisa Roy, MacX, Melora, Nem, Serbitar, Sofia, TaSui, Timestones, Yuina. And new artists: Ann, Dan Heron, Ingie, Kei, Keylesslock, Mwaku, SnowSilver, Zelda Girl, and Z-Frog.

There are 2 new wallpapers by Peter in the Multimedia Section. There are some new link's below, please check them out.

03-03-04: There's a big update today. First, I finally got to the fan art! It only took me a month, I think I missed some that was posted on the boards, and I still have to post the Oekaki's *_* -but for now there's new art for Art1st4786, Doug Saquic, Justin, Kitty, Malu CLBS, Melora, Navi, Sampsonknight, Xander, Yuina, and new fan artists Ashen Light, Imazeldagirl, Serbitar, Spooky51, TaSui, Zeruda.

There's also 7 new papers, 5 great ones were submitted from Anastasia, Cassy, and Peter. The other two are just thumbnails of new Ocarina ones I made for zelda-infinite. I added some new links below, I am going to try to figure out how to post a screensaver Pat's made (it will be in the multimedia today section if I can do it,) and there's a new cool comic at IndieZelda. You must go check it out, it was written by Pradaloz and drawn by Louisa, and highly recommended by me ;)

Final note: I've checked all my mail (Anastasia and Louisa, I'm in the middle of writing you both back ;) So, if I haven't replied to a letter you sent, that probably means that I didn't get it due to the server problems History of Hyrule has been experiencing. Please resend your letters if this is the case!

News taken off the main page: If you didn't know, there is a new Game Cube "zelda collectors disk" out. This disk has many things on it, including these games: The first Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, Ocarina of Time, and Majora's Mask. There are a few ways to get this disk: Go here for information. You can buy a game cube, or buy two selected Game Cube games, -but the cheapest way to get it (unless you plan on buying a Game Cube or any of those games) seems to be to subscribe to Nintendo Power, which is only $19.95. Ebay is an option, but right now, they're going for much more than anyone should be paying. There is also a guide you can buy, with help for all 4 games, you can find it at Nintendo's store, among other places.

03-01-04: I guess the server I'm on has been having problems. No worries, I'm not going anywhere. .. and I actually wasn't on the computer all weekend anyway, heh heh. The main problem with my server going down is that I may not have gotten mail that was sent to me while it was down. I'll try to reply to all my letters by tomorrow evening, and just to be safe, I'll announce when I'm done. If it then appears that I did not get a letter you sent me this weekend, you can just resend it (you can resend it now too if you want to be safe, I don't mind getting duplicates.) I did manage to get some work done in the links section -wow- If you want to see some new links, look on this page. I'll add some of them to the main page as soon as I can. And I also made two new Ocarina of Time wallpapers -they were gifts to Zelda Infinite, so go there to find them.

02-25-04: Sorry guys, I haven't had much time to be on the computer. I have a whole lot of stuff that's close to ready, but I've not even had a chance to upload it. I have good news today though, I got a few minutes and finished the html for the novel pages. I was going to post these one at a time but I figured, since I've been neglecting everyone, I would do them all at once after all. I'd also sort of like to dedicate these to Mak. If you don't know him, but you're involved with zelda on-line, you probably still have something to thank him for too. He's helped so many people (not only me) with resources, info, and media (common and rare) that there's no way his influence hasn't spread to every corner of the community. I feel silly, and he probably does now too, but I'd like to do something to say that it's always appreciated. These may just be some cute pictures of an old school zelda world, but I hope he, and you, like them. To clear things up: Yes, these are illustartions from real novels written about Zelda and published in Japan!

02-16-04: Today I'm adding a nice doujinshi called "To Love You More" I also updated the zelda link's page a bit. I fixed some broken links, I added a few, and I reorganized a little.

02-13-04: Is today Doofy's birthday? Maybe, maybe not (my brain isn't working) but here's your present anyway ;p I'm posting Attention Hold, a very cute doujinshi, and one I know she's wanted for a while. I hope all of you enjoy it!

02-11-04: Just another really quick update. I got to some mail today, but I still have quite a few letters left. Sorry I've been so busy.. *sigh* Anyway :D Today I'm adding the doujinshi "Jam" It's by Kazura Inoue I think.. it's very cute, sadly it's only around 16 pages though.

02-07-04: I only had time for a really quick update today, but I am still trying to get one doujinshi added every day. -Things have just been crazy. So today it's something I just call "The Legend of Zelda" since I don't know the full title, if there even is more. Check it out, and check back tomorrow for another one too... hopefully ;)

02-06-04: Sorry for missing some updates, some bad mojo was floating around. I'll try to keep getting one doujinshi posted a day, but I can't promise anything. Today I'm posting The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time & Mujura's Mask. It's only about 20 pages long, but it's really cute. It was also sent in by Katrina, who I have to thank a lot, because the doujinshi she scanned for us are really nice. I also made a new header, it's Zelda.. er.. Shiek.. er.. I just wanted to draw her, I hope it doesn't suck too much. I liked the this one, but I think I'm going to start using only my art for now :)

02-05-04: Sorry for missing the update yesterday. Something came up and it looks like I'm going to have to delay posting and updates for a few days at least. I'm really sorry about this guys, trust me though, as soon as I'm up to it I'll start everything again.

02-03-04: Day 3 of the 21 days of doujinshi. Today I'm posting Hyrulism Ching-Dong! by Shibuki-Ya, it's around 28 pages and was published in 2000. This comes to us thanks to Katrina! Katrina is awesome, she contacted me and said that she'd love to share her doujinshi with everyone. Lets shout out with a big "thank you!" I also added a cool new wallpaper by Triston and updated one by Jami Bunny, you can find them in the submitted wallpaper section.

02-02-04: Day 2 of the 21 days of doujinshi. Today I'm posting Holy Death by Coppo Otome, it's around 54 pages and was published in 2000. This comes to us thanks to Louisa, a doujinshi artist herself. She's scanned and sent me a ton of doujinshi already and I can't thank her enough. Be sure to check out her work at Indie Zelda! She's working on a Wind Waker comic and also has a few hundred pages of a wonderful Legend of Zelda comic. Enjoy!

02-01-04: Here it is, the 21 days of Doujinshi! Early happy Valentines day! What's this mean? Every day, for the next 21 days, I will post something new. When I'm done, all but a few of my doujinshi collection will be on the site, that added to the submitted doujinshi that other people have sent in, will total to around 3500 pages of posted manga!

Today I'm posting Soilder of the Princess by Coppo Otome, it's around 80 pages and was published in 1999. I'd like to dedicate it to Lousia, who's already sent me so many other awesome works by this same artist! Thank you!! Update 2: Fan Art! Around 50 new works actually! There's new art for: Achan & Nem, Anastasia, Doofy, Doug Saquic, Kitana, Kitty, Linkie-Poo, MacX, Melora, Monoke9, Nashira, Sofia, Sphynx, and Yuina. Plus, there's the new artists to check out: Fallen Angel, Justin, Metal Orgy, Navi, Nippon, Niram, Sampsonknight, and xMarinx! Thanks once again guys! The art is wonderful. I know I missed some though, my hypoglycemia has been on the fritz and my brain just doesn't want to work. If there's something I missed, even if it seems obvious and is even posted in the forums art section, let me know still, please! Also, if you draw on the Oekaki, Can I have permission to post your work in the fan art section? Let me know in a quick email or PM, and don't forget to tell me your screen name, or name you used to post the art under, in the letter. See, I don't know if there's anything people don't want me to post, so I would be happy to know for sure. Thanks! Update 3: I fixed the link to the Oekaki below, and I fixed a fan art mix-up, so there's new art for Zelda86k too ;)

01-20-04: Chapter 7 of the Oracle of Ages is now up, also, check out all the art on the Oekaki -Enjoy!

01-16-04: Woo! There's a big fan art update today, there's around 50 new works, and we have 5 new artists! Some of the new stuff is more than excelent, be sure to check it out. There's new work for: Art1st4786, Becca, Chibi Rinku, Doofy, Evvie, Firesaber, Kaos, Kitty, Monoke9, Nem, and Yuina. The new artists to the gallery are Nashira, Sofia, Sphynx, Wally Garcia, and Wyna Hiros!! Also, please keep in mind that fan art theft, or directly copying another fan site, is highly frowned upon. Recently, some one sent me some fan art, claiming it was theirs, when it wasn't at all! Most people in the Zelda community are very cool, just keep your eyes peeled for sneaks like that!

I also have a big wallpaper update, and now that I've one over 100 papers, I've split the wallpaper gallery into two sections. One section is for papers I've made, the other is for submitted wallpapers. I've made a new wallpaper for Raven, a character from the Oracle of Ages manga and in the submitted section you will find 2 more of him by Louisa, of Indie Zelda. You will also find cute new ones with manga art work by Anastasia! And a really nice group of papers from Metal Orgy of Ingo's Ranch.

01-13-04: Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been running around like crazy! I just stopped in to say that I've added an Oekaki board for History of Hyrule. You can find it here: ~Melora's Oekaki BBS~ and if you have questions, just ask here: Oekaki Thread. Even if you don't draw, you can still look at the art and talk to the artists! I've been working on editing manga, but I should have a wallpaper and fan art update in the next few days.

01-04-06: Chapter 6 of the Oracle of Ages is up! Be sure to check out the message board for this site and the other sites hosted there, there are always some goodies scattered about. I'm also about to reach 10,000 visitors on my first counter -yay!

01-04-04: I hope everyone had a happy new year! I'm sorry there weren't more updates, I really was planning on getting a lot done, but things happen and I wasn't able to do much for the site :( I did re-vamp the look of the forums just a little bit, and I got to most of the insane amount of email I had let build up (I should stop doing that!) Today I have a huge fan art update for all of you! There's new art for Art1st4786, Bethany, Crazy Freak, Hylian Blood, Kitty, Louisa Roy, Melora, Monoke9, and art from a few new artists to the boards: Becca, Kakashi's Lover, Nayru, Sailor z 360, and Yuina. Also, be sure to check out all the new links posted below. Many of them are for fan listings, maybe you could join and support the ones you like? ;)

12-30-03: Chapter 5 of the Oracle of Ages is now up! (Chapter 5 actually starts on page 69, not 70) Go take a gander, it 'be cute!

12-25-03: I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas -Good news! the message board is back up. I don't know why, but it was a real pain in the butt to restore this time. Even better- I'm actually learning how to do it -w00t. Some of you will have to update your avatars though, and if it give you problems, I think I know how to fix that as well. In other news, there's a new chat room and group I'd like you to know about. It's the Zelda Alliance, and I'm going to be a part of it. Right now all it basically is -is a bunch of Zelda sites who are all connected in some way. We're pulling together, and are going to help each other out even more -and don't worry, we are all still keeping our individual sites. We're still discussing how things are going to work, and what exactly it is that we're going to do, so for now, all we really have is this group chat room. Check it out, enjoy, and if you have mIRC, it will be a better experience.

12-22-03: Are you asking "What happened?" Sorry, the server I'm on got hacked. Most everything is back up thanks to my host, but the boards are gonna down until I can get the most recent backup of them installed. I'll be surprised if anyone's post were lost, so at least that's good- just give me a little time. *sigh* I had a bad 48 hours too -It involves: New Jersey's Department of Motor Vehicles, Landlords, a leak in the roof over my computers and art, 2 ferrets with reoccurring cancer -ones gonna die no matter what I do, the Christmas presents I sent are going to arrive late, I found out that my cousin that got me into Zelda almost got blown up in Iraq, my dad called (didn't I disown him?), a tree fell on my beautiful childhood home and crushed half of it, my little sister was crying because my grandpa told her she was going to be fat, and so so much more, -and yup, all in 48 hours... I just want to work on my site and draw... Can I curl up and die now..

I think I'll be offline for a few days, unless something happens that drastically improve my mood, so please, emergency emails only.

12-21-03: I made another fan art update. There's art for two new artists: Art1st4786, and Naru. -Check them out, and the new art from Doofy, Firesaber, Joyce, Kaos, Kitty, Louisa Roy, and Melora. There I also fixed a mistake I made, so one of the names listed has changed to Zelda86k. I feel like I missed something when I updated, I'm not sure, but I remember people saying they sent me things and I don't think I got them. If you think you sent me something, and don't see it in this update, please send it again. You will also find a new submitted wallpaper by Jessi in the multimedia section :D

12-19-03: My hard-drive is working again, so I can give you all those Super Smash Brothers Melee screen shots of Zelda and Sheik I promised! They make good fan art reference -hint hint- You can find them in this section. I also decided, upon some good advice, to put the updates closer to the top. I moved the mission statement or site description down past the image of Ganon and Link. There's a gift for site visitors on the forum, just some holiday greetings, and I got to all my old mail, I should get to all the new mail within a few days at least.

12-18-03: I was going to update with some screen shots form SSB:M and the new header, but it appears my external hard drive has just failed, so until I get if fixed, I wont have access to any of the things I've been working on :( Hope you like the holiday banner though :)

12-17-03: I added a rough map for the Great Palace in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, as well as the finished version of Maze Palace. Mak, of The Adventure of Hyrule, made some more awesome screen shot maps. He sent them my way, so now you can also see screen shot maps of the Town of Mido and the Island Palace. -It's fun to go back an remember all the goodness. Basically, that's about it 'cause I'm still working on content for my art site melorasworld.com -There will be more coolness on the way, I'm just switching between projects ;)

12-10-03: I have a big fan art update today! We have new work from Achan, Evvie, H'ey, Joyce, Kitana, Kitty, Monoke9, and some new artists to the gallery, Firesaber, Melissa, and Shinigami Sayuri! Be sure to give all of them a look ^_^

12-07-03: Day 7 of the seven days of manga! Yesterday I added a doujinshi called Legend of Zelda that was sent to us by Louisa Roy of Independent Zelda. Today we have one I've been meaning to add that's called Legend. It has a very strange but cute style, I'm sure many of you will enjoy it. I think I will do this "7 days of manga" again very soon. I never expected that it would inspire me to get so much other stuff done, and my site actually broke the 800 unique visitor mark. (I still can't belive it, I think I'm blushing) I know I owe all of this to Anastasia and Lousia, who have been awesome enough spend time and money to buying, scanning, and mailing in doujinshi for all of us to enjoy. Thank you guys! And thank you Annie and Anastasia (the same) for translating manga we would have never been able to even comprehend without you! -I feel all warm inside now ^__^- Well, I need to get to the rest of my mail, but if I have time, I'd like to make more updates today.

12-06-03: Day 6 of the seven days of manga! Yesterday I added a cute doujinshi called Choukakusyougai wo Motta Rinkchan that was sent to us by Anastasia. Today we have one I'll just call The Legend of Zelda, and it was sent in by Louisa Roy of Independent Zelda, Thank you so much! This one's a huge doujinshi at around 70 pages, and it's also kind of graphic in nature so I know it may not be for everyone. I hope you enjoy it and it's unique style as much as I have. Also, I've started adding more stuff for The Adventure of Link, and I posted a bunch of avatars late last night. I still have a lot to do, so ~later ^_^

12-05-03: Day 5 of the seven days of manga! Yesterday I added a doujinshi called Midori no Kobeya. Today we have one with a really long name: Choukakusyougai wo Motta Rinkchan, and it was also sent to us by Anastasia, thanks once again!! Be sure to give it a look, and I was thinking, I might extend this 7 days of manga to 8 or nine if I can find the time to get a bit more done. Yesterday was also a big day because I got more hits than I ever have. My one counter picked up 667 unique visitors, and my new counter picked up 556 unique visitors! I still can't belive it, I remember when I used to look forward to seeing 10 new hits on the counter. So I'd like to thank all of you who come by and visit, all of those who have helped me, and promise you that I'll keep trying my best!

Second update!!: I added about 46 new, or retouched, images to the gallery. A few of these things might be very new to most of our eyes, even though they're actually very old. I have Mak and Kayak (visit their websites!) to thank for most of these, they gave me permission to post all of this a long time ago, I just finally found the time to work on everything. I can't thank them enough for sending me the old magazine art, I never would have even known about it if it weren't for them. You'll find the new stuff marked with this tag: *new*

12-04-03: Day 4 of the seven days of manga! Yesterday I added a doujinshi called DT. Today we have a really cute one called Midori no Kobeya, and it was also sent to us by Anastasia, thanks once again!! So, be sure to check it out!

12-03-03: Day 3 of the seven days of manga! Yesterday I added a doujinshi called Mujyura no Kamen -Keikou x Taosaku. Today we have one I'll just call DT, and it was also sent to us by Anastasia. It's based on the Wind Waker, and most of it is in color (for a nice change.) I hope you like it, and also -I haven't checked mail in a while, sorry! I will try to get to it soon, I don't know what has taken me so lone, I'm just bad with mail.. I did start working on the AoL dungeon maps again. I hope to get them all done soon -Take care, ~Melora

12-02-03: It's day 2 of the seven days of manga! Yesterday I added a doujinshi called Moon World that had been scanned and sent in by Anastasia. Today we have another doujinshi that's done by the same artist and along the same line of story. It's called Mujyura no Kamen -Keikou x Taosaku, -basically it's a Majora's Mask doujinshi, and it was also sent to us by Anastasia! Tomorrow there will be another, I'm not sure which one yet, but be sure to check back for it!

12-01-03: Let it be known as the seven days of manga! With a huge thanks to Anastasia and Louisa, over the next 7 days I will try to add a doujinshi a day. They've scanned and sent me a ton of doujinshi, and in total, there will be over 200 new pages for your viewing enjoyment!! So today, lets start it off with Moon World, courtesy of our very own friendly translating wonder, Anastasia! I also added pictures for the covers of my new doujinshi, along with info, and fixed the image on the Legend of Zelda Manga. I haven't checked my mail in a while, I'm trying to get to that soon! Sorry once again!

11-29-03: I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving! Chapter 4 of the Ages manga is now up, and I'm trying to get some new goodies ready for you all. Sorry for the delays in updates and mail. I've been busy working on things.

11-22-03: Big update! Chapter 3 of the Oracle of Ages manga is up, and chapter 3 of the Link's Awakening Manga is also up! There are also 2 new wallpapers by Anastasia in the wallpaper section, they're for Link's Awakening, and they're really cute. There's a lot of new doujinshi on the way, look for it in the next few days. As well as the AoL stuff I thought I would have done, sorry about the lack of updates on that!

11-19-03: I will be making a lot of updates to the quests section all through the night. Mostly, for The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link. I hope to have all the maps up soon, and I will come back and re-touch them to make them look better as soon as I can. I also updated the Overworld maps I had for The Adventure of Link, if you downloaded them before, please get the new and better versions.. minus the spelling mistakes ;p

If you didn't know, there is a new Game Cube "zelda collectors disk" out. This disk has many things on it, including these games: The first Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, Ocarina of Time, and Majora's Mask. There are a few ways to get this disk: Go here for information. You can buy a game cube, or buy two selected Game Cube games, -but the cheapest way to get it (unless you plan on buying a Game Cube or any of those games) seems to be to subscribe to Nintendo Power, which is only $19.95. Ebay is an option, but right now, they're going for much more than anyone should be paying. There is also a guide you can buy, with help for all 4 games, you can find it at Nintendo's store, among other places.

11-14-03: Another update?!? Yup! Today I worked on some of the game sections. The most notable part of the update is that the Adventure of Link maps are going up. I have to thank Mak so much, because he's letting me use these awesome screenshot maps he made for the game. Thank you!! When his site is back up, be sure to visit it: The Adventure of Hyrule.

11-13-03: Another update? I'm on a roll! I have added fan art for Doofy, Hylian Blood, Melora, Nem, Pat McMichael, Sapphyre, and art for three gret new additions: H'ey, Klawize, and Monoke9! I also added a wallpaper by Crazy Freak, and a wallpaper by Nem. Be sure to visit the wallpaper section. I also made some minor changes to the ages manga section and image browser.

11-12-03: Finally, an update! The Oracle of Ages is here for you to read in english! Chapter 1 and 2 no less! I've been adding some little things all around the site, and I also made some changes to the message board. Hopefully, because of those changes, it will now be taking up less of my time so... I can bring you more cool zelda stuff via this site! I will be adding 2 new wallpapers, one by me, one by Crazy Freak, and there should be a fan art update later today or early tomorrow.

11-03-03: I was finally able to update the fan art section! There's new art for: Anastasia, Bethany, Dragonairic, Evvie, Gabora, Hylian Blood, Kitty, Melora, Nem, Pat McMichael, and two new artists: Sapphyre, and Thayet! I couldn't make a fan art update before I got the boards running, so I hope you enjoy it! I've also been working a lot on the message board, I added avatars to the gallery and changed the sections around. More should be coming soon, sorry I've been busy. If I made any mistakes, or didn't upload your art, just let me know.

10-23-03: I'm back! The site was down, but now it's working, and so is the message board! My computer died (so I can't make scans for a while) but I will be working on the things like crazy! I would also like to announce that I have a new host and that's all because Davogones -of Legends of Zelda- and Khuffie -of Zelda Legends- are awesome enough to let me be on their server. Thank you guys, you've helped us all out so much! Also, chances are if I haven't answered your mail, it got lost in the server switch, please resend anything that you wanted me to get.

10-08-03: What a sad update. I was trying to fix a small error on my message board and I ended up screwing the whole thing up. I am waiting to hear back from support, but I'm also leaving town for a week, so it may be down as long as the 16th! I'm so sorry about this. I have a ton of fan art to add too... sigh.. In other news, you might have noticed that things have been funky, like- you get directed to my art site instead of HoH. I'm in the middle of switching servers, and we were trying to figure out how to do things. That should be ironed out soon, so don't worry about that. It's been a hectic time, thanks for putting up with me. Also, I wont be able to answer mail after tonight. If it's an emergency, please mail me at meloras_crap@hotmail.com.

09-29-03: Hi again, I have some great news! The Oracle of Seasons manga is finished! Yay! I'm so happy! Be sure to take a look at it, and the second chapter of the Link's Awakening manga has been completed too! Annie and Anastasia both deserve a huge thank you! So what are you waiting for? Go read them! Oh, maybe your waiting to see some new fan art. Well, here you go; There's new stuff by Doofy, DragonGirl6420, Gabora, Joyce, and Melora ~enjoy

09-24-03: Quick Update: I added 2 submitted wallpapers and changed some minor details in the html.

09-20-03: Quick Update: I added new fan art for Chibi Rinku, Kikitora, Hylian Jean, Kitana, Patrick McMichael, and Me -Melora. I'm really sorry if I missed anything, please just let me know if I did. Edited: and art for Madlinx

09-15-03: Just a quick note: I'm not going to be updating the site much for the rest of this month. That doesn't mean that I'm not going to be working on things for it, it just means that I need to focus on the projects in front of me. So, this is what I will be up to: I will be busy editing in the text for the translated manga, working on art for the Realms of Hyrule game, and working on my Melora's World art site. It's a lot to do, and I need to make sure I get it all done. Don't despair though, this would be a good time to explore all the areas of my site that you might not have yet, talk with others on the message board, and think up some good suggestions for me and my site. I hope things return to normal soon, but for now, I'm off to work ;)

09-06-03: There's a big fan art update tonight. I found an old e-mail that I must have missed from Rimi with a great piece in it, I'm so sorry about that!! If anyone has sent me something, and I haven't replied, please write me back. I miss things from time to time! We have a few new artists, please welcome Bethany, Evvie, Kaos, and Lionhart. There is also some new great art from Anastasia, Crazy Freak, Dragonairic, Hylian Blood, Nem, and Timestones. ~Enjoy!

09-04-03: In the middle of updating I got pulled away from the computer. Lets see.. I added the Link to the Past manga, chapter 1! Thanks to Beno for translations and thanks to the Zelda Fan for the scans! Yay! I added a doujinshi called Electric Hyrule, I added some of the missing info for the doujinshi section. I added some links in the stuff section. I also had to change some text in the Link's Awakening manga. It's nothing big but pages 43, 45, 46, 48, and 53 have had minor updates made, thanks to Anastasia for catching those.

09-02-03: I made a bunch of updates on and off over the weekend. Most notably, and thanks to TSA of ZHQ2.com, I added a bunch of maps for Link's Awakening, and screenshots for the hearts, seashells, and the trading game. I also added at least 2 inside scans of almost all my doujinshi. I added info for some 4 koma info thanks to Anastasia. The coolest update is that Andrea, from Peorth.com.ar, made a wonderful gift wallpaper for me, it features Link to the Past art and you can find it -and 3 other new ones- in the multimedia section. These include and old school wallpaper of Link, another Wind Waker stained glass window, and a really cool fan art paper by Dragnonairic. (Fan art updates will be soon.) I've also been slow when I comes to checking my mail, but I'll be doing that soon.(I've been feeling a bit down, no worries though) Other than that, I made a BUNCH of little touch-ups. There were some misdirected links and old information that I've taken care of. That's all for now ;p

08-29-03: A real quick update today. I've been working on these periodically the past few days, but thanks to Lina Inverse of Anime Conglomerate I am happy to present the doujinshi called Attention Z and I am also posting a very cute little doujinshi called Hidarikiki no Rakuen. The LoZ map section has gotten worked on a bit, I think it's turning out rather well even though it's not quite done, it should be soon. (I hope :) Check it out, here's a link to level 1. I also wanted to say that I've been really busy with a zelda related project recently so updates may be a little slower, but that good ones are still always on the way. See what I am working on here.

08-28-03: Yesterday's update was pretty big, you can find it in the update section. I changed a few mistakes in the fan art section and in the fan art forums. I also wanted to say that I've been really busy with a zelda related project recently so updates may be a little slower, but that good ones are still always on the way. See what I am working on here.

08-27-03: Hi all! Chapter 9 of the Oracle of Seasons manga has been added. I added a new Akira Himegawa style wallpaper and I updated another submitted one. I added a lot of new fan art so you can find new stuff for: Anastasia, Anthari, Linkie-Poo, Louisa Roy, and MacX. There are also 4 new artists in the fan art section, here they are: Inu-Kun, Lina Inverse, Sylvia, and Timestones -Be sure to check them all out! There are also a few new links below. Sorry I've been slacking when it comes to updating the link's section. I have a new project that's been keeping me busy, it's also why the other updates have been coming slowly. You can find out more about it here: Realms of Hyrule. I also seem to have an email virus that has been using my email account to send others viruses. Don't open any attachments from me if they're not in a normal letter looking of if they're .exe files. (.exe files can be very dangerous, I would have no reason to send one to anybody) I'm also having other problems with my mail. If you have written me, but haven't gotten a reply back by tomorrow morning, then your letter never made it to my inbox.

08-18-03: Sorry it's been so long since my last update, there's a reason for it actually. I've been working on brining you lots of great stuff. My favorite news is that a girl named Anastasia contacted me and has been sending me translations for various things. So now, I can offer you the Link's Awakening manga in English! Chapter 1 is up and it's sooo cute, you must read it! She also sent me a bunch of translations for some of the 4 Koma on my site, and I've scanned all the color pages from all my 4 koma, (that's 7-17 pages each) so you can find those on my site now too! I've made headers for a lot of the manga sections that didn't have them, I added some new wallpapers that were sent into me, and Fan Art from Achan, Anastasia, Crazy Freak, Hylian Blood, Kimya, Kitana, and Xander! Chapter 9 of the Oracle manga is almost done, I'll have more doujinshi scans up soon, and Annie of Zelda no Densetsu is joining her message board with mine. It will be one big happy place.

08-08-03: I added fan art for Anastasia and Doug Saquic, please be sure to check out the fan art! Sorry for the minimal updates, I'm working on a nice little addition though. I'm going to post all the color pages for my 4 koma. Those should be up in the next few days. There are also some other nice little surprises on the way, keep checking back, and take a peek at the message boards if you haven't already! ;)

08-05-03: I made a few new banners, I added some fan art late last night too. You can find new stuff for: Anthari, Asutosa, Melora -Me, and Xander! There are also 3 new wallpapers in the Multimedia section thanks to submissions from other fans out there. I added some info for a new Link to the Past 4 koma that just came out, that info was sent to me by a very nice girl name Anastasia. Thanks to her we all can now have the information we need to obtain it more easily. I also added more avatars to the message board thanks to MacX. There are some new fan made sprites in the sprites section of the gallery. I added some new links that you can find below, and I made a few other little touch ups here and there.

08-01-03: Wow.. that was A LOT of work, but I finally updated my "other doujinshi page." This is the page with all the images of doujinshi that I don't have, it's like a catalog of what's out there, and let me tell you, there is a lot! I think there are around 275 images on the page. If you have a picture of a doujinshi that isn't on my site, no matter how small or bad looking it might be, would you email it to me? I would really love to have a complete listing of all the zelda doujinshi ever made :) More updates coming soon, that page took me two days to do.

07-30-03: Yay! Everything is back! Check the updates or the Message Board if you missed out on what happened (my server was down for 3 days) I now have for you: The Link's Awakening Manga -finished! 29 pages of manga from a Japanese guide that illustrates the stories for Zelda 1-3, and really great fan art by Crazy Freak, Linkie-Poo, Louisa Roy, Natasha Romeo, and Tawny! There are a few link changes below, I still have mail to check, and there is a new wallpaper by Nem!

More updates: I added new fan art for: Achan, Anthari, Dragonairic, and Nem!

07-30-03: Wow! I'm back up and running at full steam! The boards are working, my mail is working, and it seems nothing has been lost. A big kudos to the people who host my site for getting it back up (even though I did some serious complaining, lol) I have a ton of updates coming your way, I just have to get the files sorted out and uploaded ~see ya'll again in an hour or two!

07-27-03: Whoops! Sorry if it seemed like I wasn't meeting my promised quota of a chapter a day, I have been working on it, but I had to take Edy to the emergency vet today. She ate a piece of melon that was too big for her and got it stuck in her throat so she couldn't breathe -_-; Silly lizard! She seems to be fine now though -yay! Even with that happening, I still got two more chapters for the Link's Awakening manga added! (I would have more though) Which means I started on volume 2! Hope you enjoy it, I still have a ton of mail, links, and fan art to get to. I swear that will all be taken care of very soon!

07-24-03: Wow! I'm half way done with the Link's Awakening manga. If you haven't yet, read yesterdays update July 23, 2003. I'm going to try of get another chapter done today, so the book might be finished tomorrow! Read it: The Dreaming Isle! I also have a ton of fan art and links to add, but those have been put on a bit of a hold since I've been working so hard to get this manga to you. I'm very sorry! But I promise they will be up as soon as I finish this!

  • Update 2: I added the third chapter! Only one more to go!

    07-23-03: With a whopping 55 pages to start, I would like to present the first chapter of Link's Awakeing! I'm SOOO happy to finally be able to share this with all of you! It's one of my absolute favorites. I don't know, maybe I'm odd, but everything about the "Yume wo Miru Shima" manga, by Ataru Cagiva, seems so wonderful! The characters have so much personality, the world has nice depth, the fighting is good, the drawings are great, and well, I could go on and on but I'd rather you see for yourself! Read on: The Dreaming Isle!

    07-22-03: I finished the Link to the Past manga! In fact, I got all of the last three chapters scanned and edited yesterday and today. I'm going to start on the Link's Awakening manga ASAP. Download it while you can. I heard from a little bird that Nintendo may be asking zelda sites to remove some media and comics in the near future. It's just a rumor, so don't freak, just take that as a hint and back up anything you might want to save! More fan art and links coming soon, I've just been busy with the manga ;)

    07-20-03: I edited a bunch of the wallpapers so that they would have www.historyofhyrule.com on them, instead of my old angelfire address. I've noticed that a lot of people find my site through my wallpapers, so I thought it would be good if they knew where they came from. I also added some backgrounds to old ones and two new ones: one with little Ruto and Link and one with a novel illustration. I had been working on them before and had stopped for some reason. When I was updating the other ones, I thought it would be a good time to finish those two as well. Check them out in the multimedia section. I also touched up in a few places.

    07-19-03: Sorry I was gone so long! But I'm back from vacation now ~yay, I missed it here! All I've really had time to do since my return is answer emails and check the message board. If you have written me an email, and I have not replyed, that means I didn't get it, so send it again if you like. I'll be replying to the guest book entries tomorrow, I hope. I did add more fan art and I made banners for each of the 31 artist featured in the fan art section. You can find new art by: Nem, Kitana, Joyce, and a new artist~ Dawn. Look for more updates to almost all the sections soon! There are a lot of touch ups I need to make in the manga section, almost all the things I had for sale on the site are now sold (but I have more to add), there are some manga translators you might be interested in knowing about, and.. well.. all kinds of stuff! Let me get organized, and everything should come rolling in within the next week.

    People! Please stop ripping other people off! It seems to be a common trend lately for people take other peoples artwork, or hard work, and claim it as their own. Many of my friends are suffering from plagiarists. They contribute really cool things to the zelda community, with what reward? To have their hard work claimed by others. If you see some one claiming work as their own, and you know it's not theirs, please report them. You can tell the webmaster of the site, the host of the site, the actual person who did the work, talk about it on a message board, etc.. but this kind of theft really needs to stop, we shouldn't tolerate such lowly acts. I mean, why would anyone want to do such a thing?! If you like something that some one else has done, give them credit for it! Don't you think they deserve it?

    06-25-03: I'm going on vacation soon so I'm not going to have much time to be on the computer until after I get back. Because of this, I would like to ask everyone to only send e-mail's to me if they are necessary or important. I wont be getting my mail until I've returned, so when I do, I don't want to be swamped with too many letters ;) But don't fret ~You can ask questions in the message board, and you can leave comments about the site in the guest book. I'm going to be gone close to three weeks after all.. you can expect me back in mid July. I do have a HUGE update for you as a present before I leave though! I've added chapter 3 of the Link to the Past manga, chapter 8 of the Oracle of Seasons manga, a doujinshi called The Legend of Zelda: It is Secret to all, a doujinshi that I don't know the name for so I'm calling it Celestine, and a doujinshi that is more for the mature fans out there called Prohibition of Hunting. I've added 5 new wallpapers, 3 are from Ocarina of Time posters and 2 are submitted works. I've added some new links below and fan art for Dash Fox, Xander, and Crazy Freak. If I got something from you in the past few days, and it's not posted yet, chances are I wont be able to add it before I leave.. I'm sorry! I also made a few little changes to the site, like in the Adventure of Link enemy section. Talk to you later ~Melora

    06-19-03: I've added some great fan art for: Achan, Doofy, Melora, Dash Fox, Shadow, and Xander. Please be sure to check it out and join the message board if you would like to leave a constructive comment on the great artwork found there!

    Theft Alert: This is also a good time for me to announce that there is a Zelda site out there that is stealing Zelda artwork from American and Japanese artists and claiming it as their own. The site is www.tloz.tk and I would like you all to be very wary of them. (They tried to slander one of my friends when they contacted them about the stolen artwork.) There is no reason to spam or harass them, but let me assure you, there is ample proof that they are not the Japanese artists they claim to be, and I'm pretty sure absolutely none of the fan art they say is their's actually is. Because of things like this I would like to urge all of you artists and writers out there to make sure you protect yourself and your peers by looking out for these kinds of hoaxes. To claim the identity of another and to claim their work as your own, is not only wrong, it's illegal. Plus, it makes the whole English speaking fan art community look very bad in the eyes of the Japanese fan art community, who not only knows about these occurrences, but thinks they happen far to often.

    06-13-03: I added a bunch of screenshots for Super Smash Brothers Melee, adult Link only so far. There are about 500 images in the pose archive now. These are here to help people draw Link in different poses in their fan art. I don't know if this will make sense to everyone, but you can read my idea here. I also added a ton of Adventure of Link screenshots. These were sent to me by my friend Mak, and I really can't thank him enough. You can find his site here. Oops, I almost forgot, I've basically finished the character and enemy quest sections for Legend of Zelda, go take a look.

    06-11-03: Lots of updates today! Chapter 7 of the oracle manga is now finished, so be sure to read that! The wonderful Webmistress of Independent Zelda has scanned and sent me one of her zelda doujinshi! I just posted it, it's called Time Trap, and it's really cute! I'm also working on the map section for The Legend of Zelda, I'm trying to make it cute and helpful, not much real content is there now, but the basic layout has been decided. And I added some great fan art that was sent to me by Dale Davis, Doofy -who promises to send in more of her great art ;), and Louisa Roy, who does the Independent Zelda comic. I also made a bunch of little touch ups here and there that I'm sure no one will notice ;)

    06-10-03: 75 new images added to the gallery! They're all from an old Legend of Zelda Japanese guide, I've never seen them on a website before, and they're very cute! I did not add the item illustrations from this guide, but I might do that in the future. There are more images on the way thanks to Mak and Kayak, and a few random ones from my new guides. I'll try to have them posted in the next few days, time permitting. I also added some new links below, be sure to check them out!

    06-08-03: I've really been working hard on editing images from one of my Japanese guides so I could add them to the site. After a few days, and now that it just hit 4 in the morning, I'm finally finished. I will be adding them all to the gallery soon, but for right now you can see some of them in the quest section here and here. Because I now have them up I'm hoping to be able to finish the enemy, character, and map section for Legend of Zelda.

    06-07-03: I added new links and put some of the old links in their places in the links section. Plus, if you ask me to link to my site, please give a link back to mine from yours. Many of the places that have written to me, requesting that I link to them, have not retured the favor. I don't really mind, but it would just seem nice ;( I also added more fan art! You can find new art for: Annie, Edwin Aguila, Kimya, and Nem! Plus, 7 new wallpapers: two are submitted from other people, five are one's I made from my doujinshi.

    06-04-03: I updated my want list, I added a few images to the gallery -some are just better images of one that were already there, and I worked on the Adventure of Link Enemy Page a bit. Sorry for the slow updates, I've been really busy. And if you haven't already, check out the message board! I'm there a lot -in fact, it's the best way to reach me since I'm not great about checking my mail,- so if you'd like to chat or have questions about anything, you can find me and many other cool people there! Next update I'm going to try to get the new links and fan art added. Check back for that stuff in the near future!

    The Wind Waker: You MUST read this note before you write me about this game, if you don't there is a chance your message will be deleted before I read it.

    Attn: AoL users -message board problems: If you use AoL as your browser, you may have a hard time using the message board. I've gotten a few e-mails from people that say they get an "invalid_session" screen when they try to register. I checked out the phpBB (they made the message board) support forum and came up with this: click here to read. Unfortunately, it seems there isn't much I can do about it ;_;.. So I made it so you don't have to register to talk in Chit Chat and Art Discussion I hope that helps some. But, to keep spam out of the Fan Art section -and to protect the artists feelings, I've kept that to registered users only. Sorry guys! I hope you'll all still post even if you're unregistered.

  • 05-23-03: Chapter 6 of the Oracle of Seasons Manga has been added! Enjoy! If my site goes down for a day or two this weekend, it's because I'm switching bank accounts at the same time my bills are due (my timing sucks!) and I still haven't gotten my new credit card yet, no worries, it wouldn't be offline long, I should have my new card by Tuesday at least. Also, once again, I haven't checked my e-mail in a while, sorry, I'll try to get to it soon!
  • May 22, 2003: Happy Birthday! History of Hyrule is 1 year old!

    ::visitors to date: 32,500 unique hits::

    Wow, it seems really crazy to me that a year has already passed! I guess all I can say is thank you! So many people have helped me out with this site, and I've met so many other cool people along the way, that History of Hyrule has become a really joyous part of my life. Thank you all and I hope to have double the cool stuff posted here by next year ^_^

    05-20-03: I took the illustrations from one of my Japanese Zelda novels and made a wallpaper from it, also, spurred on by a suggestion, I added a background to the new 'A Link to the Past' Princess Zelda image and made another wallpaper for her. They're both in the multimedia section.

    05-19-03: I'm so happy to say that I got the illustrations from one of my Japanese Zelda novels posted! Please give them a look, I really love the drawings! The text from the 288 page book is all in Japanese so I will only be posting the drawings, unless of course, anyone feels like translating it for my site too, then maybe I would scan the whole book ;p

    05-18-03: I added pictures of the covers of my new doujinshi and guides. You can find the new stuff in the Manga and Game Info Section.

    05-17-03: I added some fan art today, and finally was able to get to my e-mail.. You can find new art for: Nem, a new artist here, MacX, Dale Davis, and Kitana. Please join the message board to talk about these cute works!

    05-16-03: I've been really busy with life, sorry for the slow updates and e-mail replies. Today I added chapter 5 of the Oracle of Seasons Manga. I also changed my "About Me" section a little bit.

    05-13-03: 42 new gallery images! Thank you Mak, Kayak, and Andrea! They sent me some great zelda art that I've just added to the gallery along with high-res scans of enemy art for The Adventure of Link and Soul Calibur 2. The new AoL art comes from an old Japanese guide, I've never seen it before in the US so I'm very happy to show it to you! I still need to figure out all their names though, so bare with me and forgive me for listing them numerically. Also, be sure to check out all the new fan art! If you have fan art, please send it to me by e-mail, and be sure to register on the message board so you can leave comments for all the great work already there.

    05-12-03: Thanks to Andrea I have added screen shots for all the Link to the Past heart container locations. I am currently working on updates for the gallery and be sure to check out all the new fan art! If you have fan art, please send it to me by e-mail, and be sure to register on the message board so you can leave comments for all the great work already there.

    05-10-03: Sorry for the wait! my computers power supply fried and I had to wait to get a new one before I could do anything! At the moment I have only had enough time to add more fan art. I lost some information on these some how, if you know something, please tell me.You will find new art for:

    04-29-03: Today I have posted yet another old zelda guide. This is a Japanese guide for the original Legend of Zelda. You can find it here. It's a very thorough guide and it has some cute little drawings in it. I hope to have all the new drawings added to the gallery soon.

  • 04-28-03: Yay! Chapter 4 of the Oracle of Seasons has been translated and posted.I love this chapter, it's the best yet, Link is so cute and heroic! I hope to have more updates later in the day.

    04-25-03: I got a lot of cool stuff in the mail the other day. Out of all the stuff, which consists of guides for the old games, Japanese text based novels for the Zelda series, and some doujinshi, the coolest thing is this old AoL guide. It has some neat artwork in it for the enemies and it has all their names. Since I've always been uncertain about what some of the bad guys are called in that game, this guide should help solve the mysteries. I scanned and edited all of it yesterday and you can find it posted here, and hopefully soon I'll be updating the Quest section and Gallery.

    04-21-03: Big day for updates! Chapter 3 of the oracle manga is finished! Don't say "Yay!" yet, because that's not the only good news. I also got chapter 2 of Link to the Past volume 3 up AND there are 4 new wallpapers for the new Link to the Past game. They are made with images sent to me by one of my friends and include Princess Zelda, Agahnim, and the Telepathic Plea image. They're pretty simple images because it still takes me forever to make nice wallpapers. Sorry about that, but I think you will enjoy them. I made a few minor changes here and there and I hope there will be more good stuff on the way soon!

    04-18-03: I've started adding volume 3 of the Link to the Past Manga. You can find it here. I added some new polls and put them on rotate and I felt like it had been a while since I added anything to the site so I scanned and uploaded a cute new doujinshi that I just got. It's called Secret Sheik, and you can find it here -in the manga section.

    04-16-03: I'm looking for new or old fan art, please send yours in, also check out the message board and leave a nice or constructive comment on the fan art there! I feel like it's been a while since I added anything to the site so I scanned and uploaded a cute new doujinshi I just got. It's called Secret Sheik, and you can find it here -in the manga section. I added a few more links and updated the credits section a little bit too.

    04-13-03: I worked on the link's section a littlle bit. Many of the links on this page have been moved there. I'm taking fan art, please send yours in -and I have also added new stuff. I also made a new little section that talks a little bit about manga and doujinshi. I thought it might be helpful. Other than that I just made a few touch ups here and there.

    04-11-03: I should have all the links updated soon, sorry about the delay, life's gotten me pretty worn down lately -no worries though. I'm also sorry I've been so slow about checking my mail, it's really piled up, I will answer everything as soon as I can. I've been busy working on a little something for this site: it's a new Forum, you know, a message board. It's just a little one, but I think it's a nice addition. I made it mainly so I can more easily post fan art and allow people to comment on the artwork. But I also made sections for chit chat and zelda discussion. Please go there and check it out, you'll find the link in the header for the main page and in the fan art section. Let me know if there are any problems that can't be taken care of with the FAQ for it and please send in your Fan Art!

    04-09-03: I know I haven't updated in a while, sorry guys! Well, at least this update will be a good one. Chapter 2 of the Oracle of Seasons manga is done and uploaded! Hope you enjoy it ;) Also, for all of those who have been asking me for Wind Waker Art I want to let you know that I've been spending the past week scanning and editing all the illustrations I could find for it. You won't find the stuff on my site though, yup, this site is about the first four games -except the cute OoT pic's of Link of course, he's too hot to leave out- But I've been sending the artwork to Zelda Headquarters, the webmaster already had a lot of great WW art so I figured I would add to his collection. I just sent him the first set, I have more to do so check back there from time to time.

    03-28-03: Making some minor changes once again mainly to the LttP map section. I have to reorganize the 30 gigs of material on my computer too because it's getting messy -so updates have been a little slow.

    03-25-03: Update number 2. Wow, it's been a crazy day! Some stuff happened and I still haven't has time to play The Wind Waker! I would like to announce a new affiliate. The Gaming Universe has been my hang out for a while now, so much so that I've become a moderator there. Be sure to stop by and perhaps you might like to join up so you can chat about games, life, art, and of course -zelda. Most of the webmasters from my other affiliates link's post there in the ZHQ part, so the zelda topics are normally very good. And not only do they have one of the best forums that I have ever been to but they are also a home for some really awesome game projects. These fan games have a lot of heart put into them and are based off of some of the best classics ever, like Zelda. So if you haven't been there, GO! And see what it's all about.

    If you didn't know The Wind Waker came out today. I picked up my copy, yes I bought it =_=; and I got a guide for the artwork too. I honestly don't think the concept artwork for this game is bad and I noticed that at www.zelda.com they have Wind Waker Wallpapers. Now, the colors of these were so bright they hurt my eyes and I noticed at least one 'window' was missing from the set, so I spent my night making better papers and not playing the game (like I wanted too play anyway ;p) So instead of six you will find 7 papers here 1 for each day of the week! I also added a OoT paper and Beno, who bought my extra copy of the LttP manga sent me an awesome wallpaper he made form some scans of it. Please look at all these new and great papers. Oh! One more note. I will be changing the WW papers to make them look little different than the Nintendo ones. I don't know when I'll do this but I want to add some of the extra art work from the game to them.

    03-23-03: I've was really busy this weekend so I couldn't get much done. I still have a bunch of e-mails to answer, but I did manage to get some headers completed for the last 4 doujinshi I added in the manga section. I also added the Japanese enemy descriptions to the LttP enemy's in the Quests section. I still have to add a lot of stuff there, but it's coming along.

    03-20-03: I've been really working on how I'm going to fix up the Quests Section. Go to the LttP enemy page here to see what I've been working on.

    03-17-03: Just added a few little things. Some links below, a few text touch ups and some new banners for my site in the links section. I also added more screen shots for SSBM.

    03-15-03: I'm touching up the Quests sections a bit more. Mostly thanks to Kayak, who sent me most of the sprites I needed to complete the Link to the Past Character Page. "Thank you so much for doing that!" Now almost all of the talking characters should be there. I intend on writing better descriptions for almost everything in the Quest section, including the characters and enemies, but please tell me if I missed anything, and please ignore any typing mistakes -I will try to eliminate those when I finish the section.

    I added something pretty cool but I'm going to have to ask you guys to take it easy on it first. I put up downloadable files for the guides for the first four games in the game info section. Some of these are huge and I'm already close to my bandwidth limit so only download them if you really want them and try to only do it once. I'm sorry if I sound a little snippy there, I just want to be careful with my bandwidth. I get charged more money if I go over my limit. Well, that's about all for today but I have more planned. Check back tomorrow.

    03-14-03: I added some pictures to the gallery today and also some pictures to my want list. Plus, after talking to a friend last night I decided I needed to buff up the quests and game info section even more. Right now you will find a few new little line drawings in the LttP map section. Some are on the main maps page and some are in the dungeon areas.

    03-13-03: More and more I'm getting e-mails that when I try to reply to them I get the mail returned. If I've missed a mail from you in the past few weeks, please try sending it again. Also, I'm sorry it took so long but I finaly got around to adding the new links. Please check out these sites! One more note for the day: I'm still making wallpapers and editing more pictures for the gallery. There should be another update soon.

    03-11-03: Last Chapter for volume 2 of the Link to the Past Manga added. I hope you guys like it and I will try to get volume 3 started as soon as possible. I am trying to make better looking wallpapers. Check out the Multimedia Section for new ones, as well as new one's I didn't make. I will try to have more updates today.

    Second Update: 2 new Ocarina of Time wallpapers added.

    03-09-03: Worked on the link's section a little more but I still have a lot to do. I added a great place to find maps of Link's Awakening until I have finished that part in the quests section. Added 60 screen captures from Super Smash Brothers Melee, I have about 500 more to go. If they seem odd it's because I'm adding them for drawing reference. So check out the Fan Art section for my idea. And um.. oh! Thanks for leaving such nice messages in my guest book! You guys are wonderful!

    Second update: Added some code so you can jump to sections in the gallery and links pages without having to scroll down. Also worked on the link's section more.

    Third update: Touched up the world sections layout, just for looks, also added a site where you can find some of the Majora's Mask Manga.

  • 03-06-03: Still majorly working on the link's section, tons of wonderful art links added and descriptions for a lot of sites. Should be more updates on it throughout the day.

    03-05-03: Things haven't been great for me lately so I've been working off the stress by working on my site. There are a couple of new things I've done. Besides working on the Seasons Manga, the links section, as promised, is finally getting an overhaul. If you have a site, a button, correction, or some info to add, now would be a good time to e-mail me anything you'd like me to add. It may be lacking some info now, but like I said, I'm working on it. I added a new and better looking guest book. I couldn't add the old entries to it but I didn't want to loose them so I put them in the extras section under 'stuff'. I also added new headers for the oracle of seasons and ages manga. Everything is still the same -except I fixed some html on the seasons page navigation, I just hope they look better than before. I have more images to add to the gallery and I want to add a new feature to the fan art section. Basically I'm taking a billion screen shots from SSBM that feature Link and Zelda in many poses. Why you ask? I'm doing it in a way that will make for good drawing reference. So if you're having a hard time with a pose in some fan art you can see what it would look like. Um, ..like having them as figure models! Because of this I was thinking of adding a small message board and use it for talking about art and letting everyone post their drawings there. Since It's hard for me to update my fan art section with all the media I want to add I think this would be a cool way to make up for that. Ah, what do you guys think?

    03-01-03: Just had time to change the layout back. There might not be updates for a while. One of my pets is very ill, so right now I'm focused on finding her a good vet. Be sure to check out a great new Zelda fan comic though: Independent Zelda. It just started but it looks like it will be awesome!

    02-22-03: Be sure to check out the wonderful new zelda fan comic: Independent Zelda. It just started but it looks like it will be great! I also I added a little bit to the quests section.

    02-20-03: So I've been gone a while, I got sick - again, but I did manage to get some work done. I have 4 new doujinshi's posted and some covers for other ones. I'd also like to announce that today a new Zelda Fan Comic made it's debut. It looks like it's going to be awesome. One more note, I've been a little burnt out because of some stuff that's happened so I haven't been maintaining my site like I usually am able to do. I have a lot of fan stuff and links to post but it might be a little while longer before I can do it, I'm sorry about this, I hope you all can understand and bear with me.

    02-11-03: Well, it's still not finished but I got a lot of the item descriptions added for Link's Awakening. But I feel like drawing now so I'm taking a break from the site ^_^

    02-10-03: Wow, the manga section is really starting to fill up. Today I added a doujinshi called "Love Navigation 2" and I just got the 5th chapter to the LttP manga up. Enjoy!

    02-08-03: I added a new doujinshi that was scanned and sent in by L. Roy. It's called A Red Rose in Hyrule and it's so cute! Thank you so much for sending it to me! You can find it in the manga section or go here.

    02-05-03: I added the next chapter of the Link to the Past Manga, but I also have some other good news:

    • Tokyo Pop, a major publisher of manga in America is taking a survey to see what manga series we would like to have translated and published by them: survey. This isn't like some on-line petition, it's the actual publisher asking for your ideas. Go there and tell them you'd like to see The Legend of Zelda manga by Akira Himegawa. There are three fields for you choices so I did this: #1 The legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time by Akira Himegawa #2 The Legend of Zelda: The Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages by Akira Himegawa and #3 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask by Akira Himegawa. Of course there are other great manga's that exist, so even zelda in one of the fields would make me happy if you had something else you would like to vote for. The Ataru Cagiva one's would be cute too.. but if you would go there and vote, even if you don't care that much -do it for me, maybe they might realize that this manga exists and that there are people who want to own it. I would be so thankful if you did this and so would many other fans.
    • I've also been made a moderator at the Gaming Universe forums. Some really awesome people hang out there, come over and post! ^_^ I'm watching over the art section so post some of your stuff there and we'll talk about it.

    02-03-03: I made a few changes yesterday to the quest section, I found out I messed up on the heart and shell maps and I added 3 screen shot maps, I'm really going to be working on the Link's Awakening section this week. I want to finish the quest section asap, but I still have so much to do! Don't worry, more manga on the way. I just need a few more days. ^_^ I also have a new affiliate, I'm sure you've been to this site before, but if you haven't you MUST go check it out. Be sure to look in all the tucked away corners of the site to find some amazing things, like Japanese manual comparisons and a German zelda comic that has just been translated into English. Go there: Legends of Zelda.

    02-02-03: I worked for a long time after the second update yesterday on the Quests section. I cleaned it up a bit since I decided it was too ugly and I added stuff for Link's Awakening that includes the trading game info, sea shells, and hearts. I added a bit more in the Link to the Past's item section and I plan on adding the items and more characters for Link's Awakening next.

    02-01-03: Happy Chinese New Year! It's the year 4700 by Chinese calendar. It's the year of the goat right? Well, it should be because I was born in the year of the goat and I'm going to be 24 this month. ^_^ Please check out all the new links, especially peorth.com.ar there's a great Link paper there (among other great wallpapers) and for all you Zelda fans you might just recognize the webmistress `_^. Well, to celebrate I got another chapter of Link to the Past up in my manga section, and I was added to the new links on Anipike and reached the 10000 hit mark! (that's using cookies too so it means those are unique hits!) Happy Day! There may be more updates today, so check back tomorrow at least. 2nd update for the day: Added the items and magic for Zelda 2 and LttP over in the Quests section.

    01-30-03: I made a February layout for the main page, I hope you all think it's cute! I was going to make a winter one with Link in a santa outfit, minus the beard, but I got too busy. I hope to be able to do this every month. I added a new page in the Stuff Section about the Hylian Language. This will have more added to it shortly, but if you just have to know more head over to IGN and check out their Wind Waker articles.

    01-29-03: I tried to get some stuff done today. I added some fan art, although I need to re-think the layout of that page so forgive me for how it looks now. I added some more images of random doujinshi. Thanks to all of you who sent that in to me. I added a few submitted wallpapers, please check them out. And the other day I actually updated the quests section with the Legend of Zelda item descriptions and locations. I added some random gif from a new site I just learned about. Please visit him.

    01-26-03: Uploaded chapter two of the Link to the Past Manga. That's all I had time to do for now. Hopefully I'll be able to do more later tonight.

    01-24-03: Found out my email wsn't working, there will be a notice on the front page until it's fixed, also put a tad more in the News Section. I decided to post the first chapter to the Link to the Past 4 Koma that I had on my other site. You will find that in the manga section. That's all for now, take care!

    01-23-03: I just had to add my doujinshi "Love Navigation" please check it out!

    01-21-03: Wow, sorry it's been so long. The Holidays were very strange for me. I didn't have any time at all to work on my site. That should change now and I have a new vigor to really get stuff done here!

    • Please forgive me if I missed something I was supposed to add. I plan on updating all week. I know I dind't get to some of the things that were sent to me. I promise they will be up soon. I haven't had time to check my to do list and email.
    • Might have some good news. I was contacted by some one who said they will translate Oracle of Seasons. I've been away and haven't been able to write them back in a while so lets hope they are still interested!
    • About 97 New pictures added to the illustration gallery. These include the new illustrations for A Link to the Past, all the cute pictures of Link I could find from Ocarina of Time (I really think adult Link is cute, so you will only find drawings of him here ^_^), some illustrations from The Legend of Zelda and Adventure of Link that were left out in the American booklet, some neat little random pictures, and well, you get the point ^_~
    • I made some nice new menus and things, more in the way when I have time `_^
    • I moved some of the sections around because I'm going to be making some minor changes. You will find a lot of the moved things in the extras/stuff section.
    • I got a lot of Manga and Doujinshi over the break so I added the covers and information on those.
    • A Link to the Past won the vote for the Manga I should add next so you will see chapter 1 in the manga section. If you wanted Majora's Mask don't worry, by the time I would be able to do Majora's Mask Annie would basically be back, and trust me, it will be much cooler on her site. Don't worry if you voted for it. I'm sure you'll get to see it sooner or later.
    • I have a new computer that is very much like a media station so I will be able to take screen caputers from the games now. Can't wait to get cute pictures of Link from Super Smash Bros. Melee.

    12-23-02: Found some time tonight to update the link's section just a little bit. I added a lot in the sections other than zelda but if I missed your site please let me know. I also lost the url's for some of the buttons, argh... p.s. I opted to take down the x manga seeing as how you can buy it very easily from the artist still. Go to the manga section to find out where.

    12-21-02: I am so sorry, I have been so incredibly busy with things this month that I haven't gotten to work on my site at all! I did get some things scanned and cut out for my gallery section, but I don't have time to update that section... -_-. I did find just enough time over the past two weeks to slap on some different color backgrounds and make wallpapers out of the new Link to the Past artwork but that took a pitifully little amount of time! I swear I will get the Links, Manga, and Fan art section updated, infact I have stuff to update almost all the sections with, just not the time. Forgive me for a little longer -I'm so sorry!!!!

    12-02-02: I added the new Doujinshi I just got today. It's called "Wake up your mind's 'Jesus". I think it's very pretty so please check it out. Updates will be scarce this month because I'm broke so I have to make paintings for people's Christmas presents, which will take me forever, but hopefully I can add stuff to the site from time to time. I won't neglect it, but I've been updating almost every day, that pace is hard to keep ^_~ Oh, I got my new email address working so I changed all the links. It's now melora@melorasworld.com, but I still get email with all my past addresses like hylianmelora@aol.com and meloras_crap@hotmail.com, so don't worry.

    11-30-02: Tweaked a bunch of stuff in the Extras section. Hopefully you think it looks better. I added a small section for news to get it off the front page. I changed the "stuff" section a lot. Rearranged a little bit too. Placed one of the images in the doujinshi section that I was not sure about, it turned out to be from the doujinshi "because" and I also placed a image on the 4 Koma section diffrently.

    11-29-02: Added a new cute Wallpaper of Link. It's from the 4 Koma, Ocarina of Time. I had to scan it t 1200dpi to get it large enough. I just really, really liked this picture of Link.

    11-28-02: Added a whole lot to the doujinshi section, called other doujinshi please check it out. Also got page 145 of the Ages manga posted. Sorry I missed that, and thanks MacX for the tip ^_^

    11-26-02: More fan art added, more on the way ^_^ Also made and added a new wallpaper of the Oracle of Seasons Link in a fighting pose.

    11-25-02: Finished the Oracle of Ages! Enjoy! Also made a new Wallpaper from the Ocarina of Time Manga.I hope you like it. Touched up the news with links.

    11-22-02: Added chapters 3, 4, and 5 to the Oracle of Ages Manga

    11-21-02: Added chapter 2 to the Oracle of Ages

    11-18-02: Added some screen shots for a link to the past in the gallery and to "the legend continues..." in the legends section.

    11-17-02: Started to change the Manga section and I added X volume 2. Please check it out. //Okay it's later in the day. I've added X volume 3 and the first chapter of Oracle of Ages.

    11-16-02: Finished the Oracle of Seasons Manga. Wow, sorry that took so long but I'm getting better at doing it quickly so hopefully I can get Oracle of Ages up quicker. But before I do that I have a few other little things to work on for this site. New guest book coming soon, I'm still tweaking it.

    11-10-02: Added a Zelda Doujinshi to the Manga section. It was sent to me by Ravidouk@yahoo.co.uk. Please check it out. I've been sick for a week so I haven't been able to get much done but I did finally get www.historyofhyrule.com to point to this new address.

    11-05-02: New Web host and Home for my site! www.melorasworld.com/zelda is where it is officially at but you can still find it by going to www.historyofhyrule.com. www.angelfire.com/games4/melora will have a redirection link to the new place.

    • Zelda Manga will now be a part of this site. Find it in the Manga Section, which will all be re-done to look fabulous!
    • A HUGE THANK YOU TO DAVID! He scanned and sent in his Zelda Doujinshi! I will be adding that to the Manga section hopefully in the next few days.
    • My Zelda Multimedia site is here! Find great Wallpapers and Avatars here for you to use!
    • Added a ton of info to the Quests Section. I will be updating that like crazy so it will be ready for the release of A Link to the Past and the Four Swords.
    • Link Links Links. More added and more to come. I will be tweaking that section as always!
    • Check out my Sketches at Melora's World. I want to know what you think!
    • I'm staff at the New Zelda Headquarters so I've been helping out the Webmaster there, TSA, a bit. Ganon's Tower and Zelda Portal are also associated with that site and I have lent a lot of my content to them. In return hopefully I will get some nice little things for my site, some help, and a few more hits due to the Affiliation.
    • Check out some of the new sites on the Links page:
    • May have to change Guest Books, but I will now include all my guest books in one place. I may also have to find another site search engine.
    • Signed up for Oni Net but haven't heard back
    • I will be taking fan art submissions now! It might be a while before I can post them but I'd love to get them as soon as possible. I love Fan Art. It's so inspiring! Check out what I have so far.

    11-01-02: In preperation for A Link to the Past's re-release I'm geting the site ready to move to a diffrent host. When that happens my multimedia site and Kinki Link's, my manga site, will be a part of History of Hyrule. That means no more pop-up. So right now I'm tweaking files and getting everything put together to make it eaiser to move. I'll be able to add more stuff like fan art and tons o' manga.

    10-30-02: Added Faeries and Hearts for Link to the Past in the Quest section.

    10-27-02: Added a lot of links. I'm working on adding a lot of info to the Quests section. I would like to have the Link to the Past section finished by the time the game is released. I'm also thinking of getting hosted somewhere else so I can have all my manga and wallpapers on this site. Oh! I also got the last two Ataru Cagiva Link to the Past Manga that I was looking for! Yay!

    10-14-02: Ganon's Tower has helped me out, and they're my new affiliate! Looks like I've also sold my Link to the Past comic so as soon as it's gone I'll remove it from the sale page. I finished the main pages look, for now at least. I'm still not happy that the color doesn't flow with the colors on my site. Oh well. More updates coming at least by next weekend. I have 2 birthdays to do paintings for this month =_=. I will be busy! I want to add the item and character descriptions and I also have a cool idea for the maps section but it might take me a while to tweak. What is it? Hehehe...it's my secret. I'm also going to put more pictures in the game information section and add more to the manga section. Check out my manga page for the covers to all the manga I have.

    10-13-02: Added some fanart, links, enemy descriptions, site search, and cleaned up a few things.

    10-11-02: Wow, big day. I got a real domain name. I am now offically 'www.historyofhyrule.com' I also got rid of the pop-up on angelfire by upgrading my account which allows more bandwith so I won't go over the limit (as much:) and should be adding a site search. I also added ALL of the Legend of Zelda 1 booklet pictures. I can't belive I got that all done. I will be adding a ton of little things over the weekend. Please check it all out this monday!

    10-06-02: Fixed a lot of images in the gallery so they don't have a halo, and some are smaller so I have more space for other things. It's hard only working with 20mb. Front page is getting redone now that I've decided on the look and I'm going to add some more links and LoZ stuff now that I've found the booklet.

    09-29-02: Wohoo! My computer is working! It's reformatted and happy! Adding a lot of little things to the site like credits, some little nice images, and fixing the text mistakes. You know, just spring cleaning. I got 3 presents. A blinkie from Kchan, an animated gif from Dark Link, and some great fan artwork from Tai Rivas. Also adding fan art from Michelle, because she's really great. Well, check around and enjoy. Oh! I have a scanner now. Should have some awesome stuff added soon!!

    09-21-02: Good Lord! The problems never stop! My computer is slowly dying. I guess that's what happens when your still using your college computer from 5 years ago with a 400mhz processor that's been fried by Florida lighting twice. Okay, so now not only have I lost my scanner but adobe golive stopped working on me and won't even work if I reinstall it. Looks like it's time to reformat or just bust out the savings for a new computer. Did I tell you my cd burner died the night before I moved and messed up the drivers in my computer? I'm really sorry guys. I'll try to do as much as I can with simple html (which I have no idea how to use) until I can fix this, pray I don't loose all my stored archives of zelda stuff when my computer finally gives it's death rattle and I promise you some super stuff when I get it up and running. Perhaps an illustrated world section? ... humm give me some ideas of what you'd like to see next. Take care, Lots of love, -Melora..p.s. I added a ton of great links, be sure to check them out!

    09-19-02: Wow! I finally have my computer set up. I just got cable and the internet today, YAY! I missed the web. It took me long enough! Well I'm done moving, ...pretty much ;p My scanner broke, so I can't update too much... but I can still work on the site from home -__- The move went pretty well, almost nothing was broken and nothing was lost. My budgie caught a cold though and it only took 2 months to get my new place and all my stuff, ugh, moving sucks!! I'm sorry if anyone tried to contact me, I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience! -Melora

    AH! Ultimate sadness! Hyrule.com.ar has closed it's doors!!! This was my favorite of all zelda sites. But it seems they've had an endless supply of trouble trying to stay hosted. I understand what a pain that must of been... but still... I will really miss it and the great job they did on everything. Goodbye guys, and thanks for all the great work you did.

    06-24-02: Added a few pictures to the game info section. I have more, but I just found out I might be moving soon so updates will probably be scarce for about 2 months. yay. Take care ya'll!

    06-20-02: There's a whole bunch of wall papers and avatars added to my multimedia page. be sure to check them out. I've also added a way for you to post weblinks with out emailing me, and I added chapter 2 to the oracle manga.

    06-19-02: I've got my multimedia section up, or should I say mutlimedia site. I don't have room here so I made a seperate page ^_^ Right now I have a bunch of avatars (the pictures you have next to your name on messageboards) and 2 wall papers I made with din and naryu. More coming soon! Enjoy!!

    06-14-02: Things are going slow right now. There's a lot of stuff I have planned to add to this site. Life's just hectic for me right now, sorry. It will get here sooner or later. I added a lot more new images to the manga section. My new Zelda manga site is open, be sure to check it out and tell me what I should post there next.

    06-08-02: added 2 pieces of fan art and added some ISBN's to the manga page. I've been scanning my manga so updates will be scarce ^_^

    05-30-02: added some stuff to the fan art section. Some of it's mine, some of it is Jey's. He's an amazing artist so I'm sure you'll like it!

    05-25-02: added some pictures and info to the manga section and updated my want list. If you have any info or pics. on the Ataru Cagiva Zelda manga, please tell me! Also added elfwood to links page.

    I didn't want to bog up the front page with a ton of updates, so I'm putting them all here, for those who care to look at them.

    There's a lot more stuff I'm going to be adding to this site in the future. For example: Artwork from Zelda 64, and A whole section with details on the world of Hyrule. If you visit this site from time to time and you want to know what's new, check here.