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I scanned almost all of these! It took absolutely forever! Be polite, don't use them to fill up your sites image arcives! If you want them, do what I did. Buy the books and games, scan them, color correct them, resize them, and post them. Don't want to do that? Still want to use a few? E-mail me and ask, no problem. And please don't forget to give me credit if you do use them. I didn't want to put stamps on them because that detracts from the looks of the image so please, I'm trusting you to be honorable and polite.

Pictures from "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" Nintendo Player's Guide.

Pictures from "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" Instruction Booklet

Other Images

Pictures from "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Remake" Booket.

Pictures from "The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening" Nintendo Players Guide

Pictures from "The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening" Instruction Booklet

Other Images

Pictures from "The Legend of Zelda" Instruction Booklet and Tips and Tactics guide

Other Images

Pictures from "Zelda II: Adventure of Link" Instruction Booklet and Players Guide

The Legend of Zelda: "The Ocarina of Time" (cute pictures of Adult Link only)

Random Cool Pictures from Various Sources and Series:

More Cool Random Pictures:

Manga Illustrations are in the Extra's Section

Want List for Zelda Artwork: Have you noticed if I'm missing any art work from the games I have listed? I know I am because I know I have seen other stuff. I really would love to have these images and anythnig you've noticed isn't here. These are some of the things I am sure I am missing, but if there's more and you can help me out, send it my way:

  • LttP: Zelda in her royal outfit from the old artwork, not a blue school uniform. I know the image is on the back of the Famicom box. I'd love a great copy of this, or at least, much better than the one I have.
  • LttP (remake): Capcom artwork, not the old artwork. I saw these images on the Japanese website and they are not in any of the American guides I have found: Ball and chain trooper and Zelda standing -but in her blue dress, not the princess outfit.
  • LoZ: See the illustration of Hyrule behind Link? I want this so badly!
  • Nintendo Power Art: There are a few things from Nintendo Power Magazine that I've never seen before, if there is something you have in one of your NP's that I don't have on this site, like this for example: Ganon 1, Would you please send me high-res scans of it?
  • I'm searching for art of Gooma from Adventure of Link- I've never found a single official or semi-official work. Nintendo Power art will do if there is any!

A Note: I love art, so the pictures from the players guide really helped add a lot of depth to the series for me. If you're a fan artist I hope these can become a resource for you as well. I put *'s by some of my favorites ;p

Asking permission to use something on this page? Read below:

For things I've scanned, email me here: In your email, please be sure to include either the image names, a direct link to the url of the images, or a very good description of exactly what you would like to use.You may use anything of mine that does not have (exclusive) next to it. Exclusive means I would like to keep the image to just on this site for the time being. The main reason for this would be that I paid a lot to get the images and I'd like it if the people who came here knew they'd be seeing something they haven't seen elsewhere. I don't do this with a lot of things so please understand and please don't ask me about them. (I might make exceptions if it's for something really cool though) Also, do not ask me to use a whole lot of images. I will be happy to let you use all the item images from one or two games, or all the enemies from one or two games, or all the images of one of the characters, but if you ask to use too many things it kind of takes away the point of me having a site. All I ask is that you tell people, on your site, where you got the images and that you give a link back to History of Hyrule. If you want to use something for an avatar or signature (for like a forum or live journal type of thing,) you don't have to ask me -that's something really small, so I don't mind either way. But you do have to ask me for anything else. "Why?" Because I'm saying "Please" ... and because It makes me happy when people are polite. I really respect that and I'll be sure to link back to your site too.

To use something given to me by another person, (this is indicated by a "thanks to so-and-so" next to the link to the image) you will have to email them directly, I can't give you permission for something that isn't mine. Here's the list I should keep updated: (tell me if a link is broken please)

Mak of The Adventure of Hyrule

Davogones of Legends of Zelda

Warlock (I have to go look it up)

Kayak (Hhykl) of VGRhapsody

Ravidouk (I have to go look it up)

Andrea of

Chris Olson

Shin Zeruda Hime of Zelda Love

Eek! I got some of the pictures mixed up! Too much trouble to change so I'll just explain. The pictures : battle, final duel, home of the triforce, impa, link and impa, magic, swords new owner, and silver arrow are all actually in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening players guide not The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past player's guide. Sorry ;p

Once again: PLEASE don't rip me off. Don't make a site with all my images posted all over it. After all, it would be kind of pointless for me to have a site if you just recreate it else where. If you want to use some images, sure, that's fine. I wont mind, just write me please, don't be rude. Like I said, I spent a TON of time scanning all of the pictures in. All I ask for is some common courtesy. I know most of you out there understand this, so back me up ;p\