Lots of amazing things happen in the springs Link finds here and there. The fairies will give Link a whole new supply of LIFE hearts. These arn't the only secrets to be found!
The entrances to the underground labyrinths are hidden all over the place. There are also some entrances that are really hard to find. Nethertheless, somewhere you'll be able to find hints on how to solve these riddles. And once Link's found a labyrinth, he'll always get an item of trasure.

Carry a weapons such as boomerangs etc. to match the enemy. This way Link can proceed with the fight more effectively. The skill to switch over quickly to the treasure select screen and swiftly take out treasures is really important. If you've got this skill, Link will be able to win through to the end

The labyrinth Level display is important. It shows Link the way. If Link does not fight in teh right level order, he might meet a miserable end at the end of the labyrinth. Don't rush foward too fast! It's dangerous.