Lots of riddles are hidden in the underground labyrinths. Once Link's found the map and compass, he can go foward checking each of the passageways one by one. Walk around and find all the rooms. For this, Link will have to increase his possessions a lot.

In the underground labyrinths, Link will come across some doors that will close behind him once he's passed through them. Yet, there's always a way of opening them and escaping. Even if Link's closed in on all sides he's not allowed to give up. Try anything to get out!

Link's going to have a difficult time trying to destroy Ganon. He's real mean. But even Ganon has his weal point. Some friendly character in the game is sure to tell Link about it.

Link has destroyed Ganon, and has managed to rescue princess Zelda. Now that he's got ahold of the two Triforces, he once again goes off on his travels, making his way towards countries unknown... Who knows what the future holds for Link?