Hyrulean Odyssey

Legendary Hyrule

Long ago and far away there lived a magical people called the Hyleans. their magic lit up the land with wonders, but they were doomed to dwindle over the years. In time, only a few people in the land of Hyrule could be called Hyleans, and their magic was only a shadow of what it once had been. In that weaker age, an object called the Triforce held much of the land's power. When the king of thieves, Gannondorf, stole the Triforce, a new dark world was opened.

Although few true Hyleans lived in Hyrule in later days, their great works remained--soaring towers, cunning mazes, and magical weapons and tools, which were scattered, fought over, and eventually lost from knowledge. The simple Hyruleans, who now peopled the land, had no magic of their own, and so, in times of need, they waited for heros of Hylean blood to step forth.