The Creation of Hyrule

According to the Hylian scrolls, the mythical gods descended from a distant nebula to the world that was and created order and life. The God of Power dyed the mountains red with fire and created the land. The God of Wisdom created science and wizardry and brought order to the land. And the God of Courage, through justice and vigor, created life- the animals that crawl on the land and the birds that soar in the sky. After the gods had finished their work, they left the world, but not before creating a symbol of their strength, a golden triangle known as the Triforce. A small but powerful portion of the essence of the gods was held in this mighty artifact, which was to guide the intelligent life on the world of Hyrule.

Although it was an inanimate object, the Triforce had the power to bestow three titles which gave the person who received them great powers: The Forger of Strength, The Keeper of Knowledge, and The Juror of Courage. From its hiding place in the so-called Golden Land where the gods placed it, The Triforce beckoned people from the outside world to seek it in the hope that someone worthy of these titles would find it.

With their magic infused blood, the Hylian people were endowed with psychic powers and skills in wizardry. It was also said that their long, pointed ears enabled them to hear special messages from the gods, so they were held in high esteem by many people in Hyrule. Their descendants settled in various parts of the world and passed on their knowledge and magical lore to all people. But in it's passing, the lore was often distorted or lost all together.