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Here you will find an extremely extensive collection of material from the first four Zelda games. It consists of the official artwork, legends, creatures, and people of Hyrule. There are also many special things like manga and unique multimedia. Look to this site as your source for the History of Hyrule.

I made this page so newcomers to the Zelda saga can look back and see all the history and beauty contained in the first games and so people who have loved the series since it was released can remember all the things they hold dear. So, please tell me what you think of this site in my guest book, your opinion is important to me, thanks!

Raven says, "You know you think I'm sexy, go on kiss the screen, I won't tell any one." Yup, there's more great surprises! The picture says it all! Annie from Zelda no Densetsu and I have been working on translating and editing the Oracle of Seasons manga. Right now we have chapter 1 and 2 finished, I hope you enjoy them. I uploaded chapter 2 on the 9th of April, and the series keeps getting cuter, so I think you'll like it! Also, I would like to note that Annie finished translating the rest of Majora's Mask so you can find it on her site now!
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I made this one to complete the set

New and great papers added to the Multimedia Section, some are even for The Wind Waker -_-;

Right now I haven't had time to update the Fan Art Section. You can still send it in but I don't know when I can post it.

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I LOVE this picture!

PLEASE DO THIS FOR ME: Tokyo Pop, a major publisher of manga in America is taking a survey to see what manga series we would like to have translated and published by them: survey. This isn't like some on-line petition, it's the actual publisher asking for your ideas. Go there and tell them you'd like to see The Legend of Zelda manga by Akira Himegawa. There are three fields for you choices so I did this: #1 The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time by Akira Himegawa #2 The Legend of Zelda: The Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages by Akira Himegawa and #3 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask by Akira Himegawa. Of course there are other great manga's that exist, so even zelda in one of the fields would make me happy if you had something else you would like to vote for. If you would go there and vote, even if you don't care that much -do it for me, maybe then someone might realize that this manga exists and that there are people who want to own it. I would be so thankful if you did this and so would many other fans.

Read: About this site if you would like to know it's reasons for existing.

If you have anything you'd like me to add, tell me about it. I'll give you full credit for it of course :) -I am trying to keep this page limited to the first 4 games, but if you have some really nice pictures from any of the games (or other forms of media), I'd love to see them. I'd really love to find some more Zelda manga, I know it's out there, tell me if you have something I don't or know where I can find it, please!! Also, please remember that Nintendo holds the copyright (c) to all Zelda games, merchandise, or products. Please, check out my credits page for more info.

PLEASE, don't use material off my site for your page, I put a lot of time into this site. If you just re-create it else where, my hard work would have been kind of pointless. I scanned most of the images myself. -it took forever, but I wanted to get good quality pictures. If I borrowed something from someone else's page, I was sure to get permission and give them credit. You'll see that noted on the individual pages. If you want to use an image, just email me, I more than likely won't mind. But don't rip me off, that's just plain rude. I didn't want to put a stamp on every picture because that would detract from its looks and go against the point of my site. In other words, I'm trusting you to be honorable and polite...

The United Zelda Alliance is a great example of this. You should check them out. They make a really good point and I'm glad to be a member.

Also, if you just have some negative comment, keep it to yourself. :p If you write trying to convince me the new Zelda game will be good so I should have it's stuff posted here, you won't sway me ;) I'm a hardcore video game demi-goddess so I don't take such matters lightly. The first game I ever loved was Legend of Zelda, so chances are, you won't change my mind about anything, the games have to speak for themselves. It's a dark, enchanting series, and will always have a place in my heart. ;p take care,

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