In the cool dark depths of this hollow tree you will fight through the level of the Eagle. Was this now dead island once a roost to such a majestic bird? Was the labyrinth built to honor it?
The Boss: Aquamentus
A type of dragon that some call a unicorn. As well as having lots of attacking power, it's a fearful opponent. It emits mean beams. Aquamentus can be easily defeated with the Bow and Arrow, but the Wooden Sword or Bombs are also quite effective. When attacking, aim for his horn.
The Entrance:
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What will you need? Who will you fight? Find out here. Below is the information for enemies and items for this level. coming soon.
Enemies: Items:
The Item: Bow
Link can use this only if he has both the Bow and an Arrow. For each Arrow Link shoots, he looses one Ruby. Oh, by the way, there are some enemies that can be disposed of using only the Bow and Arrow. So be alert!

Find the Bow: From the beginning of Level One, go up five screens, and left one. Destroy all of the enemies in this room to obtain the Bow.