Climb to the heights of Hyrule's green Eastern region to find level two. Crawling with cobra-like Ropes you must battle your way through the blue light of the Moon.
The Boss: Dodongo
This ancient creature, rhinoceros like in appearance, makes it's home as guardian of the second level. Dodongo may not be the strongest creature but his tough hide makes him nearly invulnerable to all attacks.. save one. You must place a bomb in front of his mouth. This method will allow you to destroy him from within.
The Entrance:
Click below to enter...
What will you need? Who will you fight? Find out here. Below is the information for enemies and items for this level. coming soon.
The Item: Magical Boomerang
Link can use this to inflict damage on weak enemies. He can also stop most of the enemies in their tracks if he throws the boomerang on target. The Magical Boomerang flies further than the Wooden Boomerang.

Find the Magical Boomerang: From the beginning of Level Two, go right one screen, up three and right one. Destroy every last enemy in the room to make the Magic Boomerang appear.