The Eastern Palace

Twin Gargoyle's heads, carved in stone, adorned the courtyard at the Eastern Palace entrance. Cool and stark inside, the palace first appeared to be deserted, but then skeletons materialized and sleeping giants awoke to charge intruders. The Bow was discovered in a chest there. Link used the Bow and Arrows to defeat the giant Armos Knights and get the Pendent they held.

First Floor

Second Floor

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Mysterious Messages
Sahasrahla again communicated with Link in the Eastern Palace. Because he held special Hylian Powers, Link had only to touch a Telepathy Tile to hear the Elder's message.
An Archers Skill
Link later became known as the most skilled archer in all of Hyrule, and historians belive thet he found and first used the Bow and Arrow in the Eastern Palace. They were the most effective weapons to use against the fierce Armos Knights and several other enemies.