To the Top of The Tower

The multi-leveled Tower of Hera was an intimidating structure that had many block barriers controlled by Crystal Switches. It also had Star Tiles that suddenly changed the floor plans, sometimes creating pits that claimed many intruders. From the grand foyer, a stairway on the left led down, another on the right led up to the Third Floor and beyond. The huge Moldorm, which was not fond of guests, occupied the entire Sixth Floor.

The Massive Tower of Hera
The entrance to the Tower of Hera lead to the second floor, an interesting architectural feature which perhaps aided its ancient inhabitants in defending the structure from attack. Standing six stories tall, the Tower of Hera dominated the mountain region. It was built in traditional Hyrulian style, with a brick facade, carved stone pillars and elaborate marble tile. Because the stone and marble were hand-quarried by Hyrulian miners, it took many years to finsh the building. The giant, worm like Moldorm was king of the Tower of Hera. The beast was ever eager to prove it's mastery by hurling any who challenged it down from the precarious platform on the sixth floor.

First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor
Fourth Floor
Fifth Floor
Sixth Floor

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The Mysterious Moon Pearl
Legends told of a magic Moon Pearl that let people retain their human form in the Dark World. There were many tales about the location of the pearl, and one of the most persistently retold was that it lay in a chest somewhere in the Tower of Hera. Sahasrahla sent Link a telepathic message urging him to find the famous pearl.
Unexpected Pitfalls
The floors in the Tower of Hera were riddled with holes, and people who fell into them disappeared from sight and landed somewhere in the tower. Some even reported falling several floors and finding Faeries in a room that was completely sealed off, and others deliberately jumped into the pits to land in places that they could reach no other way. Stepping on Star Tiles was known to change the positions of some pits.
Mystic Crystal Switches
Blue and gold Crystal Switches were found in several Hyrulian palaces, and the Tower of Hera was no exception.The beautiful switches were the key to raising and lowering the blue and orange Switch Fences that popped up in places. No one knew exactly how they worked, but when people struck a Blue Crystal Switch, all of the blue Switch Fences fell and the gold ones rose; when they struck a gold switch, the Gold Switch Fences fell and the blue ones rose.