Inside the Dark Palace

The passages inside the Dark Palace confused explorers even more than the maze on the grounds. Many adventurers were confused by the switches which opened doors and moved blocks up and down. In a room on the first floor, there was a Crystal switch which could only be triggered by an Arrow, the Master Sword's beam, a Boomerang or a Bomb. In another room, there was constant pressure on a switch on the floor. By moving a statue explorers were able to venture into the next room.

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The only way to open the Dark Palace Entrance was to flip the switch on the roof. There were many switches in the Dark Palace that had to be triggered in order for some important passage to open. Lighting torches made the dark dungeon depths easier to explore.

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First Floor

Basement One

Mimicking Monsters

The large rats called Goriyas, that could be found in two Dark Palace rooms moved like a mirror image of the explorers who entered those rooms. While the two green Goriyas were easily dismissed, the red one fought back with fireballs. The trick in defeating this creature was to aim

an Arrow to one side of the Goriya, then move while the arrow was in the air so that the Goriya followed your movement right into the arrow's path.
A Powerful Tool
Visitors to the Dark Palace found the Magic Hammer to be a very important tool. Not only could it be used to pound obstacles into the floor, but it could be used as a weapon against the hard-shelled creatures which inhabited many palace rooms. One square hit flipped the creatures over and a second hit mad ethem disapear. Also, the mole-like burrowers in the palace could be knocked down into their holes with a single blow.