Swamp Palace

When explorers entered the Swamp Palace, they were unable to cross the empty indoor canal because of its steep, shear sides. The key to getting to the other side was understanding the connection between the Light and Dark Worlds. Standing just outside of the palace, adventurers would warp to the Light World Watergate and pull the switch inside, allowing the water to flow. Then they would return to the Swamp Palace in the Dark World and swim across the water-filled canal. Go here for an enemy list and boss tips.

First Floor

Warrior Without

It is believed that the canals in the Swamp Palace were built as a safety measure. If enemy warriors attempted to cross the canals and steal the palace treasures, the palace residents could pull a switch, fill or drain the canals and keep away the intruders.

First Basement
When the Dam Broke

The empty canals were impossible to cross because the ladders were out of reach and obstacles often blocked the way. Adventurers sought out switches so that they could let the water flow.

First Basement

Second Basement

Second Basement

Metallic Traps slid back and forth in front of many Watergate switches in order to keep trespassers away.

With water in the canal, adventures could swim to the other side and continue their journey.

A switch in the Watergate allowed the water to flow in both Light and the Dark World.

those three rooms look like they spell 'tic'