Skull Dungeon

The passages of Skull Dungeon were connected by a network of dungeon entrances on the forest floor. These underground tunnels were loaded with dangerous traps and villainous creatures. When explorers made it to the end of each passage, they would have to temporarily leave the dungeon and look for another entrance. The final chamber was located in the northwestern corner of the woods.

First Floor

First Floor

First Basement

By stepping on the dungeon's Star Tiles, explorers opened and closed holes in the floor.

Under the Forest Floor

The passages of Skull Dungeon ultimately led adventurers to the chamber of the dungeon's most feared enemy, Mothula. In preparing to enter Mothula's hideout, warriors equipped themselves with the Fire Rod and made sure that all of their Magic Bottles were filled with Potions or Faeries.

The Wall Came Down
A Legend of Skull Dungeon tells of a hero who fell into the northeast corner of the underground passage through a bush covered hole. He then blasted his way into a room to the west. There, he found a large switch. When the hero pulled the switch with all his might, the wall to the south exploded, revealing an important passage.

Entrances to Skull Dungeon took the form of large, open skulls or gaping holes. When Explorers used these entrances, they would land in various parts of the dungeon. The key to Skull Dungeon is figuring out where the above ground holes drop into. This map should help with that. Go here for an enemy list and boss tips.