The Gargoyle's Domain

The dark dungeon home of Blind the Thief was under the Village of Outcasts. Blind was afraid of the light and he never left the confines of teh dungeon, letting his band of thieves do his dirty work. This three-floored hideout was known as the Gargoyle's Domain because at the entrance to the underground was a Gargoyle monument which loomed over the citizens of the village. It took a strong person to open up the dungeon's entrance and those who did enter could become even stronger by discovering the Titan's Mitt.

First Floor

First Basement
Second Basement
The Village Underground
The village dungeon contained four large chambers, with several connecting passages, along with a few smaller rooms and an upper and lower floor. The lower floor is where Blind kept his prisoners.
A Curious Creation
The huge statue gaurding the entrance to the village dungeon scared away many villagers and village visitors. Those who were not frightened by the Gargoyle could open the dungeon's entrance with an act of incredible strength.
Hidden Hallways
The four large chambers near the entrance to the dungeon were connected by many passages. Some were hidden by the walkways which lined the upper half of the chambers.
The Mighty Mitt
The Titan's Mitt from the thieves' dungeon allowed Link to lift large stones and huge steel blocks. With it , he was able to move heavy stones that had blocked access to some areas. in effect, the mitt opened whole new regions for exploration.

The Huge Gargoyle in the village guarded the entrance to the dungeon.

According to the legend, Zelda warned Link about Blind the Thief through telepathy.

By tossing Bombs onto weak spots in the top floor, explorers could light the lower passages.

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