Misery Mire

The labyrinth under Misery Mire was sealed by the same magic that created the wind and the rain in the swamp. The first hero ever to explore this maze is said to be the legendary Link. While standing on the lightning bolt symbol near the cave entrance, Link called upon the magic of the Ether Medallion, causing the clouds to vanish and the dungeon entrance to rise from the swamp.

A Change in the Weather
It was the magic of the Ether Medallion that caused the clouds to disappear and the Misery Maze entrance to rise from the swamp. Link and other adventurers to follow were then able to explore the passages of the maze.
As long as rain clouds hovered over Misery Mire, the entrance to Misery Maze would be sealed.

Inside Misery Maze, Link received a clue about the connection between several torches in the maze and a door that would not open.

The tile near the dungeon's entrance bore the same symbol as the Ether Medallion. When the magic Ether was used there, the results were astounding.

By lighting all of tha lamps in two connecting rooms, Link was able to open the door to the room holding the maze's big key.

First Floor

First Basement

Second Basement

Cane Magic
According to Hylian lore, those who practiced the powers of magic used their Canes for more than just support. Some Canes were created to protect their owners from harmful objects or to aid them in exploring challenging passages. It is belived that two such Canes were hidden in the Dark World. They were the Canes of Somaria and Byrna.
Cane of Somaria
The magical Cane of Somaria gave those who possessed it the power to create blocks out of thin air. The blocks could be used to push switches on dungeon floors or to help adventurers find safe passage over invisable paths. It is said to have used quite a bit of magical power.