Ganon's Tower

This impressive structure is said to be where Ganon spent most of his evil reign over the Dark World. Legend says that Link broke the seal of teh tower after collecting the seven crystals which Ganon had hidden in the dungeons of teh Dark World. The seven maidens held captive in the Crystals magically made the seal disappear. Link was then free to explore the tower and search for Ganon. But he wouldn't find this master of evil until after he survived battles with four creatures that he had already encountered in the Light World. Link's long journey was close to completion.

First Basement
A Long Climb to the Top

Ganon used all of his evil powers to make the tower a nightmare for heroic explorers. The traps, enemies and puzzles in this structure were among te most challenging in the land. Only a determined adventurer would make his way to the top.

First Floor

Second Floor

Over the Invisable Floor

A large chamber on the first floor had invisable flooring. Link could only be sure that he was about to walk on solid ground by pushing a block infront of him. He created the blocks with the Cane of Somaria. When Link was within range of the torch on the north end of the room, he used the Fire Rod to light the torch, illuminating tha path.

Third Floor

Fourth Floor
Fifth Floor
Sixth Floor
Link found that there was only one way to go straight up: check out the stairs labeled H.

The Armos Knights were among the Light World enemies that Link encounter in te tower.

Invisable floors could be detected by using the flame of Dungeon Torches, Ether Magic or Somarian Blocks.

Seventh Floor

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