Zelda 2:
Bit (BITO) and Bot (BOTO)
Ground and Tree Deeler (DÎRA)
Digdogger* (GIROBOKKU)
Goriya (GÔRIA)
Boon (BÛN)
Zora or Zola (ZÔRA)
Leever (RÎBÂ)
Scorpion* or Aru Lowder (ARURÔDA)
Moa (MOA)
Moby (MÔBÎ)
Lowder (RÔDA)
Ache (ÊKU)
Acheman (ÊKUMAN)
Bago-Bago (BAGOBAGO)
Darira (DAIRA)
Myu (MYÛ)
Lizardman* (GÊRU)
Stalfos Knight* (PARUTAMU)
Bubble (BABURU)
Big Bubble* (DEGUBABURU)
Rathead* (WÔSU)
Hammer Brother* Gooma (GÛMA)
Ironknuckle (AIAN'NAKKU)
Rope* (ÂNERU)
Wolf Head* (MAU)
Unicorn Head* (RÂ)
Fire Bird* (FOKKERU)
Doom Knocker* Hell Gooma (HERUGÛMA)
Wizzrobe* (UIZUZARÛ)
Fire Dropper* (MÂGO)
Bird Knight* (FOKKÂ)
Horsehead (MAZURA)
Nintendo says: The higher your Attack power, the easier Horsehead is to defeat. At Attack Level Eight it only takes two hits to defeat Horsehead. Jump and hit Horsehead in the head until he's defeated.
Helmethead (JÂMAFENSA)
Nintendo says: The higher your Attack power, the easier Helmethead is to defeat. At Attack Level Eight it takes two hits to overcome Helmethead. Jump and hit Helmethead in the head until he's defeated, using Shield and Jump magic if necessary.
Ironknuckle (REBONAKKU)
Nintendo says: The higher your Attack power, the easier Ironknuckle is to defeat. At Attack Level Eight, Ironknuckle takes one shot to get him off of his horse, and two shots to defeat him. Using the Jump Spell, jump into the air and use the Down Thrust ability on Ironknuckle to make him fall off the horse. At that point, jump up and down while swinging your Sword to stab him through his shield.
Carock (KAROKKU)
Nintendo says: While battling Carock, your Attack Level is insignificant. Cast the Reflect Spell and kneel down on the far left, facing to the right. Each time that Carock's magic hits Link's shield, it bounces off and hits Carock instead of Link. Continue this process until Carock is defeated.
Nintendo says: The higher your Attack Level, the easier Gooma is to defeat. At Attack Level Eight, it takes six strikes to defeat Gooma. Using the Jump Spell and Shield Spell, jump over Gooma's ball and chain while repeatedly hitting him in the stomach.
Nintendo says: Get on the second ledge from the right and wait. If Barba comes up away from you then jump his fire balls and wait. If Barba comes up next to you then use the Up Thrust on his chin. Repeat this process until Barba is defeated.
Thunderbird (BORUBA)
Nintendo says: As soon as you see Thunderbird, cast the Thunder Spell. This will cause the Thunderbird to turn blue, and make him vulnerable to attack. Next, cast the spells of Shield, Jump, and Reflect. Jump and Up Thrust the Thunderbird in the face as fast as you can, or just jump and strike him in the face as quickly as you can. Watch his life line, and do the best you can to avoid his fireballs until he's defeated.
Link's Shadow
Nintendo says: Stay in the center of the screen kneeling down. Always face the shadow while swinging your sword constantly. Keep doing this, and occasionally you will score a hit on him. If you're able to enter this room with full life, you may want to try kneeling down on the far left side of the room and swinging your sword as quickly as possible.

A special thanks to the complete zelda guide. I made these gif's from the many screenshots available on the site. The names in parentheses ( ) indicate the sound of the Japanese names -which are taken from the Japanese guide. *'s by names mean that they are just made up. Thanks to http://loz.zeldalegends.net for the translations.