A Link to the Past Characters

People of the Light World:

Link: The Legendary Hero of Hyrule. Our Hero. Pure of Heart, last in the line of the Knights of Hyrule. This courageous lad is destined to overthrow the King of Evil, Ganondorf.
Link's Uncle: Link's caretaker. Also a descendent of the Knights of Hyrule. Valiant, but not very fit. When he follows Zelda's plea for help, he doesn't get very far. *sigh
Princess Zelda: Beautiful and Wise. A descendent of the Seven Wise Men. Zelda seeks help when Agahnim begins to kidnap the maidens of the realm. She sets you on your quest to free Hyrule and destroy Ganon.
The King: Kind but obviously not very wise. When trouble struck Hyrule he sought the help of an unknown and mysterious wizard.
Agahnim: The mysterious wizard that appeared one day to quell the disasters that had been causing havoc in Hyrule. An agent of evil, he soon took over the throne and began to banish Ganon's opposition.
7 Maidens: Descendents of the Seven Wise Men who placed a seal on Ganon to keep him in the Golden Land. Agahnim soon begins use these girls to break Ganon's seal. Princess Zelda is one of them and two of them look alike.
Palace Guards: Now controlled by the evil wizard. They pose a great threat to you at the beginning of your quest.
Hyrulian Gaurd: These guy's aren't aroud until the end of your quest. Perhaps they are what the palace gaurds once were before they were corrupted by Agahnim's evil magic.
Sage: A kind helpful man. He lives in the Sanctuary and is more than happy to help Link and Zelda. He tries to keep Zelda hidden while Link continues on his quest.
Sahasrahla the Elder: A descendent of the people who forged the Master Sword. When Agahnim takes over, he disappears into the east. You can find him hiding out in a hut near the Eastern Palace. He will help you a lot on your quest.
Old Woman: She lives in Sahasrahla's cottage. Is she his wife? Well, what ever she is, she's worried about him and tells you where he's run off too.
Scattered Sages: Scattered throughout the world they will be sure to help you on your quest when you can.
Aginah the Wise Man: Find him in the cave in the northeast corner of the Great Desert. He is another one of the scattered sages.
Salesman: This guy has a small mat near the center of town. He doesn't sell much but you will beable to get a bottle off of him. He'll pay you if you bring him animals like fish or bee's.
Saleswoman: She operates a small shop on the southwest corner of town. She offers potions, hearts, and bombs. Also by lake Hylia.
Drunk: You can always find this guy hanging out in the Kakariko inn. Listen to him for a while, he might tell you something interesting.
Old Man: This old man can be found dozing off in Kakariko's inn. His son disappeared long ago and now he sleeps and drinks his sadness away.
know-it-all: "Yo Link!" This guy hangs out in Blind the Thief's old hideout in North Karariko. He tells you a little bit about Blind.
Villager: who's this person? I can't remember what purpose she serves...
Frightened Woman: This is the annoying woman who calls for the gaurds when she sees you.
15 sec. Game Owner: She operates the 15 second game. This challenges you to race trough a maze in 15-seconds for a prize.
Prize Guy: This guy waits at the end of the 15-second game. If you win he gives you your prize.
2 Brothers: These guys argue all the time. Infact the finally just sealed the door between their rooms. They live in the house SothWest of the Village by the 15 Sec. Game.
Gambeling Boy: He has a small hut South of the village. For 20 rupees you can open one f teh three chests and take it's contents.
Chicken Boy: This kid hangs out buy the chicken coop at the inn.
Runner: After you are accused of kidnapping the Princess this guy always runs away from you. It's very annoying.
Sickly Boy: This bedridden boy wants to get well so he can catch bugs. Too bad the evil air from death Mountain keeps him sick and in bed
Sick Boys Mom?: I don't really remeber this person but in the ending they are with the bedridden bed boy.
Sick Boys Dad?: I don't really remeber this person but in the ending they are with the bedridden bed boy.
Middle-Aged Man: Pay no attention to this middle-aged man, well, that's what the sign he's standing by says. He'll help you out later though. He used to be a thief and hell open a locked chest for you.
Hobo: This guys always sleeping under the bridge. Wake him up and he might give you a bottle.
Flute Boy: This poor boy has been missing for a long time. He wandered into the dark world by accident, now people say they can hear his flute in what they now call the Haunted Grove.
Lost Old Man: There are rumors this old man lives in Death Mountain. He will offer refreshments and sometimes give his possessions to people in need.
Fortune Teller: They have inherited the ability to foretell the future from their ancestors. The crystal balls they use have been passed down from generation to generation.
Witch: She lives near the Waterfall of Wishing. if you bring her a mushroom she will make magic powder for you.
The Witches Assistant: When you stepped inside the witches hut you would find her there selling the Medicine of Life and Magic.
Smithy: These two Blacksmith's live just East of Kakariko Village. When one of them went missing the remaing one was so busy he had to turn business away. When you find te missing partner you can have your sword tempered.
Strange Creature: This odd bat lives in the well by the Smith's house. Well, he actually lives in the shrine in the well. If you sprinkle magic powder on the shrine he emerges and curses you for waking him. Only it's not a curse, he's actually given you double your magic power.
Hare: These talking creatures live in the swamp. You can see them bouncing up and down throughout the tall grass. If you happen to catch one of them, by lets say, mowing the grass, they will become quite upset and accuse you of being a thief. they will only hurt you if you run into them while they are jumping about.
Thief: There are many thieves in Hyrule. You can find them hiding in the Lost Woods. They also operate a gambling game in North Kakariko Village
Red Thief: Is this guy the leader of the light world theives? I'm not sure but you will find him in the stump hideout in the lost woods.
King Zora: "Wa ha ha! What what do you want, little man?" King of the Zora's. You will find him at the base of the waterfall. He sells you the flippers.
Venus: Queen of the Faeries. The Waterfall of Wishing is one place you'll find her, and The Fountain of Happiness. You must awaken her by throwing an item into the wishing well.
Fairy: Helpful, beautiful faries live in caves and grotto's throughout Hyrule. Finding them will be a great help. They really seem to like Link. I guess it's beacause he's so cute!
Lumberjacks A.Bumpkin and B.Bumpkin: Two lone Lumberjacks live in the North. They leave to chop wood in other places when a mysterious mist begins to rise from the forest.

People of the Dark World:

Bully: Meet this guy on the top of death mountain when your still a rabbit. He's kicking around his friend. Later, when Ganon is destroyed, he gets to turn into a human again.
Bully's Friend: This guy is getting kicked around like a soccer ball by the bully when you first meet him. He also gets his human form back.
Kiki: A cute little monkey- you'll need Kiki's help to enter the Dark Palace. He'll flip the switch on the roof that unlocks the door. There's one catch, you'll have to pay him.
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Item Shop Owner: Inflated prices are common in the dark world. These shop owner (there's more than one) offers bombs, a small shield, and red potion.
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Story Teller: A Hermit, he looks like a white octopus with a white mouth. He lives in the cave just north of the pyramid. He tells you, for 20 rupees, that you'll need more than a normal bomb to break into the pyramid.
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Story Teller: This Dark World inhabitent looks like a tree. He warns you of Ganon's power and explains some of the legend of the Triforce. Another simualar hermit told you about a circle of rocks north of the Dark Palace.
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Bomb Shop Owner: A green elephant looking man. He sells bombs, and will later provide you with the super bomb.
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Talking Trees: Were these tree's people? They are belived to be Golden Land sentries petrified by Ganon's magic.
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Village Robber: This guy looks kind of like a fox? Well, watch out for him because he'll rush you and rob you blind.
Game of Chance: For 30 rupees you get to open 2 of 17 treasure chests and win anything from a single arrow to 300 rupees.
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Shooting Gallery Owner: This guy looks kind of like an octo-skull with a purple robe... Practice you archery skill for prizes here. It's only 20 Rupees. And if your good you'll rake it in.
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Treasure Field Owner: This guy looks to ood to explain. For 80 Rupees you can borrow the shovel and dig up a feild for prizes. You only get 30 seconds and that's not a lot of time.
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Story Teller: Looks like a white hand and lives by the lake. He tells you about an old friend that can open treasure chests. a.k.a. the middle-aged guy
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Story Teller: He looks like a nasty little bug and lives in a cave in Misery Mire. He tells you monster magic is making it rain in the swamp. You need the Ether Medallion to make it stop.
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Lost Frog: This little guy can be found trapped behind some black stones. Free him and take him to the blacksmiths shop in the lightworld to find out his secret.
Flute Boy: This poor boy lets you borrow his shovel so you can dig up his flute in the Light World.
Catfish: You'll find a circle of stone's in the water. By it reads a sign, "Curses to anyone who throws something into my circle of stones." toss something in and he'll trade you a magic medallion for peace and quiet.
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Fat Faerie: She resides within the Dark Pyramid, and is the only one who can give Link the Golden Sword. Just remember to be truthful.
Blind the Thief: Being the leader of the thieves, he is very sneaky. Blind sets you up by making you think he is one of the maidens you came to rescue. When you lead the maiden into the sunlight of an open window she transforms into Blind.
Ganon: Finding the gate to the Golden Land by accident his gang of thieves found the triforce. In a long running battle he vanquished his own followers and made his wish on the Triforce. He now Rules the Golden Land and causes havoc in the Kingdom of Hyrule. The name of this king of thieves is Ganondorf Dragmire, alias: Mandrag Ganon, which means Ganon of the Enchanted Thieves.

These descrptions were written from my memory and with help from the lttp players guide. I also want to thank Kayak for sending me the extra sprites I was missing! Thank you, they were so helpful!! Be sure not to use the one's sent to me since they are not mine to give. You can tell which they are by holding the mouse over the image, a text bubble should appear and say they are from Kayak. Tell me if I missed anything! Also, once again, please don't use anything without my permission. Thanks -Melora