Link to the Past Heart Container Locations

Locations of the 24 Pieces of Heart: Below you will find descriptions of how to locate of each of the 24 Heart Pieces along with screen shots to help you keep track of the ones you've found.

I. Lost Woods: Enter the Lost Woods just north of the Fortune Teller's hut and proceed north. Cut the center bush in a 3x3 bush cluster and then drop into the hole. When Link lands, the Piece of Heart will be just below him.
II. Blind's Hideout: Enter the Thieves' Hideout and go to the basement. Bomb through the cracked wall in the basement. The Piece of Heart is located in the Chest. The band of thieves outgrew this hideout, but they have left some treasure behind.
III. Cave in Kakariko Village: To the northwest of the Bottle Merchant, there is a well. Stand on the ledge above the well and jump into it. Bomb through the cluster of rocks for a reward.
IV. 15-Second Game: Enter the House of the Quarreling Brothers and open a passage on teh left. When Link goes out the bottom door of the left room, he will be put to a test of speed. Link will get the Piece of Heart if he completes the maze in 15 seconds or less.
V. Swamp Entrance: Enter the Watergate and proceed to the far room where there are two levers Link can pull. Pull the lever on the right. This will cause the dam to open. The water level in the swamp region will fall. Exit the Watergate to find a Piece of Heart to the West.
VI. N.E. Desert Cave: Enter the cave in the northeast corner of teh Great Desert. In the same room where Aginah the Wise Man is, bomb through the bottom wall to find a stuffy small chamber containing a single Small Chest. Here lies another elusive Piece of Heart.
VII. Just West of the Sanctuary: Link must have the Pegasus Shoes to get this Piece of Heart. Dash into the pile of rocks to the uncover the entrance to a square chamber. The Piece of Heart is Located in the Small Chest.
VIII. S.W. Corner of the Desert: If Link travels to the far western reaches of the desert, he will see a Piece of Heart sitting up on a ledge. There will be a vulture lurking nearby. To get the Piece, Link must enter the main entrance to the Desert Palace and come out of the western exit.
IX. S.W. of Zora's Falls: After obtaining the Flippers, travel due south. Go over the first waterfall, but turn west just before going over the second waterfall. Walk up the small grassy slope and then continue west. the Piece of Heart is located here.
X. A Drop From Spectacle Rock: Walk around the left side of the rock formation in front of Spectacle Rock and drop down to the ledge. Enter the cave and go to Floor 2F.
XI. On Top of Spectacle Rock: The first time Link uses the Magic Mirror to warp back to the Light World, he should find himself standing on top of Spectacle Rock. His cunning has led him to the very top of Death Mountain. As a reward, he will find a Piece of Heart sitting on top of Spectacle Rock. It can't get much easier than that.
XII. The Strange Tree: After defeating Agahnim, Dash into the Strange Tree that the Lumberjack brothers were working on. Now drop down through the trunk of the hollow tree. Bomb through the right wall after climbing the stairs. Go through the hole Link has created to find the Piece of Heart.
XIII. On The Pyramid Of Power: When Link beats Agahnim, he will be drawn into the Dark World. Walk down the first set of stairs and then down the stairs on the right. Continue right and drop to the next level. Go up and around to the right to find the Piece of Heart. This is an easy Piece to locate.
XIV. Lake Hylia Circle of Stones: At the northwest corner of Ice Island, there is a large circle of stones which Link can swim to. Stand inside of the circle and use the Magic Mirror to warp back to the Light World. Link will appear on a island with the Piece.
XV. South Of The Haunted Grove: In the Dark World, just to the south of the Haunted Grove, there is a small circle of bushes. Stand near or in the center of the bushes and then use the Magic Mirror to warp to the Light World. Enter the cave on this small plateau to find a Piece of Heart.
XVI. The Digging Game: In the same area wher ethe 15-Second Game is located in the Light World, the Digging Game is in the Dark World. Pay the gatekeper 80 Rupees to play the game. Link should keep trying until he finds the random Piece. It's worth the effort.
XVII. North Of The Cemetery: Link can climb up the short ladder which is located on the north side of the cemetery in the Dark World, but it looks as if there's nowhere to go from there. Wrong. Use the Magic Mirror to warp to the Light World and then enter the cave which appears in front of Link. Bomb through the far wall.
XVIII. One Who Wears the Cape: A sign reads: "I'll give a Piece of Heart to the person who wears the Cape." Link is able to see it from here. Enter the cave and go to Floor 2F. Use the Hookshot to cross the hole and then use the Magic Cape to walk through the Bumper. Walk out the door to ge the Piece.
XIX. The Chest Game: In the Village of Outcasts, enter teh hut which has a symbol of a chest above the door. Pay the storekeeper 30 Rupees. Play as many times as it takes to find a Piece of Heart. Link may get it on his first try, but it may take many attempts.
XX. The Stakes South Of The Smithy: There are 22 stakes placed just south of the Smithy in the Dark World. If Link uses the Magic Hammer to pound in all of the stakes, the tree stump below the stakes will disappear and an entrance to a cave will mysteriously appear.
XXI. West Of Misery Maze Entrance: Warp to location 6 and then use the Warp Tile which is loated under a heavy rock. Jump off the ledge and proceed directly north. Go straight in to the west "mouth" entrance and proceed down the stairs to find two Chests blocked by stones. Push the stones to get to teh Chests.
XXII. Far N.E. Corner of Misery Mire: There is a cul-de-sac in the northeast corner of the Misery Mire. Stand in this area and use the Magic Mirror to warp to the Light World. Lift the large stone to uncover a cave entrance. Push the Blocks to get the Piece of Heart.
XXIII. Death Mnt. Invisable Bridge: Travel west from Turtle Rock. Lift the first large rock and Link will find a cave with platforms, chests and skulls. After crossing over an invisi-bridge and bombing through several walls, Link will find himself standing on a island in the clouds. Use the Magic Mirror to warp to the Light World and find a Piece of Heart.
XXIV. Narrow Ledge on Death Mountain: Before entering the right door on the narrow ledge outside of Turtle rock dungeon, use the Magic Mirror to warp. Enter the cave and defeat all of the enemies. Go through the open door.

24 Pieces Total

Heart Level Chart: This chart represents the level of Hearts which Link can accumulate by the time he enters each of these areas. There's a total of 20. The number before the name of the dungeon is the number of heart pieces you can have by the time you enter as is the number of heart icons.

3: Hyrule Castle
5: Eastern Castle
6: Desert Palace
8: Mountain Tower
9: Hyrule Castle
10: Dark Palace
12: Watergate Dungeon
13: Skull Palace
14: Gargoyle's Domain
16: Ice Island
17: Misery Maze
18: Turtle Rock
20: Ganon's Tower

Take Heart, Young Man!
Perseverance Paves the Way: While traveling in Hyrule, Link will come across things that appear odd. For example, a circle of bushes or rocks, and other oddly placed items. Usually, this will alert Link to the fact that if he does something special in these areas, he will be rewarded for his efforts.
How Many Can You Collect?
The order in which Link takes possession of the 'Pieces of Heart' is not important, but Link may need special equipment and abilities to retrieve many of the Pieces. When Link has gathered four Pieces, a full Heart Container is added and his Life Energy will be instantly replenished. Link can set his sights on piecing together another valuable Heart Container. The maximum number of Heart Containers available is 20.

I would like to thank Andrea for the screen shots, they are very appreciated! Please tell me if I missed anything and the descriptions come from the Link to the Past Players guide. Also, once again, please don't use anything without my permission. Thanks -Melora