Zelda 3:
Item Inventory
Whenever Link enters a cave, dungeon of other dark area he will have instant access to his trusty Lamp. The oil in the Lamp is long-lasting, but it does require Magic Power to light. If, for some unforseen reason, Link negelects to collect the Lamp before he leaves his house and enters Hyrule Castle, he can find other Lamps inside the castle. It's best for Link to pick up the Lamp at home because it allows other important items to appear in the Small Chests inside of Hyrule Castle.
The Boomerang has weak destructive power, but it has the ability to stun most enemies for a short period of time. The Boomerang is the item of choice when walking about Hyrule because you can use it to quickly retrieve items such as Hearts, Rupees, Arrows and Bombs.
  • Blue Boomerang: Link will pick up the Blue Boomerang in Hyrule Castle.
  • Magical Boomerang: The Mysterious Pond behind a waterfall is where Link will be able to get the Magical Boomerang. The resident Faerie will exchange Link's Blue Boomerang for a Magical red one.

Link can't throw the Blue Boomerang too far, but he'll be able to retrieve items within a short distance.

Each Bomb is a blue bundle of power that really packs a wallop! Link will be able to carry 10 Bombs when he first sets off to rescue Zelda. However, like the Arrows, Link can increase the number of Bombs he can carry by visiting the Fountain of Happiness and donating Rupees to the Faeries. Almost all the walls with cracks in them can be blown open with a Bomb. Link needs to move away from a Bomb once he has it set, because the ensuing explosion will hurt him. By pressing the A button, Link can pick up and throw a Bomb.
  • Super Bomb: In the spot that Link's house was located in the Light World, a Bomb Shop appears in the Dark World. The Merchant tells Link that he is working on a Super Bomb. Later on, the Super Bomb will be completed and Link can purchase it for 100 Rupees.

Places, tricks and hints on where to get and use Bombs is coming soon.

Bottle x 4
Link should pick up four Magic Bottles during his quest. They are extremely important to have. These are the containers in which Magic Potion is stored. The Bottles are very durable and will not crack or shatter under any circumstances.
  • Buy One: Obtain a Magic Bottle from a merchant near the Weathercock in Kakariko Village.
  • Take One: Enter the rear of the Inn to find a Bottle in a Small Chest.
  • Borrow One: The hobo under the bridge will lend Link a Magic Bottle.
  • Get Help: Bring a purple chest from the Dark World's ruined smithy shop to the shy theif near the swamp in the Light World.

Link can put all three of the potions in the Magic Bottles, Faeries, and Bee's. But Link cannot put anything into a full Magic Bottle.

Bug Collecting Net
There is a sick boy resting in the house just to the north of the Inn. This boy has a Bug-Catching Net which he will give to Link to use. In order to receive the Net from the boy, Link must have at least one Bottle in his possession.

Link can use the Bug-Catching net to capture a variety of flying creatures. Catch them and release them or put them in an empty Bottle for future use.

Tricks and hints on items you can collect and use with this Net, like the Magic Bee, are coming soon.

The Book of Mudora
Link uses this mysterious book to read the ancient Hylian language. It can be found in the Library. There are no stepladders in the Library so Link must cause the green-covered book to fall from the top shelf by Dashing into it.
  • I hear the book has been found? Kasuto of Kataan seems to be the scribe that possesses the secret of the Hylian Language. Learn more by visiting him.
  • The new Wind Waker game now has a Hylian Alphabet that you can find in the Stuff Section.
When Link acquires the Bow from the Big Chest in the Eastern Palace, he will need to begin building his supply of Arrows. Arrows can most easily be obtained by defeating enemies who use Arrows as their primary weapon. It's possible for him to carry many more than 30 Arrows but he must first visit the Fountain of Happiness.
  • Wooden Arrows: Arrows can be used for more than just defeating enemies. Sometimes, they can be used to get rid of other obstacles, such as walls which block Link's foward progress.
  • Silver Arrows: The Fat Faerie in the Dark Pyramid will give link the only weapon which is capable of defeating Ganon: the Silver Arrows.
Magic Mushrooms
Found only in a damp, misty glen in the Lost Woods, the Magic Mushroom is a much-sought-after item by Witches. Witches will not enter the Lost Woods, but they will reward anyone who offers them a Magic Mushroom. It's a key ingredient in Mushroom brew- a rare Hylian concoction.
Magical Powder
A short time after Link gives the Witch a Magic Mushroom for her Mushroom brew, the Witches Apprentice inside the Potion Shop will have a bag of Magic Powder ready for him.
  • Many Enemies will change form when Link sprinkles Magic Powder on them.

Uses for Magic Powder coming soon.

Magical Mirror
When Link first makes his way up Death Mountain, he will encounter an old man who is lost in one of the caves. Escort the old man to safety and he will reward Link with a valuable gift -the Magic Mirror. Link can transport himself between the Dark and Light Worlds using the mirror. By gazing into it while in the Dark World, Link will envision himself in the Light World and will be drawn back into the realm from which he originally came.
  • Offer to take the old man up Death Mountain when he asks for help. He will give Link some valuable information for guiding him.
  • Link will be well compensated for doing a good deed
Magic Hammer
Using the Magic Hammer, Link can drive stakes down into the ground. He can use it to pound on other things, too- like enemies! The Magic Hammer can deliver a powerful blow. Find it in the Dark Palace.

There are plenty of enemies who can be destroyed by using the Magic Hamemr. The only drawback to using it is its range of motion. It's very short.

Hook Shot
The Hookshot is a very versatile tool. It has several different uses. Link should use it mainly as a grappling hook to pull himself across various gaps. The end of the Hookshot will latch onto a variety of surfaces and objects and then will pull Link toward that object. The Hookshot can also retrieve various items and will stun most enemies. Find this in the Dark Worlds Swamp Palace.
A boy wandered into the Haunted Grove and was transformed into an odd creature. In the Light World, the boy used to play the Flute. The transformed boy will give Link a Shovel if he agrees to help him.

Link should use the Shovel to find the Flute for the boy. It's buried in the Light World Grove.

The boy in the Haunted Grove tells Link to keep the Flute. Surely, it must have some sort of mysterious power. It does. If Link plays the Flute in front of of the Weathercock in Kakariko Village, the Duck appears and will be at Link's disposal.

Use the Flute to call the Duck. Choose one of the eight locations he will take you to. Locations coming soon.

Ice Rod
After Sahasrahla gives Link the Pegasus Shoes, he tells him to get a strange and mystical weapon called the Ice Rod which is located to the east of Lake Hylia. Link must travel south of the lake and then up and around to the lake's northeast corner. Link will be able to see a cave entrance, but just to the left of the entrance is a pile of loose rocks. Bomb through the rocks to reveal another entrance.

An icy blast flies out from the Ice Rod. It freezes enemies solid. Once frozen, Link can pick up an enemy and throw it to destroy it.

Fire Rod
The Fire Rod is one of the most powerful weapons Link will have in his arsenal. Flames jump from the end of the rod and will burn most enemies. The Fire Rod works especially well on Gibdos because the cloth which they are wrapped in is extremely flammable.

Link opens the Big Chest in the Skull Palace to find the Fire Rod. This weapon uses quite a bit of Magic Power.

Cane of Somaria
What a strange and wonderful item! It is said that canes and staffs such as the Cane of Somaria were once used by powerful wizards. Each cane had an idividual power which no other cane could share. Some canes had constructive power, while others had destructive power. It just so happens that the Cane of Somaria has both! With it Link can lay down a block and then push that block where ever he wants it to go. The same block can also act as a weapon if Link positions it correctly. The Cane will use some Magic Power, but not a great deal.

Drop an orange block to the floor by pressing the Y button once. Now position the block appropitely. Pressing the Y button after dropping a block will cause it to break and shoot in four directions. Find it in Misery Maze.

Cane of Byrna
Like the Cane of Somaria, the Cane of Byrna was once used by powerful wizards to combat evil. In the land of Byrna, where this Cane originated from, evil powers attacked from all directions. The cane was constructed to defend it's bearer from all sides. When activated, the Cane of Byrna emits a protective barrier which encircles Link for as long as he has Magic Power. Press the Y button to activate and deactivate the cane. If attacked by a swarm of enemies, Link should use the Cane until he is safe. Find this in a cave on Death Mountains furthest peak.
Magic Cape
By wearing the Magic Cape, Link will be invisable as long as he has Magic Power remaining. If Link selects the Magic Cape from his inventory and uses it by pressing the Y button, he will become invisable until his Magic Power runs out or until he pushes the Y button again, or if he selects some other item. Only Link's shadow remains while he is using the Cape. Enemies cannot do any damage to Link, but he needs to keep his eye on the Magic Meter. Use this to cross spikey floors, past eye lasers, and by bouncer traps.

In the Graveyard, Dash into the headstone which is furthest to the east. It's a cave entrance. You will find the cape there.

Magic Medallions
The ancient Hylians bulit giant monoliths which were meant to instruct the Hero about very special magic spells. The Bombos monolith was placed on a cliff above the entrance to the Great Desert. By activating the Bombos Medallion, Link can create a large explosion around himself which will defeat a group of enemies.
High atop Death Mountain, west of the Tower of Hera, a lone monolith stands waiting for the Hero to claim its secret gift. The translation which Link reads using the Book of Mudora states that if the Master Sword is held up, the bearer will receive the power of Ether. Using the Ether Spell, Link can control prevailing winds and can even change the weather in certain areas of the Dark World. The monolith will crumble once the Ether Medallion is claimed.
A sign near the Lake of Ill Omen warns passersby not to throw anything into the nearby circle of stones. Being the daring soul that he is, Link should throw something into the circle. A strange fish will try to bribe Link into leaving him alone by giving him the Quake Medallion. Using it causes the earth to shake violently. Link can gain entrance to Turtle Rock by using Quake.