Zelda 3:
Random Items
The people of Hyrule use precious stones called Rupees as currency. There are three kinds of Rupees:
  • Green Rupee = 1 Rupee
  • Blue Rupee = 5 Rupees
  • Red Rupee = 20 Rupees
Places to find the "300 Rupee"

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You will find Rupees and Hearts hidden away in these bushes. Cut them down or pull them up to reveal the hidden items or holes. Watch out though, land mines, enemies, and angry bees can also be hidden in the bushes.
These are scattered throughout the dungeons. These pots come in handy, because you can pick them up and throw them at the enemy to cause damage. You can also find hearts in some pots, and some hold arrows and bombs (note that the contents of a used pot will not be replaced until you leave the dungeon). Also, some pots hide switches that open doors.
To refil Heart Containers that have been lost in battle you can capture one of the little faerie that inhabit Hyrule, you will get seven hearts. If you find the elusive faerie pond or the Faerie Queen, she will restore all your lost hearts. During a long adventure, it is a good idea to remember where faeries live! Check the Faerie Guide for more info and locations.

If you keep a faerie in a bottle, when you loose all your hearts she will appear and grant you new life instead of a game over. Plus, Venus Queen of the Faeries will give you special items and extended carrying capacities.

You can refil Heart Containers that have been lost in battle by finding small hearts. Each small heart refils a Heart Container. Small Hearts some times appear when you defeat an enemy and can also be found in bushes, pots, and stores.
Piece of Heart
For Link to max out his Heart Level, he must find 24 Pieces of Heart in various locations throughout the Light and Dark Worlds. Finding all of them will be no easy task, but the irregularities and inconsistencies which Link sees between the two worlds will lead him to locate many Pieces of Heart. the willingness to fully explore all areas will help as well. See the Heart Guide for all 24 locations.
Heart Containers
At the start of a game, your character has only three Heart Containers, but you can find many more during your adventures. You will find one of these Heart Containers in the Sanctuary, and you will receive the others one by one as you defeat the dungeon keepers. You need to collect four Pieces of Heart to gain one full Heart Container. You can have a total of 20 hearts in your life gauge.
Small Magical Decanter
You can restore Magic Power, which is used to power different magic items, by finding Magical Decanters. These Magical Decanters come in two sizes, big and small. A big Decanter completely refills your magic meter, and a small one restores one eighth of your magic meter. As with small hearts, you can also get these from enemies you defeat.
Large Magical Decanter
Link can increase or restore his Magic Power by finding Potion Bottles. Certain enemies are more likely to give up Potion Bottles when destroyed. For example, if Link freezes a Snap Dragon and then uses the Magic Hammer to destroy it, a Potion Bottle may appear. Try this on many enemies.
Green Potion
The Green Medicine will restore some of Link's Magic power. It costs 60 Rupees.

If you want free Green Potion throw an empty bottle into the Waterfall of Wishing and give the Faierie an honest answer. In return she will give you The Green Potion.

Red Potion
Throughout Hyrule, there are merchants who sell the Life Potion, or Medicine. If you stop by the Witches hut her assistant wil give you a taste of the Red Medicine.

The Red Medicine will only give a boost to Link's Heart Meter. It costs 120 Rupees.

Blue Potion
The Blue Medicine is the most expensive at 160 Rupees, but a very good buy. You can only find this at the Witches Hut in the Light World. And remember, you must have an empty bottle to receive the medicine in.
Dungeon Items
Keys and Doors
If rooms are divided by a locked door, you will need that door's key. There are two types of keys, small keys and big keys. Small keys can only be used once, but the big key can be used as many times as you like. (The keys of one dungeon cannot be used in another dungeon). On top of all this, there are dead-end doors and doors that can only be opened by switches.
Big Key
Besides being able to use them more than once big keys are the only key that will be able to open the door to the bosses room. They are also the only keys able to open the large chests that contain each dungeons special item. There is one per dungeon and they can not be used in other dungeons or palaces.
Treasure Chest
Across the land and in each dungeon you will find many treasure chests with Rupees and other things inside them. The map, the compass and big key are also hidden in the treasure chests. you can only remove the contents of a treasure chest once. You need no key to open a small treasure chest.
Large Treasure Chest
Each dungeon also contains a big treasure chest that contains a special item. In some cases, these items will be necessary to get through later dungeons. In any event, special items will help you at some point later in the game. Be sure to find them all. you must have the big key for the dungeon to open these.
The dungeon map shows the layout of all the rooms in the dungeon and your current position. Without it only the rooms you have entered will show up on your display. There is one map for each dungeon level. You will find them in the dungeon they are used for.
The compass points out the location of the evil master of the dungeon. There is no compass in Hyrule Castle, but there is one for each of the other dungeons. You will find them in the dungeon they are used for.
Crystal Switches
In the dungeon there are blue and orange blocks which rise and fall into the floors. These will often block your path. Strike the Crystal Switch with your sword or some other weapon to make blocks retract. When the Crystal Switch is red, the orange blocks will retract. When the Crystal Switch is blue, the blue blocks will retract. All of the blue and orange block in the dungeons react in this way. Try experimenting with your bombs and the boomerang to trigger the switches.
There are three Pendants: one carved with the Crest of Courage, another with the Crest of Power, and the third with the Crest of Wisdom. Find the green Courage Pendant in the Eastern Palace, the red Power Pendant in the Desert Palace, and the blue Wisdom Pendant in the Tower of Hera.

Ancient Hylian lore states that only the person who wears the Pendants of Courage, Power, and Wisdom can become the Hero. It has also been said that only the Hero can wield the Master Sword. The three Pendants are the key to unlocking the Master Sword from the stone in which it has been imbedded for eons. When Link obtains all three Pendants, he should go to the Lost Woods and find the Master Sword. After Obtaining the powerful work of art, he can go after the root of the evil.

Finding the Seven Crystals is your goal in the Dark World. One of the Seven Maidens is imprisoned in each of them and is held by one of the bosses in each of the Dark Worlds Dungeons. Defeat them to gain the crystals and ultimately free the maidens.